Post-game Reactions

Boston at Milwaukee
Bradley Center
9:00 PM EST

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 107.6 points/100 possessions (14th)

Milwaukee: 101.0 points/100 possessions (30th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 100.0 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)

Milwaukee: 102.8 points allowed/100 possessions (4th)

Probable Milwaukee starters:

Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, Carlos Delfino, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Larry Sanders

Thumbnail: The Celtics look to extend their winning streak to five games tonight by sending nine active players to Milwaukee to play the Bucks in the first ever “Injury Bowl.” Milwaukee has been beaten up just as bad as the Celtics this year when it comes to aches and pains and will be missing several key members of the frontcourt (Andrew Bogut, Drew Gooden, Ersan Illyasova) tonight in Wisconsin. Despite the injuries, the bad news for the Celtics is that this is the first team that really plays defense since they revamped 1/3 of the team’s bench last week. They were able to get away with the new guys lack of familiarity with the team’s plays against Western Conference foes, but tonight might be a different story. 


Play defense. They are a bit of a carbon copy of the Celtics in this department, exceling in all of the defensive four factors (top 1o) except in allowing opponents to get to the line. Scott Skiles, as always, has this crew playing hard on this end of the floor, limiting three point attempts and shots at the rim. The Celtics offense hasn’t been challenged in about a week or so. That’ll change tonight, although it will help Mr. Bogut is out of the fold.


Score the ball. They are dead last in FG percentage, 27th from downtown, and there’s no one on this roster than has been able to put the ball in the bucket consistently all year through a beat up year. The one good thing they do is not turn over the ball a lot on the offensive end, but are still incredibly mediocre at getting to the line and grabbing all those offensive boards off missed shots. Put it altogether and you get a team that scores barely 91 points per game.


Brandon Jennings No reliable backup point guard for C’s = me worrying

Corey Maggette The one guy who can score for this team efficently off the bench could wreak havoc against the shorthanded C’s if they don’t come to play defensively


John Salmons

WHAT WE WANT TO SEE FROM THE C’S TONIGHT: Well given that tonight’s Celtics bench have played collectively about 27 games or so in a C’s uniform with 22 of those coming from Avery Bradley, the troops are in for a challenge tonight. The big thing is Doc will give these guys minutes (Green, Bradley, Pavlovic, Murphy) in order to keep the onus off his starters who have been overplayed in the past month. Any kind of solid outing from this quartet would do wonders for this team’s chances as it would for the starters legs, and I’m looking for Troy Murphy to make his first FG tonight in a Celtics uniform as well.

Prediction: Celtics 89, Bucks 87

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • I_Love_Green

    I'm hoping we can get on a roll in March, and go on a big winning streak. That way the injuries won't hurt to think about.

  • Batman


  • Chris O

    Avery need to do something today. I also expect Troy to start playing better, lets go Celtics!!!

  • CsFanInArkansas

    According to Ed Lacerte (via RedsArmy), we shouldn't expect Shaq anytime soon…

  • I_Love_Green

    Wow. Very slow start right now. Guys kinda just walking around out there.

  • Rob

    So who the hell does rondo think he is?

    • Batman

      He thinks he is Rojan Rando his evil turnover prone layup blowing twin

  • Scott

    we look like garbage so far. a step slow on D and missing open shots on offense

  • kricky

    Gotta pick up the D on Jennings, We're letting him do anything he wants right now. Common RR you are better than this!

  • jack

    Go Kristic!!

  • scott

    doc must have gotten in their ass on that last TO. 8-0 run and a lot more energy

  • scott

    murphy is active on the boards early with 3 quick ones

  • Batman

    Kristic and Greeeen

  • guest

    avery bradley is so bad

  • man oh man

  • why did green and kristic get nate's and marquis's numbers? they can't choose new numbers?

    • OKCeltics

      What does it matter? Those guys aren't on the team anymore.

  • Batman


  • guest

    Why did they acquire murphy again?

    • Batman

      Cause he was the beat avaible free agent?

  • OKCeltics

    Rondo's having a horrible first half. 5 turnovers, can't cover Jennings.

    • Batman

      No it’s Rojan Rando doing this just wait until Rondo comes back

  • kricky

    Getting clobbered on the boards. 2nd chance pts kiliing us,

  • scott

    why can't rondo just make the simple pass? that stupid behind the back crap to ray when they had an easy 2 on 1 was idiotic

  • Batman

    The truth!

  • I_Love_Green

    I wanna see Murph splash home a couple of threes.

  • I_Bleed_Green

    Krstic and Green are making Danny look like a genius. Bradley is making Danny look bad though.

  • jack

    Why did doc take out kristic when he got 4 fouls in the 3rd if he wasn't going to play him in the 4th?

  • I_Love_Green

    We better not lose this game. Come on Pierce! Take us home!!!

  • I_Love_Green

    KG with the game ending block!!!

  • kricky

    Glad we pulled it out. But I thought it'd be easier with Bucks shorthanded tonight.

    PP was a man against boys out there tonight.

  • Jamie

    Anyone think the trade with OKC was still bad? Kristic and Green are playing huge for us!

  • skeeds

    woo, Kristic is looking gooooooood… I like this guy. I generally have a soft spot for 7footers that shoot the freethrow and the jumpshot, and move smart around the basket. He's the exact opposite center of Shaq. In a good way.

  • ElRoz

    Shaq out for sure now…no deadline to come back – he is even less useful this year than last year in Cleveland! It has taken over a month and he hasn't healed?

    I am ready for the announcement on JO now: "The operation went well, he is doing great, and will be out indefinitely".

    So now there's no back-up center?
    And I don't feel good about BBD as my back-up center in the playoffs. Offensively Shaq helped Boston noticeably. I think the odds against a ring this year just went up….if Shaq returns, they will go down by quite a lot.

    • Tom W

      I would bet you $50 the Celtics are saving him for playoff time. Remember all the games we lost last year because Doc was saving banged up bodies? Shaq is a very old, very banged up body. And we are winning without him. Might as well save him for when it counts.

  • Watching Krstic on offense with the BIg Four is a marvel. The game was close, but that has more to do with the shorthanded/new bench than anything else. The starters, integrating Nenad rapidly, were pretty darn good. Another good night for Krstic: +10, 7-8 FG. He is going to get a lot of good looks.

  • Tom W

    Congrats on NAILING the Celtic's final score, Brian!

  • Chris O

    Just a question on people's etiquette on here….why do people NEGATIVE COMMENT (thumbs down) things that are not only true but make sense? That makes for a dumb message board. you shouldn't negative something unless someone says something NEGATIVE WORTHY

    • Batman

      but it might not make sense to other people
      like if i went off on an argument on how Rondo is better than Rose, than if you don't agree you would thumbs down because to u Rose is much better

      • Chris O

        Right but someone will post Avery Bradley just missed a shot, and ppl will thumbs down it. People are posting facts or things that should be agreeable to everyone and they get negative thumbs, haha like I did for even posting that

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