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Reminder: Carlos Arroyo is a Popular Musician

With Sasha Pavlovic hysteria sweeping New England, it’s easy to forget about some of the other new Celtics. So here’s a refresher that Carlos Arroyo, a player you never really liked that much but now have to, is a serious reggaeton artist in his home commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Here’s his biggest single, “Se Va Conmigo,” which Google translates to “It Goes Away With Me.”

Like many rap videos Carlos Arroyo has seen, “It Goes Away With Me” starts with a timestamp on the screen even though what follows is not really interesting enough to be timestamped.┬áThe song seems to be about how Carlos Arroyo BBMs ladies on his way to a poker game in a guy’s pantry, and how that affects him emotionally, featuring Yomo. Some kind of twist happens at the end (I think the girl he was BBMing turns out to be the pantry owner’s girlfriend), and whatever it is causes Carlos great anxiety.┬áThe one basketball reference is when he might be doing a shooting motion at 3:54.

My brother is a Spanish scholar and he says the song is about “arroyo saying that he ‘swears this woman is leaving with him.’ and he talks about about how they are going to dance and how they are both going to go crazy with emotion for each other” (sic). Also according to my brother, the scenes in the poker pantry involve Carlos Arroyo going all in on a bet the old guy makes, saying “no tiene nada,” which means “he’s got nothing.” Carlos is right and he wins the bet, but then the girlfriend shows up and the old man smugly says “When are we playing the next hand?” So he got the best of Carlos Arroyo in his own video even though he lost the hand, basically.

Because he’s a basketball player and has no singing experience, Carlos autotunes the crap out of himself, which is the right thing to do. He also wears a suit with black Vans, which is probably not the right thing to do but I’m not qualified to weigh in on that. Overall, he and Yomo seemed to have a lot of fun making this video, and the song is not terrible as far as reggaeton goes. It’s not as good as Daddy Yankee, but it’s better than I-don’t-know-any-other-reggaeton-artists.

“It Goes Away With Me” makes Arroyo the second professional rapper on the Celtics roster, along with the person who wrote the historic lyrics that changed music history forever:

I dribble rhymes like basketball-ems

People call me E.T.

(What’s that, Shaq?)

Extra Tall-ems.

Who’s better? Tough to choose. I’ll go with Shaq because he threatens to spread his enemies on a bagel and because I can understand what he’s saying. But they’re both great. Who you got?

  • Batman

    Arroyo. I love me some reggaeton

  • kricky

    Jeeze the personalities on this team just get wackier and wackier.

    Not only do they play championship Basketball but your 2011 Celts can sing, rap, spray tan and hit you over the head with a chair if you step up like a punk.

    • C's fan in LA

      lol who hit someone with a chair??? JO at the palace?

      • Batman

        Nenad hit people with a chair during the FIBA Tournament

  • Gay 4 Shaq

    LOL am i the only one whose actually kinda feelin this joint? Very catchy its already stuck in my head. And this is comin from a known reggaeton hater

  • Chris O

    FYI “Se Va Conmigo,” actually translates to he/she leaves with me…in this case the chick so "She leaves with me"

    • Chris O

      Ahem an addendum to my addendum, it more appropriately translates to "She's leaving with me" sorry lol

      • Patrick

        An addendum to your addendum to your addendum: I would say it translates to "She goes with me"
        "Cuando se va, se va comingo" "when she goes, she goes with me"

        • Chris O

          A technical translation yes, but considering not only would I translate it leaves, but the two Spanish speakers I asked would translate it leaves. Especially in this case.

  • I don't get it.

  • hdavenport

    The Arroyo-less Heat are going to lose to the Blazers in one minute. Home crowd booing.

  • kricky

    Wow! That had to be a must win for them. The parts of the game I saw Blazers were in command, almost toyign with them. The BLAZERS! Will Spolestra get canned tomorrow? What a disaster!

  • 1825

    MAN!!!! That chick is ugly!!!!

  • misel

    rondo once posted on his facebook page that he wanted to learn spanish… well, arroyo can surely help… haha.

  • NHBluesMan

    i wonder if that song will make its way into the Garden mix

  • james patrick

    ugly?! i was just about to ask who she was. she's hot!

    • javielo

      Wow typical wannabe an american puerto rican… you live in the states then show off like it is something special… stupid maybe working in mcdonalds or a factory.
      They leave PR then feel special lol..

      PR is a paradise compared to USA it has beaches bitchs and rum

  • Devin_in_Maine

    I showed Arroyo's music video to my wife who lived in Puerto Rico until college, and she started laughing so hard I had to turn the video off. Having unfortunately watched more than an average Irish guy's quota of ridiculous Puerto Rican music videos in my day, I have to agree with her. This is humiliatingly ridiculous…

    • carlitos

      your wife sucks and you and the people who dont understand what hes sayin suck too beacuse u even understand what he is sayin in the song and are criticizing, I understand because i understand varous language dumb !

  • Tom W

    The only way I would EVER choose reggaeton over 90's rap is if Arroyo's next song is called Kobe, Dime Como Sabe Mi Culo, which according to Google Translate, is obviously, Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Taste.