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Warriors Owner: Celtics Were On Verge Of Trading Us Nate Robinson for Brandan Wright

According to CSN Bay Area (h/t: CelticsBlog) there was actually some fire with the plenty of smoke that came along with the rumor that Nate Robinson was close to being traded to the run-and-gun Warriors. Here new Warriors owner Joe Lacob:

CSN-Bayarea: I know there was something with Nate (Robinson)…

Warriors Owner Joe Lacob: That was a separate trade. We agreed to do a deal with Boston, where they were going to give us Nate and a first-round pick for Brandan Wright, and they were going to flip Brandan Wright into another deal. I agreed to it, for sure. But they pulled it back, and they obviously went and did the Oklahoma City deal (in which center Kendrick Perkins and Robinson were sent to Oklahoma City in exchange for Nenad Krstic, Jeff Green, a 2012 first-round pick and cash).

This should tell us a bunch of things about the Celtics wheeling and dealings from that trade deadline, one being that the decision to trade Kendrick Perkins was not a foregone conclusion all along. In fact, according to team sources, the C’s did not agree to the deal until that Thursday morning.

Clearly, the Celtics had planned on in all likelihood upgrading the roster with various buyouts (Troy Murphy, Sasha Pavlovic, Corey Brewer, etc.) once they became available, which ended up happening anyway. With this deal with Robinson clearly on the table though with Golden State, Wright was also a guy who came relatively cheap (a 1st round pick) in order to bring this squad some additional athleticism on the wing.

So as lots of questions continue to swirl, here’s what comes to mind for me.

1) If Kendrick Perkins does not injury his MCL against Golden State, (leaving the team shorthanded for 2-3 weeks) does he get traded? Was that the injury that pushed Ainge over the top and make the decision to pull the trigger on a deal with the Thunder in order to get some healthy and offensive upgrades on the roster?

2) Would you would have rather had Brandan Wright, a cheap deadline pickup (a la Anthony Parker) and the rest of the team’s buyout additions, while keeping Perk all the while, or the team’s roster as currently composed?

I know it may be too early to answer that question, but two weeks later, I’m pleased that Ainge decided to make the bigger deal for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. Curious to hear what you all have to say about this, but I for one, don’t believe Wright could have been a reliable piece at all off the bench for this squad over the remainder of the year.

  • nbsmatambo

    Idk man, I’m kinda liking the roster as is it right now… Once we get healthy anything is possible


    Starting to look like "Trader Danny" fleeced the Thunder. We get 2 starters(Kristic,Green) for an injured one. And we get the best player in the deal(Green) + a 1st round pick and CASH$$$!!! Really?


    • Devin_in_Maine

      I'm envisioning that cheesy commercial they run in Southern Maine where the old guy in the suit talks about trading in your settlement or annuity for "cash" and he really sells the word "cash" with this somewhat evil grin on his face.

  • Chris O

    I loved, and still do love Perk. But Krstic and Green are both players. Swapping Nate AND a first for Wright is not as good a move as getting Krstic and Green.

  • talesofJP

    I've supported the trade since it was made, and I don't think this changes anything. I do think Nate and a 1st for Wright would have been a bad trade. I like having a real back up for Peirce and KG as well as an offensively able starting Center who isn't 39 years old (get well soon Shaq!)

  • Eric

    I think Perk doesn't get traded if Marquis Daniels doesn't go down. The hole on the bench behind Ray and Paul required a quality backup SF/SG…not an easy hole to fill. You don't want 2 of your big 3 playing more minutes than they should, as was the case when Daniels got hurt. Giving up Perkins makes sense if you're worried that your HOF players are running low on gas. If Daniels was still around, I think Perk would still be around.

    • Chris O

      Best quote, and something I have said and agreed with. Quisy is healthy this trade never occurs. Marquis going down left us wicked short at wing. I think the C's probably stand pat if Marquis doesn't go down. Still probably make room for Murphy and another but that's it

  • Zack

    I was sold on the trades we made as soon as I saw Kristic score 17 while nailing 4th quarter free throws. The "throw-in" in the trade on top of that. Good luck getting those points from Perk. Watching us this year, we need more offense, we have plenty of D. Kristic has a sweet catch and shoot Perk could never match. While Perk might still be here if Daniels stayed healthy, lets be happy Marquis got injured before the deadline as him staying healthy all year was never a possibility. I love Perk as much as anyone here, but business is business, the moves Danny made were good for the C's, without a doubt.

  • lakershater13

    I like our trade a lot more now than I did when it was made. Brandan Wright is not someone you trade for if your a contending team. A rebuilding team sure but a contending team no way. If we were talking Dorell Wright then I would say we should have made that trade and held on to Perk.

  • DBro

    Right on Cos. The entirety of Lacob's quote makes B Robb's questions pointless as Danny apparently would have flipped Brandan Wright in another deal, perhaps even packaging him and Perk for Green and Krstic. Danny was clearly not trying to upgrade the athleticism on the wing with Brandan Wright, so why pretend otherwise?

  • kricky

    It really all depends on who they would have flipped Wright for. So we really don't know.

    I'd still have preferred this option, keeping Perk if we got someone like Brewer from 'sota.

    But I have to admit, with Krstic play and Green's potential this trade is looking up. Now only if we could see a return of at least one of the O'Neals for solid playoff time we'll be OK.

  • skeeds

    well I look at it in two completely opposed ways, which makes me schizophrenic but whatever…

    Firstly. Seeing as the big situation is still going downhill, trading for a very good scoring big was a smart move. If indeed Doc and Ainge had no idea that Krstic could play like he has been, boy are they lucky then! I don't even need to talk about Green, the guy is a gem, and singlehandedly solved one of our main problems, not being able to score with the 2nd unit. From that perspective, yes, this trade saved the C's,especially since Perk is out right now.

    On the other hand, just as we traded one of the leagues best defenders in the post, our main competitor in the east got it's center back, and the "biggest" team in the league remembered their winning ways. Namely, th Bulls are blasting through teams with Noah back in the lineup, and the Lakers are looking like defending champions again. So, we might have traded our only hope at standing our ground in the post, come the finals. And no, I don't trust the O'neal brothers to do that, not if they come back from vacation in mid April. Doc seems to have decided that it's ok to go small to finish games, against our main competitors, Miami and the Spurs. And that was crucial for OK-ing the trade. But the Bulls and Lakers are a wole different story. We will get flattened in the post going with Baby against Bynum Odom or Gasol…

    • KBA

      I think Green can take Odom and KG should be able to handle Bynum/Gashole…. I think the offense we gain from this trade more than offsets any defense we did loose for sure. I was skeptical (and shocked) like many others when this trade happened but am warming up to it and do think this might actually make us a better team to win it all. Having even one of the O'neals would def help but even without them, I think we might be ok. Delante West would be huge though, he has looked really good everytime he's played and Wafer was starting to look good too…. hopefully they can make there way back into the lineup. #18!!!

    • Chris O

      That's why you have more bigs than just Baby. Btween KG, Baby, Krstic, Shaq and Murphy you will be able to hold your own against other teams bigs. Also you could go Shaq, KG, Jeff Green to match up against Bynum, Gasol, Odom if they all were to play together. Then you could put Pierce at the 2 with Rondo or Delonte at the one and I'd actually favor that over the Lakers 5 (undoubtedly would be Kobe and Fisher with Bynum, Gasol and Odom). The Bulls are very very scary but we should have decent matchups against them too. They can't match us at the 2 and 3 positions. Rose is only slightly better than Rondo. I will take KG over Boozer andyday and give me BBD, Shaq and Krstic and you will neutralize the Bulls centers easy. The key in these series if the happen will be Pierce and to a lesser extent Jeff Green's rebounding.

  • Tos

    ” and they were going to flip Brandan Wright into another deal.”

    The celtics were going to flip Wright anyway. It seems entirely possibly he wouldve been included in a Perk deal anyway.

    • Chris O

      So you would have traded Nate, a first, and the Perk for the same deal we got for just Perk and Nate….hmmm. Wonder if it would have been sweeter for us

  • ACK

    If Tony Allen had resigned with the Celtics, would we have traded Perk? Is anyone watching the Grizz and missing ol' trick or treat Allen?

    • Chris O

      I actually don't. With Quis before and now with Green, Pav, Wafer and even Delonte to backup to 3 or 2 I think we are way better off.

  • kricky

    One thing Ainge did say in a recent interview was that he didn't think that Perk was back to his old form. Either this is a ex post-facto rationalization or they may be something to this.

    I personally thought Perk looked great. He seemed to be moving very well on D and his rebounding was really good. But I could be wrong. Admittedly he had little lift on his legs and this affected his offense around the basket.

    If Danny is right, and Perk wasn't going to ever get back to his old form, then the trade is an absolute steal for the Cs.

    I'd be sad for Perk though, as he worked so hard to get back. Just like poor Leon too :(

    Let's wish them all the best in getting back to their old selves.

  • Chris O

    Why I like the trade. Our 15 man roster is bigger, deeper and more versatile than I can ever remember it. Size wise we are much bigger than last year. We have backup wings and PGs now. We have better post scorers (Shaq, Krstic) and better shooting bigs (Krstic, Murphy). We can play small or big with ease now. And 14 of the 15 roster spots are players who have been starters or could be starters (BBD is the only could the other 13 have been starters in their careers).

    Shaq 7-1
    Krstic 7-0
    Garnett 6-11
    JO 6-11
    Murphy 6-11
    Green 6-9
    BBD 6-9
    Pierce 6-7
    Pav 6-7
    Ray 6-5
    Wafer 6-5
    Delonte 6-3
    Avery 6-2
    Rondo 6-1

    Much deeper, bigger, and more talented than last years team, with a better 2nd unit and more ability to go small. Should be 60+ wins with the #1 seed and a great shot at #18. I LOVE YOU DANNY AINGE

    • Chris O

      Woops sorry left out the 6-2 Rapper of the bunch Arroyo, shouldn't have withheld the Latin flavor

  • Greg

    It takes at least a full year to fully recover from serious knee injury. Just look at KG. And Perk's offensive game regressed in comparison to the last year …

  • DevangDugar

    Even though it pains to see the C's without Perk, a valuable commodity, probably one of the most valuable after KG, we all have to accept that this C's team, however shocking it may be, has a better chance at winning the title this year. We really needed to step up the offense this season.
    Plus, I really think the O'Neal brothers are being purposely made to sit out till the playoffs, so Doc can unleash them upon whoever the C's meet.
    This team is definitely going to take a while to work together, but we can clearly see its working.

    As much as the entire planet wants it, Banner 18 is not seeing a Laker's- C's matchup in the finals. For sure.

  • Batman

    I paint a mental picture in my head of Shaq and Jermaine as a pair of twin rabid dogs As soon as the playoffs begin Doc will take off their leashes and go "sick em!"

  • BBynum

    Wow. This just tells you how little they thought of Nate. Giving up a 1st to entice the Warriors to take him? Wright, although a decent player with potential, has almost no trade value. So to me this was just an attempt to get rid of Nate, his contract, and his roster spot. Ouch.

  • Ryan

    This is strange…just a couple of weeks ago you were criticizing Jeff Greens ability to become a significantly helpful peice, but your now "pleased" with Danny Ainge's decision. I thought you seemed a little harsh that night, and probably going through a Perkins hang over.

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