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Thursday Notebook: Doc Talks Murphy, Shaq Talks Perk, and Would Rivers Ever Coach Heat?


A few odds and ends on the team’s off day before they head into Philly tomorrow night for another tough matchup with the up and coming Sixers.

An active day on WEEI.com as both Doc Rivers and Shaquille O’Neal took to the airwaves to discuss a variety of topics from Troy Murphy to Kendrick Perkins. Here’s a roundup of the highlights, among which was the possibility that Delonte West could suit up Sunday against the Bucks:

Doc On Troy Murphy: “He’s just not ready yet,” Rivers said. “It’s just going to take him some time. I’m not that concerned with it, but he isn’t. A couple of times in the first half you could just see him [not] knowing the schemes, he was in the wrong place. They took advantage of that. When we were making a run in the second half you didn’t want to take the risk of putting him back on the floor.”

Doc on the new guys: “”Some guys will fit in, some guys will not,” he said. “All the guys we don’t need to fit, honestly. When we go to the playoffs were going to go to nine guys anyway, for the most part. I have 20 games to figure out which ones have the value.”

Doc on Thib’s decision to go to Chicago: “”People don’t know this, but Tom had a choice of two jobs. That was New Orleans or Chicago,” Rivers said. “New Orleans at the time was offering him more money. He was going to take that job because of the money and I kept saying, ‘The Bulls have players, that’s where you go. The money follows after the players.’ Obviously I’m really happy that he took the right job.”

Shaq on his injury:

“It’s getting better. I can remember a time when I was 19, I’d get hit by a car and five minutes later I’d be Ok. The older you get, it takes time to heal. I’ve been getting better, a little stronger, but there’s still a little pain. I’ve been instructed by Doc [Rivers] and the Big Three to come back when there’s no pain. It’s their call. Doc and I are from the same era. If it’s not getting better, shoot it up and let’s go out and play. But we’re looking at the 1825 thing (see below) here, so we want to do things right. The team’s playing well. [Nenad] Krstic is doing a fabulous job. They want me 1,000 percent, especially for the postseason, because that’s when it really counts.”

On The Perk Trade

“I was training, and I heard about the trade. It was kind of a sad ordeal. I got to know a lot about him and got to see his work ethic. I didn’t realize he was from Texas. I’m from Texas. We hung out on the road and got to talk strategies, talk shop and then business kicks in. He’s a very physical player — long arms, plays hard, not afraid of anybody, takes the elbow, gives them out, hard-nosed guy. We’re going to miss him. Boston’s going to miss him. He’s done a lot for the Boston community. He helped them get No. 17, and it’s been an honor to play with him.”

If O’Neal had to put a percentage on his health, what would it be?

“84.22711556644222 to the principle of the ninth Pythagorean theorem point two percent.”

Nice Shaq……very nice.

Finally, here’s a solid piece from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports breaking down the Heat coaching/management dynamic between Riley and Spolestra and some insight on Doc’s relationship with Danny Ainge:

Yes, Riles has long been intrigued with Doc Rivers, his old point guard with the New York Knicks. In his mind, Doc’s an extension of his own coaching tree. He must love to hear Rivers tell the story about how Riles told him that he would one day be a coach, about how Doc told him that he was crazy. The Celtics have a contract extension waiting for Rivers, sources say, but so far he’s wanted to wait until the season’s end to deal with it. For him, it would be difficult to make a direct leap from an aging Celtics roster to the Heat. Rivers is too entrenched, too woven into the franchise’s fabric now. What would happen to his relationships with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, with that city, those fans who adore him?

Nevertheless, he’s perfect for Miami. He’s a championship coach. He has a blueprint for making a Big Three work, for holding difficult stars accountable and together. Yet Rivers has a relationship with his GM that Riley has never had with a coach. He isn’t afraid to tell GM Danny Ainge that he’s completely wrong, that he’s going to do it his way and that that’s just way it has to be. Rivers and Ainge can argue, debate and sometimes even rage, but ultimately Ainge lets Rivers coach the Celtics. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Riley, or Rivers, could have the autonomy that they would need to co-exist. Go down the list of strong-minded, successful coaches, and ask yourself how many could come from the outside and fit into that insular Heat world.

Some strong food for thought right there. We’ll have plenty more tonight and an interesting look at the C’s home court woes vs. the Western Conference coming up shortly.

  • http://twitter.com/M_DeVelaine @M_DeVelaine

    Shaq… Always quotable. Even when the quotes are just plain weird. He's made this season fun to read, not just watch.

  • Chris O

    I love Shaq's quotes, always have lol. Doc to the Heat!?!?! blasphemy…Lets go CELTICS

  • Batman

    I love Thibs and all but he should have went to N.O. Lmao, the Bulls are not much without him and his defense which is 90% of the reason they are so good.

    • Batman

      Now he scares me

    • talesofJP

      The bulls are, in my mind, the greatest threat to the Celtics in the East playoffs, they match up exceptionally well and hate the Celtics. That and Rose is the best player in the NBA this season.

      • Batman

        Oh god please stop. Lebron is and will be for a long time the best player in the NBA. Rose is nowhere close to his level

        • Celtics Freak

          First of all @talesofJP your completely correct, how can you say LeBron is doing good this year

          • Batman

            Lebron is doing ok. Which is really good compared to the rest of the league. He is doing good regardless, the media just pumps up his bad moments and everyone just hates on him.

      • jack

        Rose isn't even the best PG in the NBA, let alone best player

      • Dan

        Riley calls up Bulls and offers to trade crappy Heat PG X + LeBron for Rose + Deng. There's no chance in hell that the Bulls say no.

        • Tos

          Actually, I think they would say no.

          • Chris O

            I'll tell you why the say no, Rose is like 6 years younger than LeBron.

          • Batman

            Rose is 4 years younger yes, but you don't don't pass up talent like Lebron. Rose has pretty much hit his ceiling, which is nowhere near Lebron's. Would you rather be serious contenders for 10 years than be middling contenders for 12?

          • Brad Spead

            there's no way LeBron will be able to continue his productivity for the next 10 years. Rose on the other hand has shown a desire to improve (see his 3pt shooting percentage) and can adapt his game when necessary, LeBron is a talented athlete, but his game is too 1-dimensional sometimes. With the system the Bulls have now, there's no way i would trade for LeBron

          • Batman

            How is Lebron one dimensional? He is the most complete player in the NBA. Even when his athleticism gives he will adapt. He's too good not to

  • talesofJP

    I don't know what I would do with myself if Doc went to the Heat. It won't happen.

  • talesofJP

    Another Heat related note: Can't believe they beat LA, I didn't know who to root for in this game, but I find myself hating that the Heat got the W

    • dslack

      Really? I was definitely rooting for the Heat. Their win kept the Lakers 4 games behind the Celtics in the loss column, which could be important as we head for a possible matchup with them in the Finals. Plus, I'll root for any team against the Lakers.

      • Jmt

        Yup, all the way. Gotta root for seedings from now on, and the Heat are basically out of the race (if the Cs finish down the stretch at a decent pace as they should against mostly inferior competition), while LA was on a tear and not that far back in the standings. The Mavs are even closer (though I don't think they'll pass LA and SA in the postseason) since they own the season series tiebreaker.

  • I_Bleed_Green

    Derrick rose is milessssss ahead of rondo.

    • Batman


      • Rob

        not debatable

        • Chris O

          He is ahead, not miles ahead. Better overall but not as good a true PG, or at passing

          • Far East Man

            i'm with the former. He's miles ahead.

    • keltic

      yea rondo just leads the league in BOTH assists and steals…cmon miles ahead? gotta be kidding me

    • NHBluesMan

      Maybe in his shooting, but Rondo is them miles ahead of Rose when it comes to passing and court vision. To me, Rose is more of a combo guard, while Rondo is a pure point guard

  • kricky

    Rose is ahead because he has no major holes in his game.

    RR is a phenomenol player who does so many little things that don't show up in the box score. But still his game is deeply flawed because of his offensive deficiencies (FTs, No outside shot, Sometimes has trouble finishing around the hoop).

    But if RR ever started consistently hitting his FTs it would be a debate who's better.

    • Batman

      Rondo is a phenomonal finisher around the hoop. No PG is better than him than Deron Williams at finishing. If Rondo hit his free throws and got a better jumper he would be miles ahead of Rose. But he doesn't have either so we can only dream.

      • kricky

        I beg to differ on finishing. Rose is much more explosive and finishes better.

        I think RR only really needs to develop the FTs to make himself into a perennial MVP candidate. Improving this part of his game would also help with his finishing around the rim as he would be more confident about going in and getting fouled, knowing he'd be able to convert his FTs.

        Adding an outside jumper would be nice, but not as important as the FT. And not as realistic a goal in terms of actually able to improve on.

        • Batman

          No seriously statistically Rondo finishes 68% of his shots around the rim
          Only Deron Williams with 70% is better

  • kricky

    You have a point I've looked it up in the past too.

    But doesn't it just seem that he misses a lot of bunnies? He doesn't really go in there to force it over guys like Rose/Willaims do (again I think this is because of his FT woes). His misses are more of the open variety.

    Could just be mu lack of objectivity. I'm not truly happy unless 100% of those are going down LOL

    • http://www.bestgoldopportunities.com scott

      RR has been missing more around the rim as of late but my guess is, his foot/ankle still bother him so he is not getting the lift and "quick shots" the layups to get them by a big man or he just takes such a beating that he is saving the super aggressive finishes for the playoffs

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