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No Return Policy: Nate Robinson Has Knee Surgery, Out 4-6 Weeks


Our friend Royce Young over at Daily Thunder passes along the following tidbit on old friend Nate Robinson, who becomes the latest Celtic shown to be damaged goods in Boston’s latest wheelings and dealings:

Nate Robinson underwent arthroscopic knee surgery and will be out 4-6 weeks. The team said he experienced discomfort after his first practice Monday and decided to go ahead and do it, especially since it was obvious he wasn’t going to be a major part of the rotation.

Each day that this trade passes, things make more and more sense. Robinson was obviously having a down year in Beantown playing out of position for the most part, but there were whispers about his health all year long behind the scenes by various reporters I talked to, but the problem was obviously something that Robinson could play through, and obviously once Delonte West went down, the team pretty much needed him out there, with the only alternative being Avery Bradley.

So Nate deserves credit for, if nothing else, gutting it out in Boston while his numbers took a hit. He got paid this offseason, so he wasn’t putting himself at too big of a risk by playing through it, though it killed his trade value to the point he was a mere throw in to Perk deal in order to match salaries and help Danny get rid of some dead weight/payroll in the future.

Now, when it comes to dealing about injured players, the Thunder clearly knew (I would assume) that both Nate and Kendrick were damaged goods. Both guys underwent physicals, so there shouldn’t have been any secrets here. It was just a reality for Nate, with him being out of the rotation in Oklahoma City now, there was no point in paying through pain when he could be of use in the playoffs with a healthy knee.

Still, you have to consider the irony of all the deals that Ainge has made last week.

Marquis Daniels (bruised spine)
Semih Erden (groin and shoulder issues)
Kendrick Perkins (sprained MCL)
Nate Robinson (knee surgery)
Luke Harangody (injured left hip in first game with Cavs)

All that for healthy bodies in Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic, a 1st and 2nd round pick and free agent signees Chris Johnson, Troy Murphy, and Sasha Pavlovic.

Not a bad haul Danny, not bad at all.

  • somguyinsac

    Thanks Danny for dodging the injury bullets even though I wasn't keen on the trade of Perk to begin with.

  • Chris O

    Haha I love you Danny Ainge, shipping out injured folks and getting back valuable healthy bodies…love it

  • Gay 4 Shaq

    Seriously how can anyone disagree with this trade now. There's no way it doesn't help the present as well as future.

  • Tom W

    I'll be curious to see how many people have done a complete 180 on Danny Ainge since the trade.

  • CG12


  • v

    Never questioned the trade for one second. It’s funny how fans think they actually know what their talking about, especially when it comes to situations like the one on deadline day. I read so much negative $#!% this past week from so called celtics fans !!!!! Some of you should not be allowed to pledge your allegiance to the GREEN for the rest of the 18th journey. You know who you are…..

    • MikeD

      It was a shocking trade when it went down. Absolutely nobody saw it coming. Perk had spent his whole career here, we saw him grow from a kid right out of high school to one of the most respected defensive centers in the league. It was human nature to be upset at first. Calm down bro. Once the dust settled a lot of people were able to look at the trade objectively. That doesn't mean we were wrong to be upset at first.

      • Tom W

        Agreed. The most rational of Celtics fans were sad to see a player they loved watching for years get traded, especially seeing how upset he was as well.

  • john schaffer

    listen i loved perk , didnt have any use for nate but after just 3 games krstic is showing more in rebounds and points that perk , and sure less fouls , i think people when they get over the heartache of losing perk after 8 years will accept kistic and green and 2 players for the future

  • john schaffer

    its just like my wife in this family we are veryinto the green and i thought she lost a child when annouced perk trade but even has lightenedup about krstic

  • skeeds

    I still have a problem with this trade. I fully understand why it happened, I know all the reasons are valid, and I trust Ainge for his vision. Still don't like it though. And if the rest of the league hadn't turned upside down from trades too, I'd be pretty pessimistic for our chances. Changing half of your roster in March can't be good. Relying on players that haven't played for you yet can't be good. (that includes West and JO).
    We are a different team, we still have people coming and going (Shaq's coming, Baby is out), who knows how this can work out. And more importantly, in the mean time, our starters have been playing heave minutes for a long time.

    • OKCeltics

      I have to disagree skeeds. Other than Quis, who has the team lost that's played in the majority of their games to this point? Yes, Perk will certainly be missed more in the locker room than on the court. As for the others who are gone, the youth & experience (Green for starters) brought in will more than make up for what they've contributed to this point. Honestly, Semih, Luke, and Nate or Nenad, Murphy and Sasha, which group would you take? From just about every angle, I will take the new guys.

  • kricky

    I don't think I will ever get over Perk because he meant so much to the identity of this team.

    That being said this trade does look better and better. Obviously we didn't have all the info about the injuries when things went down. You can't balme us as fans for that.

  • MikeD

    Regardless, Nate for whatever reason never really found a groove with the Celtics. He didn't really create offense for anybody else, and his own shooting was streaky at best. I'm not trying to bash the guy, he tried hard, but he never really was the right fit.

  • Chris O

    Agree Kricky, great analysis. Very mercurial player. Great ups, great downs. But dude did ball, his heart was in it and he was a good dube. Lets not forget that as a fan base. Nate never did anything wrong to Boston. He brought us within a game of a title because he did win us two bigs games in the playoffs. That's all you can ask from your 8th/9th/10th man.

    • rav

      Main flaw is his height really. If he was 6'4" he'd be a much better version of Jamal Crawford, and one who could defend in spurts too.

  • Nate teh great

    Wow Brian Robb. Wow.

    What are you… 12 years old? Seriously, you have whined about Nate Robinson all season (as if every loss the C's suffered could be laid at his feet), and now you find out that he was probably playing injured and toughing it out for the good of the team and your response is: "So Nate deserves credit for, if nothing else, gutting it out in Boston while his numbers took a hit. He got paid this offseason, so he wasn’t putting himself at too big of a risk by playing through it"

    So what if the injury turns out to seriously impede his ability to play at an NBA level going forward. At least he got paid right?

    You are a moron.

    • MikeD

      Whenever you have to resort to calling people things like "moron" in the comment section of a sports blog, you know your argument is weak.

  • I_Love_Green

    I love this trade now. Danny is an evil genius.

  • http://hiprecalllawyers.com/ Derick Jhonson

    Yeah! I think things may have worked out better for Nate even he has Knee Surgery

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