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How exactly was that a 2-point game with 20 seconds to go?

The Celtics shot 53% from the field, but nearly let an 18-point lead disappear as the Warriors rallied behind Monta Ellis‘ 41 points. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen each scored 27 points, with Ray shooting lights-out in the first-half, and Pierce picking apart Golden State’s defense down the stretch.

The story of the night, though, was Jeff Green. HeĀ scored 21 points on 8-11 shooting, and showed a lot of versatility. Scoring inside. Scoring outside. Leading the 2nd unit. Fitting in perfectly with the starters. And for the first time, I thought to myself, “Maybe that trade really was the right move.”

With Glen Davis out, Green was Doc Rivers’ choice forĀ “the 5th crunch-time guy.” Not sure who Doc will choose when Big Baby is healthy, but if Green continues to perform like he did tonight, it will be hard for Doc to keep him off the court.

I’ll be back with the full recap a little later.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • Urbeltic

    Lot of minutes for the big 4.

  • kricky

    The Bench let us down again tonight, though Green was terrific, as was Wafer before he went down. If guys could jut stay healthy……………..

    • Chris O

      Seriously Kricky, agree with you there. If/when we get back to full strength though the 2nd unit is Krstic, BBD, Gree, Von Waf, Delonte….that's quality

  • Dan

    And von Wafer's down for a few games. Imagine if we had Perk and Nate riding the bench with their injuries too…. that's like 5 active players.

    • Zee

      He's not down for a few games. He was only down for tonight.

      • Jmt

        He's wearing a walking boot in the locker room. He said he'd be out for a few days. Definitely missing Sunday's road game vs. the Bucks. Probably/possibly missing Wednesday's game vs. the Clippers (when we hope to have both Shaq & Delonte back).

  • I_Love_Green

    What happened to Von!?!??!

    • Batman

      bad things

      • kricky

        Hopefully he'll be back soon. He's really making good progress. I love the way he's been taking the ball to the cup.

  • james patrick

    how many guys dressed tonight? yeah kudos to green for stepping up. i miss perk, but at the end of the day, we're celtics fans and it's about the team and what's best for the team. i don't hate danny so much now. lol

  • kricky

    I was hoping for more from Murphy. Has he even hit one shot yet? Let's hope this is just rust.

    • Jmt

      No, he's 0-fer in his Celtic career atm with 1/2 FTs. Still, I've seen some promising things. He's still spacing the floor, rebounding well, and taking good shots. Even though none have fallen, they have been in the flow of the offense and a couple 3s were in and out tonight.

  • Dropstep

    I'm glad we won. Same thing happening two games in a row is not good though. I really liked JG's game tonight. He has to rebound though. Celts were outrebounded by 11. Everybody has to step up and help KG, especially until Shaq comes back. I think Troy Murphy just needs to get into game shape, giving him benefit of the doubt and it's only his second game with the Celtics. On to the next!

  • kricky

    Wow! The Heat getting annihilated in San Antone tonight. Do they bounce back after these losses? I think Chicago just officially passed them up as our primary threat in the East.

    • Zee

      Their upcoming games aren't easy ones either. Bulls are now #2 in the East.


    Q1 was led by Krstic and Ray,
    Can't rhyme Krystic (mystic?) or Nenad-no way.
    Cs played hard, a good offensive show, 
    These Golden State Warriors can be trouble, we know.

    We had Johnson, Murphy, Wafer and Green
    With more touches than any of these guys have seen.
    Q2 Wafer went out, looks like his knee,
    Another injury?? It just can't be.

    Green's feeling the joy of playing with this group,
    Great passes from Rondo, one an alley-oop.
    After each made basket I am especially fond o'
    Seeing the new guys high-fiving Rondo.

    Five times we heard RAY ALLEN FOR THREE
    Yes, that UConn man's a sight to see.
    Plus KG, Krstic, Rondo and Pierce, 
    The last guy mentioned always proves to be "fierce."

    Q3 with low energy the Cs not the same, 
    Doc said before the 4th, "…now it's a game."
    With 21 in the game Green was a star,
    On this Celtics roster he'll go far.

    Q4 the Warriors gave a real push
    Our usual tough defense turned to mush.
    For the Warriors Ellis, Lee, a little Wright,
    It would turn out not to be the Warriors' night.

    With Pierce taking the lead, Cs wouldn't be denied,
    After a 16 point lead, the fans would have cried.
    How much longer must this be said,
    Ray, with five threes, is now 23 ahead.

    P.S. Nate had knee surgery, out weeks, at least four,
    Perk's a little longer, he's still sore.
    Maybe with all the trades Danny was so right,
    Because otherwise we'd have just 6 players tonight.


  • Zee
  • Zee
  • Celtics Freak


    • M.J

      half the good numbers are retired

  • john schaffer

    i was so sad about perk but we are going for number 18 and we are going to get it , kristic playing good and he will help , and jeff green will really help us , danny did good

  • Steve B

    Not that I like to play the what if or imagine game but…Imagine if this team had started the year together and stayed healthy, with a full training camp and the team given time to gel. At the start of the y ear I kept wondering how all those centers were ever going to get playing time. Suddenly it became the opposite where Davis was the starting center, how things can change. When looking back at the trade, even now, it appears to be a win on paper. Defense may suffer slightly on the inside but overall this team should be stronger. I hope that when Delonte comes back the second unit won't have any offensive let downs. Let's hold onto that number 1 seed to make the road a little easier to #18.

  • Chris O

    think about this though guys if/when we get back to full strength the 2nd unit will be Krstic, BBD, Green, Von Waf, Delonte….that's a full 2nd unit of possible STARTERS

    • Tom W

      I was thinking about that too. I think if our second unit was starting we could still win 20-25+ games.

      • Chris O

        lol, yea seriously. And they are our backups. I mean our backup team is as good as some teams in the league. They could probably beat Cleveland in a 7 game series lol