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Maybe it's the extra lettuce on top and the fact that he doesn't quite fill out that Nets jersey, but doesn't young Nenad Krstic look like Gordon Hayward?

About a year and a half ago, the blog Interbasket made a bold and ridiculous statement.  After doing intensive research of the Celtics scouting practices, interviewing people in the organization, interviewing former players, and gathering substantial evidence looking at rosters and draft selections, the people of Interbasket concluded that “the Boston Celtics are the most xenophobic team in the NBA the last five seasons.”

Unsurprisingly, the post containing this baseless accusation was unaccompanied by an actual byline.  No one from Interbasket took credit for this post, not even in the comments section where the author admitted he/she sacrificed credibility for page views:

What’s even more hilarious about the attempted explanation is the logical leap taken by the author:  “It’s speculative, but it does say something about the scouting and resources some teams have (not all, but some).” It actually says nothing about any team’s scouting and resources.  The only fact the post illustrates is that some teams’ rosters lack in international players; more specific to the Boston Celtics,  that the Celtics did not have an international player on its roster for five seasons.

After doing a little digging (clicking on Interbasket’s “About Us” section) I found out that when articles are written by “Admin” that “generally these are collaborative pieces put together by different authors, many of times – members from our forum.” So I really do not know where to direct my ire,  toward the two Interbasket authors that actually supply what I assume is their real names (Matt Blair and Stuart Leung) or the two people who use pen names (Byzantine and Mark Madness)?

Oh, you two already know each other. Great!

Okay, okay.  I think you get the point.  What Interbasket did is totally lame and hurts the effort put forth by credible bloggers that write accurately, do some semblance of reporting, and actually own up to things they write.  Luckily for everyone, the Celtics have let go of their irrational fear of international players and now have three guys that were not born in America.  After duplicating Interbasket’s extensive research (although I used Wikipedia.  They have helpful flags next to players’ names) after ten minutes I was able to determine that the Celtics joined an over-whelming majority of teams by signing and trading for three international players.

Okay, maybe Carlos Arroyo isn't as good at poker as he thinks...

Despite any discernible difference between these players and American players in terms of on-court production, I am going to like having some diversity on the Celtics.  Although, the Celtics still are not as diverse as they should be.  93% of the Celtics’ roster is from two countries.  Do you know how many countries there are in the world?  Two countries?  It looks like the Celtics are merely trying to mask their closet-xenophobia rather than get players that are available/can help them. (See?  By using words like “only” and “closet-xenophobia” I can make a team look bad too!).

As Hayes pointed out yesterday, Carlos Arroyo is an accomplished poker player.  In addition,  Sasha Pavlovic and Nenad Krstic are both from Serbia so they at least have some familiarity (something Semih Erden never had).

While only Krstic seems to have the ability to help the Celtics in the playoffs, both Arroyo and Pavlovic are going to help spell the starters during the rest of the regular season.  This ability cannot be understated.  All of these guys have been solid contributors in this league and can definitely log some minutes off the bench.  So here’s to welcoming the international community to the Boston Celtics and to resting the starters!

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  • That Interbasket post was awful. I just read it and I was shaking my head throughout…

    So glad that the Celtics no longer have "an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange."

  • Conall

    Hurray for Internationalism, but Pavlovic is Montenegrin.

    • BrendanJackson

      Not according to the Celtics Wikipedia page…but hey, it's all the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to me…

    • rav

      To be fair, they were the same country until 4 or 5 years ago.

  • TMC

    It only takes one sentence to realize how stupid that Interbasket post was…

    "Since 2006, the only international player they have had of any significance was Michael Olowakandi"

    Last time I checked, Michael Olowakandi is never significant

    • NHBluesMan

      his significance was that he wasn't born in America

  • Chris O

    Yea that Interbasket article is a joke. Who should the C's have had? Since Dina Radja we haven't had a chance at a good international player. Its not like we could draft Tim Duncan or Dirk (which we would have drafted both). We probably would have drafted Yi if we didn't make that Ray Allen trade. Also we were pursuing Rudy Fernandez. So far this year we have had 4 international players….is that good enough lol GO CELTICS- domestic and foreign

    • Paul

      I was hoping the C's would take Tony Parker in whatever draft that was…they took Joe Forte instead. I'm gonna call that an opportunity missed.

      • Chris O

        Yes but the ceiling on Joe Forte was supposed to be UBER alto (so we can use some foreign words lol). That's like telling anyone who missed on draft day that they missed an opportunity

  • talesofJP

    I really doubt teams go shopping for free agents thinking "we could use another non-american". Thats crazy. Teams go for players that will help them on the court. If Perk was from France they still would have traded him. If KG was from Austraila, we still would have traded for him and won the title.

    • AussieCeltic

      HEHEHEHE – If KG was from Australia there is now way he would be so INTENSE!!! Australians are all so laid back. Using a little racial stereotyping about my own nationality – HAHAHA!

  • Luiyo

    WAIT!!! What do you mean three players that are not from America!?!? There's two! Not three! Arroyo was born in PUERTO RICO!! Remember that America is a CONTINENT! Not only the U.S.! SMH