Post-game Reactions

LA Clippers at Boston
TD Garden
7:30 PM EST

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 107.4 points/100 possessions (14th)

Los Angeles: 105.6 points/100 possessions (21st)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 100.2 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)

Los Angeles: 109.1 points allowed/100 possessions (19th)

Probable Clipper starters:

Mo Williams, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan

Thumbnail: Remember when the Clippers were a young team with some really promising pieces?  They had the future star and two really young athletic guys who were regularly featured on Sportscenter’s Top Ten plays and made the Clippers seem like they had so much promise? Waiiiiiittttt a second….that’s right now.  But it was also in the early 2000s.  Just look at this roster:

Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Quentin Richardson, Lamar Odom, Darius Miles…this team was exciting.  Think alley-oops, raining threes, and lots of on-court celebrations.  So again, think now.  Back then it was Elton Brand emerging as a star and right now it’s Eric Gordon.  Back then, Odom and Miles were absolutely punishing the rim–kinda like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are now.  The Clippers finished that season 43-59.  Today’s Clippers would have to win out nearly the rest of their games in order to match that effort.  Perhaps unsurprising, both the Clippers of today and the Clippers of yore ranked 19th in defensive efficiency.  Back in 2000 the other 20 games were made up by a more efficient offense.  We’ll see if this year’s Clippers can reach that level next year.


Entertain: Sometimes all I want to do is watch Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan dunk.  They just get up so high and throw it down so hard.  Luckily, they lack the necessary defensive intensity to make those offensive impressions long-lasting.

Attack the Basket and Protect the Glass: Because they attack the basket so hard, the Clippers find themselves getting to the line a lot and in prime position to gobble up rebounds.  This proximity, athleticism, and youthful exuberance translates into the Clippers being a top 10 rebounding team (8th) and the fourth best team in the league at getting to the line.


Knocking Down Those Freebies: In a “cutting of your nose to spite your face” way only the Clippers’ franchise can do, the team takes their advantage of getting to the free throw line and hands it right back to their opponents.  The Clippers are the 29th best team in the league at knocking down those precious free points.  Again, this reality isn’t surprising when the two guys that get to the line the most not named Eric Gordon (Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan) both shoot under 65% from the line.

Careless with the Ball: The Clippers have third most total turnovers in the entire league this season.  They shipped out Baron Davis and his 3 TOs per 36 minutes at the trade deadline (good!) only to bring in Mo Williams and his identical rate (oh, we’re back!).


No One. Seriously.  If Blake Griffin dunks on anyone’s face tonight, is any Celtic going to be rattled?  Is any Celtics going to care?  Is everyone going to jump up out of their seat and yell, “Dammmmmmnnnnn!!!”  No, no, and yes!


Al-Farouq Aminu: Aminu is looking like he may be one of the better players in the league someday but his transition from college PF to NBA SF has been less than ideal.  And I don’t even mean on the offensive end.  Aminu is shooting far better from three (just under 33%, okay still bad) than I thought he would but he’s really getting abused by the league’s small forwards on the defensive end.  I’m thinking Paul Pierce could have a pretty good game tonight.


Keep Rolling: The Celtics get a winnable game tonight against a beatable team regardless of what their roster looks like right now.  Actually, scratch that– because of the way their roster looks right now.  I’m predicting Troy Murphy gets his first field goal as a Celtic, Sasha Pavlovic plays capably, and Carlos Arroyo shoots an elbow jumper.  Reallllly going out on a limb with those predictions….


Celtics 100, Clippers 90

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  • Batman

    I wanna see Rondo bounce back. I better not see Rojan Rando out there. That bastard……

  • Tom W

    League Pass, how I love thee. Thank you for games like tonight. Mmmmm.

  • Tom W

    Actually, can anybody help me with this? My League Pass won't play live games on the main screen, I have to watch live games in the small side windows. Is there a way to fix that?

  • talesofJP

    not going well so far…

    • someguyinsac

      Pretty gruesome so far.

  • Batman

    we're getting run out of the building
    Rojan Rando lurks in the shadows

    • Albooboo

      can someone update me on the rojon rando joke? im not getting it hahaha

      • Batman

        Basically whenever Rondo does badly we say it was cause his evil twin Rojan Rando was out there playing terribly. The joke originated when i was arguing with a bulls fan for D-Rose vs Rondo and the Bull's fan thought his name was Rojan Rando. He was saying he was terrible and the worst PG in the game, so the joke is that whenever Rondo does play terribly, we blame Rojan Rando! Get it?

        • Albooboo

          Yeah got it. And like it. goodstuff

    • kricky

      RR outplayed by mediocre pointguards the last few games. Maybe it's the sore feet again? I'd say sit him, but no one there to take his minutes.

  • kricky

    Where's the D? 5 dunks by Jordan thus far? Mo Williams getting open 3s. This is Miami Heat level embarrassing.

  • I_Love_Green

    What the hell is happening…

    • someguyinsac

      They read this writing by Brendan and thought the Clips would be a pushover?

  • hdavenport

    DeAndre Jordan has already hit his season high. He's making Krstic look extremely ineffective. RELEASE THE PERKINS-TRADE NAYSAYERS!

    • Batman

      Feed Hayes to the kraken! And throw Danny in there too!

  • Batman


  • stephen

    They are doing exactly what they can't afford to do. Overlook a team and you will get beat!!!!

  • Rachel

    Looks like all those minutes the starters have been playing with our bench depleted are taking their toll.

    and yeah, Kristic needs to get with some celtics-style defense asap.

  • Batman

    I smell a comeback.

  • talesofJP

    Kristic is SUCH an upgrade offensively, he helps out so much on that end. A bit more time in the system and he'll be fine defensively. One great thing about the trade/signings: This team can RUN now, they look great in transition with RR, Ray, Arroyo, Kristic, and Green

  • rachel

    There it is

  • rachel

    "kg is jacked up right now"

  • someguyinsac

    So did the Clips bring their own woodshed that they've hauled us out behind to, or what?

  • Tom W

    Open. Threes. Kill. Comebacks.

  • stephen

    The Bulls won– our lead is now down to 1 in the loss column,

  • Jason

    I absolutely love it that Pierce has 8 shots tonight, fifth most on the team. It makes a lot of sense. I've been calling for their leading scorer to take single-digit shots for awhile now. I'm glad they listened.

  • Mike

    Well and just like that the bulls are like one game behind and the 76ers are kinda like the LAC so its gonna be another game like this one…

    • someguyinsac

      Hey! It's not over yet, unless my feed is late.

      • Mike

        We just can't allow 60 points in the first half regardless of the outcome of this one. if we didn't allow so many threes maybe it would be a different story though

        • someguyinsac

          That kind sir, is an understatement deluxe! :0

          • Mike

            Its just weird how last year they shut down orlando's 3s in the playoffs and this year, at least to me, seems like they're awfull in that department and other teams hit an absurd number of 3s

  • Jim

    A lot went wrong in this game, and Williams played very well, but what's up with Rondo's (Rando's?) defense? Despite guarding a good shooter he consistently ball watched, or tried for silly steals, and left him wide open. That has to stop.

    • Mike

      It only stops when Doc starts to sit him and thats only gonna happen when Delonte comes back

    • Batman

      Good job catching on! Yes Rando strikes again

  • kricky

    Give the guys some credit for fighting back tonight and at least making it interesting.

    They've been winning games despite sloppy play of late. Hopefully this loss will actually help the team by giving it a renewed sense of urgency.

    The drop in RR's play since the break is disturbing, though. He's consistently getting outplayed by mediocre PGs.

  • AussieCeltic

    Cue the doomsdayers "Oh, woe is me! Should never have traded anyone! Blah Blah Blah!!!" Celtics will still get #1!!

    • ElRoz

      Have you seen the roads games they still have to play?

      At Phily, Houston, NY, San Antonio, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami…..so with these road games they should have taken every advantage agaisnt a weak team at home. I can easily see Chicago taking #1 spot now…they have an easier schedule and a focused team.
      Boston doesn't.

  • stephen

    Actually, Chicago has lost 18. Still—-this sucks

  • stephen

    Rondo totally fucked up all the momentum we had when he fouled Mo Williams shooting that 3. We had plenty of time left and we were within 3.You could feel the Clippers ready to snap. Rookie mistake by Rondo. We can't be blowing home games—it's that simple. Now–off to Philadelphia to play a team that is much better now than earlier in the season.

  • Elroz

    Puts that baseless and optimistic article about Chicago having little chance catching Boston for #1 (on Celticshub) in a perspective. Clearly the writer assumed Boston will not have mental breakdowns and "trap" games against poor teams. I guess he hasn't watched the C's the last year and this year. The last 3 games Boaton clearly struggled to beat sub-par teams: Phoenix, GSW, and previous game against the Bucks….and now a stinker at home against the Clippers. A wasted opportunity at home.
    Boston has at least 4-5 tough roads games and Chicago has an easier schedule and is a more focused team.

    I would be surprised if Chicago DIDN'T catch Boston for #1.

  • Not a clippers fan

    "The Clippers finished that season 43-59". a 102 game season, huh? that makes sense…. Nice work jackson