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One day after hinting the C’s would give Chris Johnson another 10-day contract, Danny Ainge reversed course and elected to sign former Heat starter Carlos Arroyo to a minimum contract over the remainder of the season, according to The Boston Herald.

Arroyo, pending a physical, may join the team tomorrow in Milwaukee.

Arroyo had been waived by Miami earlier this week to make way for the team’s signing of Mike Bibby, and was one of two veteran playmakers the Celtics were looking at. The other was thought to be Antonio Daniels, the long-time veteran who is attempting a comeback with the Texas Legends of the NBDL.

CH’s Analysis: Sticking with this team’s current mantra of the past week where a new day = a new player, the Celtics have finally filled out their 15-man roster. And while I feel for the youngster Johnson not getting another shot to stick with the big boys, I’m a big fan of this signing for a few reasons.

To me, once Nate Robinson was dealt, this team needed depth at the point guard position, but let’s be real here first about this signing. In no way, shape or form, barring injury, will Arroyo see the floor for this team during the postseason. For the final 22 games however, with the race for homecourt advantage looming, a steady pro like Arroyo who can handle the ball and shoot from the mid-range is an incredibly valuable addition.

With Delonte West on the shelf for at least another game or two, and Von Wafer’s calf injury last night, the Celtics were essentially left with a backcourt bench of Avery Bradley…..and that’s it for the interim. Given the reality that Bradley is a 20-year-old who has played just double digit minutes just once this season, that really made getting another guard in here a big priority.

The minutes had started to get out of control for the C’s starters at the 1-3 spot, but Doc really expressed a lot of worry last night when it came to Rajon Rondo’s minutes, something that Arroyo’s presence should help address:

“The minutes today were more because of the Von [injury],” said Rivers. “I’ll keep [Allen and Pierce’s] minutes down to that 35 [range]; Tonight, I didn’t. The guy I’ve got to keep down more is Rondo. Even though he’s young, he’s still playing too many minutes the last four or five games. With Delonte [West] out, that’s put a lot of stress on us as well.”

Rondo played 42 minutes last night overall. So with the sole alternatives, being rush West back a bit prematurely, keeping playing Rondo big minutes, or bringing in another guard, the latter choice wisely won out. Arroyo has more experience playing this year than both of the two other Boston buyout signees combined so it’s safe to say Danny did well here both for this year’s regular season and also giving the team some insurance for the postseason if Delonte or Rajon go down for a short stretch.

Secrets about the enemy?

Not that the Celtics need them, but I have to say I was pretty shocked that the Heat waived Arroyo last week in order to free up a roster spot because of this exact scenario. Also because they could have waived Jamaal Magloire over him too, but that’s another story. Look at this move though. Heck this could become Danny Woodhead Part Deux!….(ok not really, but I can dream) Still, this is a situation where this is a serviceable player that obviously knows the inner workings of that Heat locker room and playbook more so than anyone in the C’s organization. Will it help? That’s unclear, it undoubtedly can’t hurt though to find out.

Quick Scouting Report on Arroyo:

-Doesn’t get to the rim at all and if he does find a way there, finishes very poorly (45%)
-Strong midrange shooter
-Surprisingly accurate from downtown this year (43%, ten points above his career average)
-Solid ballhandler
-Lackluster defender
-A huge upgrade over the present version of Avery Bradley

Arroyo is actually a guy I wanted the C’s to take a look at in the Summer of 2009 to help solve the team’s backup guard problem and spent a lot of time profiling his career back then, Here’s a few key excerpts from the article written in August 2009:

Let’s first get up to speed on the Puerto Rican point guard currently playing for his nation in the FIBA Championship. Arroyo has bounced around to five teams over his seven year NBA career showing flashes of brilliance along the way. The 30 year old guard was anointed John Stockton’s heir apparent back in 2003 while showing terrific distribution skills and a nice shooting touch on his way to a career year of 12.6 points and 5 assists a game for the 2003-04 Utah Jazz.

The honeymoon ended quickly for Arroyo in 2004 who began to earn a questionable reputation around the league by butting heads with coach Jerry Sloan. This turmoil led to Arroyo being shipped out of town to the Pistons for virtually nothing (Elden Campbell) midway through the 04-05 season.

Arroyo served adequately as a backup point guard for that Pistons team and the Orlando Magic through the majority of next couple seasons. During his 07-08 campaign Arroyo lost the backup job in the early months of 2008 to Keyon Dooling in Orlando, as once again another coach appeared to lose patience in him. In this case it was Zach Lowe’s favorite whiner Stan Van Gundy.

If you can get past his off the court antics, Arroyo’s career numbers show a guy who is only one year removed from bring an extremely capable backup in the NBA. The guy can stroke the long ball at a decent clip (35% during 07-08 season, 32% for his career) and has also been characterized as a skilled passer with good vision. Arroyo has averaged 3.3 assists for his career in only 18 minutes per game, an impressive number given a lack of heavy playing time. Defensively, Arroyo’s play is reportedly below average but sustainable in a backup role from most accounts.

Arroyo’s success last year leading his Israeli team to a Championship and earning the finals MVP would seem to indicate his skillset has not fallen off too far last season, all though the playing level between the two leagues are not exactly a good barometer.

As a third point guard, with that kind of pedigree, and a chip of his shoulder after being castoff by the Heat, I’m a big fan of this signing. And given the fact he’ll get a chance to prove himself right away, I think us Celtics fans will be pleasantly surprised (like we were with Nenad Krstic) on what Arroyo has to offer.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    And now we stare at our final roster

    Rajon Rondo PG
    Paul Pierce SF
    Ray Allen SG
    Kevin Garnett PF
    Shaq O'Neal C
    Jermaine O'Neal C
    Delonte West PG
    Jeff Green SF
    Nenad Kristic C
    Glen Davis PF
    Avery Bradley PG
    Troy Murphy PF
    Carlos Arroyo PG
    Sasha Pavlovi? SG
    Von Wafer SG

    This is our team. We either come home in June as champions, or leave as losers

  • Robert

    This helps get the Core Four get to the playoffs intact. I'm for it.

    All Arroyo has to be is better then Bradley, and I think he can do that.

    • talesofJP

      Arroyo was a starter with a good team at one point. Pretty shocked when Heat dropped him. Should help the Celts.

  • urbeltic

    Carols Arroyo will win a game for us (in the playoffs).

    • rav

      It would be sweet if he did some revenge stuff against Miami

    • Jmt

      Carlos Arroyo will not play a game for us (in the playoffs).

      • Anonymous



    Decent signing, good backup for Rondo and good cover for West while he is still healing. The last thing I would like to see is them rush Delonte back and him get hurt again.
    I think Bradley has been getting bagged out a bit lately, he's improving everytime he gets on the court, and in a few seasons I think he will be a player to watch. Right now he is still a bit of a liability, but good to see he's getting some more experience.

    Go C's!

  • Carlos R

    He's a very good ball handler with an accurate jump shot. He's also good shooting free throw. As a third option behind RR and DW he will be very valuable.

  • Robert

    I was watching a bit of last night's Spurs/Heat game and I'd attribute a ton of the defensive blame to Bibby. He was constantly beaten off the dribble by Tony Parker, which forced the defense to collapse, which lead to kick outs to open shooters, which lead to 17 three's. And this is Tony Parker coming back from a calf injury, mind you. Think Rondo could do some damage there?

  • Nate

    I wouldn't put too much stock into him helping us know the enemy. Miami has not shown us anything too complicated in the form of offense. He may just let us know how bad a coach spolestra is and that Lebron really is a winy bitch.

  • kricky

    Good low risk, high (potential) reward move.

    He can't be any worse than AB and will only need to cover for a couple games till Dwest gets back.

  • John V

    Arroy is a good player. I'm glad to have him. Delonte is a (much?) better player. But honestly, I've always felt Delonte was better at the 2, and that's how Cleveland used him, and he was very successful there until the motorcycle incident. I think Arroyo has a real chance to win the backup PG role, pushing Delonte to the 2, and Wafer to the 3, but mostly at the expense of Wafer's minutes.

    That is, if Delonte can ever get healthy.

  • kricky

    DWest has been very solid at the PG when he has played. He had a great game before going down with the injury, dishing out 5 big assists off the Bench.

    He can take guys off the dribble. I don't think Arroyo can do it anymore. But he can shoot the 3 and maybe has a role with the 2nd unit in spotting up for the 3 ball with Green or Pierce driving the ball.

  • I_Love_Green

    He won't play in the playoffs when Delonte and Vonnie are healthy. But for the regular season he's good to keep Rondo's minutes down.

  • ElRoz

    Shaq still not physically ready to play? This is not good.

    They should just pick a single important game and play Shaq then…since he is going to break down very fast once he plays again. I say hold him out until a game in the finals and get one game for JO as well. .

  • Zaiden

    I think if you check the last games of Carlos Arroyo he improved greatly in controlling the ball better than Chalmers, Arroyo gave a spark to the Heats, really I do not understand how the Heats change oranges for bottles. Chalmers make much mistakes and does not know how to deal with Wade and James. Erik Spoelstra is the guy that must be change, change a player that produces and think that Bibby is the guy that need the Heat. I think if the Celtics give Arroyo space to work you will see the next Rondo, is the same with JJ Barea in Dallas. You will see thrust me and the Heat will cry for Spoelstras mistakes.

  • dtla la

    Expect to once again see limiting starters' minutes prioritized over wins. The C's may not end up as the top seed.

    OT, but anyone else enjoy watching the Bulls? I bleed green, but for pure basketball, the Bulls and Thib are like the Celtics Jr. A pure pleasure to watch.

    • MikeD

      The Thunder are also fun to watch, and will be even more fun to watch once Perkins is in uniform.

      • dtla la

        Totally agreed, but their team defense needs improvement.

  • JOM

    There is an awesome positive fact about Carlos Arroyo no one ever mentions because, well, people are not really aware of. Since he was a little kid playing for the Fraigcomar league in PR, he has won championships after chapionships everywhere he goes and always being in a protagonical role as a regular. Not only as a kid, but as an adult. The 4 consecutive championships he won in the Puerto Rican league and more recently, the Maccabbes championship, are just a fraction of his incredible and successful trajectory as a local and international basketbal player. Of course no one expects he will become a regular in Boston because, after all, we are dealing with the best league and one of the best teams in the world, with an incredible and effective regular point guard. But, don't forget his pathway through Boston, because he is enroute for an NBA championship, either with Boston or another team.

    • Celticai

      I’ve seen Arroyo play with Macabbi in Israel throughout the season, and wasn’t impressed by his managing abilities. Winning a championship in the Israeli league isn’t a great feat when you play for Macabbi. It’s Euroleague where you’re supposed to show your skills – and he hasn’t.
      But I do think he’ll be solid enough as a 3rd PG.

  • JOM


    The toughest part for him has always been to adapt to the fact the he will not have complete free hand to unfold his game and see the overall winning results. He has never been given free hand in the NBA to draw and develop his game and it is perfectly understandable because, for example, in Utah he was assuming the role of an unique legend and was completely shut-out by a not-so-flexible coach. In Detroit he was an unknown newcomer in an ex-championship team with a very well-established coach and pattern. The build-up followed him down to Orlando where his frustration and strong character messed him up and was ultimately released. With Maccabee at last he was given free-hand and he earned them the championship, but since, understandably, he wanted to return to the NBA he signed with Miami. (To be continued…)

  • JOM


    In Miami, at last he had his relative chance to develop his game and people (including Boston's management) took notice, but Miami is still trying to find itself because championship teams are not made exclusively with physical talent, statistics and money. The medular point here is: if Boston wants to take advantage of all the possibilities that an international proven championship player like Carlos Arroyo has to offer, including helping Boston win the championship this year, the best advice is to liberally trust him with confidence and independence on the court as a legitimate backup point guard (number 2 or number3) after Rajon Rondo. Now that the regular schedule is near completion is the best time for Boston to find out what Carlos Arroyo is made up.
    All the minuses that people find in his performance as a point guard are directly caused by the lack of trust that he has encountered in the NBA —not in any other league! Time will tell.

    • kricky

      Are you related to Carlos? If so you should have posted a disclaimer before your comments 🙂

      Just kidding, friend. Interesting post. You have clearly followed his career thoroughly. I would argue, however, that what you have to say about winning at lower levels could be said about a ton of guys that don't really make it as proven starters in the NBA. Look at all the guys that have led there team to NCAA championships, but who only have a minimal impact in the league.

      • JOM

        No relation at all but yes, I have followed his career, specially during the four consecutive championships he won in his country, and his successful Maccabee experience. Not to even talk about his successful solid international tournaments against some of the best teams of the world. The key factor here is that those teams trusted his abilities to be in command of position #1 and he responded with championships. All Boston has to do is to let him play his game when substituting Rajon Rondo, who in my opinion is a mega star. The worst thing would be to try to make him play as a Rondo look-alike. When Utah ordered him not to shoot the ball and to abstain from entering the paint zone and basically shuting him off completely, he obeyed but he lost his versatility, creativity and fruitful flair. His coach during his four championships was completely the opposite to his Utah coach. Remember that sometimes it is not easy to trust the judgement of a point guard coming from a "sui-generis" fast break playing culture where he was the unquestionable first fiddler. Just give him the ball but don't to change his basketball playing culture. Hope this explanation may be of some help for the Celtics!

  • Given his experience and defensive prowess, Delonte is going to eat up most of Arroyo's PT. If Carlos were a true point, then he might have a chance to steal minutes, but neither West nor Arroyo is a classic point guard. Both players play more the style of a combo guard.

    It still slays me that the Celtics didn't sign Shaun Livingston over the offseason. They could have used part of the midlevel — the one they gave to Jermaine — and had an amazing backup backcourt of Livingston and West.

  • Dan

    God forbid we keep a healthy big man on the roster.

  • Lowkey12

    At any rate, this is a good signing as it gives the C’s more versatility and depth. Arroyo’s got good size, and if he buys into the D, he could have more than subtle (Wafer) impact. West is a great player for the C’s, but he has proven to be more fragile than dependable.

    Best Bench rotation (on paper):

    G West/Wafer

    G Arroyo

    F Green

    F Davis/Murphy

    C Shaq (Kristic should start over him)

  • JOM

    Any reason why several of the new Celtics players did not play on the March 19, 2011 game, which they barely won?

  • JOM

    Arroyo has been practically ignored during the last 10 games while the Celtics are running low on "gas" and enthusiasm. Alas the Celtics haven't realized that Arooyo has been a perennial championship winner wherever he has gone. Whenever he is part of the offensive. By reading the boxscores it is evident that the Celtics are in a deep leadership crisis. As per the Center position, their only hope seems to be the return of the two guys with the same last name. Too many variables with many question marks and too many ilogical decisions that can be seen on their boxscores.

  • sweger

    how much did celtics spent on arroyos contract

  • JOM

    Answer: Practically the minimum.

    Arroyo, didn't play, Boston didn't win the last two playoff games. Next year he will go to another team and that team will have "chemistry", the changing chemistry he always provides to any team where he plays. Not implying that he should play regular or that he is better than West but he always changes the chemistry of any team he plays. (some sort of JJ Barea). Too late for Boston. Next year expect many players out. Unfortunately for Boston, Arroyo will be gone! Most probably Krstic, Murphy and Shaq will be gone too. This sounds auspicious but think again, Green who was the main reason they turn around the team lacked consistency. Precisely, the consistency that Arroyo provides, even as a third point guard. Bottom line: unless Boston acquires a couple of young superstars this looks like the beginning of another cloudy future for a couple of years.

  • JOM

    Two years (2011- 2012) have passed since previously analyzing here how the Celtics needed Carlos Arroyo's sharp strategic abilities as a premium point guard substitute or even as a regular point guard. As already mentioned in previous threads here, wherever he goes his teams wins championships. He did it before joining the Celtics and last year, after leaving the Celtics, his turkish team won last year championship. Well let me tell you that this year again he is enroute for another championship but with a different team. Statistics shows that there is no other NBA player with more non-NBA championships on his resume than Carlos Arroyo. Unfortunately, the right NBA team has not appeared for him. Lets see what happens.