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Garnett’s Latest Blog: Talks About Meeting Obama, Clippers Letdown

KG has taken to the web once again in his latest ANTA blog entry in which he covers a variety of topics over yet another eventful week for the C’s:

So last couple of days have been crazy busy for me. On Tuesday, we went to an event and met the #1 man. The president of the United States. It was cool to take a couple of minutes to talk with the leader of our country. He’s a cool dude. Not all the guys made it, but hopefully we’ll meet him again (we get to if we win the championship).

Wednesday we played the Clippers. It just seemed like things were off all day. Not sure what happened, but we didn’t play together and were not on the same page. I guess that has to happen every now and then. Still sucks to lose. We were down 20 points at one point and we cut it down, but mental errors hurt us. We lost by five, but cut it to three at one point.

The semi disturbing trend KG mentioned of not playing together continued last night in Philadelphia as Ryan noted in his recap. To me, it’s not time to worry (not yet, anyway) for a squad that is rundown, lacking bodies and has only lost two straight games. Slumps happen.

Nonetheless, Boston has not lost more than two in a row this year, and have dropped three out of four just once. They’ve done a terrific job of keeping their foot on the gas pedal all year thus far, but with a gauntlet of games coming up (strictly in terms of numbers, not quality of opponents) KG and company will be tested down to the wire.

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