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His MRI came back negative but Glen Davis will still miss about a week with knee tendinitis. Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston reports from Celtics practice today in Waltham:

Davis revealed he’s been playing through pain since as far back as last season, but had appeared in all 59 games of the 2010-11 season. The pain escalated while completing a two-handed jam in the final minute of Wednesday’s win over the Phoenix Suns, forcing Davis to shut it down for a few days.

“It’s sore; It’s really sore, but I’ll be okay,” said Davis, noting he’ll sit anywhere from three to seven days. If it’s like most injuries this season, the Celtics won’t rush him back, particularly after adding a pair of power forwards in recent days in Jeff Green and Troy Murphy.

Davis said he’ll simply ice the knee each day and continue to work out as able to stay in playing shape. He said he’s slightly relieved that there’s no further damage to the knee, but the condition has worsened recently and he knows it’s critical to get himself right before the postseason.

CH: Recovery times are always moving targets but assuming the prognosis is anywhere near accurate, it won’t have much of a negative impact on the Celtics. Even if Davis ends up missing a couple of weeks, the C’s should be fine. They’re currently loaded down with three new big men that need playing time to work their way into continuity with the rest of the team. So, Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic and Troy Murphy can all expect to gobble up a few extra minutes over the next week.

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  • Patella tendonitis is minor, it's just because he is too heavy for his knees and hasn't worked on his quads. he jumped too much without having strong enough quads when he was younger, so now habitually his knees (and surrounding tendons) take a lot more of the strain from jumping than they need to, causing this pain. It'l be gone in two days, a week out would be fine, but is probably unnecessary. I have the same problem (although luckily I'm not 300lbs and just got it from never working on my quads and trying way too hard to dunk when I was younger!) and its an ass but it goes quickly and you just need to strap it up properly (Davis used to have a strap on his knee (see opening game at Miami) but now it looks like he's moved to just a wider knee pad, which wont help.

    • Chris O

      That's not all accurate. And tendonitis especially in the knee because it is used often does not fully heal right away. Yes strengthening his quads and calfs will help but if he doesn't rest it enough and get it 100% it will be (and sounds like it already could be) tendonosis. It will and can become degenerative on his knees. As someone who contantly gets this issue when I play sports (and I currently have terribly pulled tendons in my upper arm) I can speak on it a little bit.

  • Scott

    Yeah i am going to say this might be the first 'positive' injury the C's have had this year. Although no injury is really 'positive,' it might be good for the guys we just got to really get involved in the offense and defense, and learn their new roles. Davis has been BALLIN' all year, and probably deserves a little time off. He is a proven rotation player, and we will need him come the playoffs. This is not necessarily a good thing, but i am definitely worried about this injury the LEAST among all current injuries on this team. Green, Murphy, and Krstic (how good does he look right now…) will all improve because of this injury.. sounds wierd, but i think there are definitely positive things to take away from this.

    Go C's

  • MikeD

    Good and bad news. If this injury dates back to last season, there is no chance 3-7 days will heal it completely. Hopefully he can get healthy enough for the playoffs without this limiting him too much

    • Chris O

      Exactly MikeD….its takes 3-4 weeks of rest to completely heal a tendon, and since this sounds chronic and possibly degenerative 3-7 days will make it about 80% better but will leave him at severe risk of reinjury. Even with a brace.

  • lakershater13

    One side of me is saying "this sucks" because we really need Davis. The other side of me is saying "Yeah bring out Murphy and let Garnett light a fire under him until he gets in shape".

  • Mark W.

    In the long run this may be good. Murphy, Green get more PT before it really counts come the playoffs.

    • Chris O


  • Robert

    That's it? Hmm, I hope he gets a little more rest then that. As others have said, let Murphy and Green get some more run with Baby's minutes.

    • Chris O

      I think they should def rest him 2 weeks minimum if they can afford to.

  • talesofJP

    No way it will just be 7 days. This team always under estimates the time it takes for injuries to heal (ex: KG in 2009, Shaq currently). Maybe the knee is why he missed that dunk against the Heat?

    • Robert

      That occurred to me, as well. Baby, at even 100%, can just barely get the ball over the rim on a dunk attempt. Anything less then that and we get the Heat dunk.

  • Zee

    BBD has been working just as hard or harder than anyone on the team. I he deserves this "vacation." Get well and enjoy this time off, my brother! Enjoy it!

  • Razah

    Powe verbally agrees to sign with Memphis.

    Ah dammit. Next season.

  • Paul

    sasha pavlovic for 3!!!!!

  • kricky

    Just finished watching Orlando come back against Miami. Fun game to watch, but man neither of those teams play real team basketball. Miami is all isos. Magic just shoot 3s all day (they only got Howard the ball once in the last 7 minutes).

    I feel fortunate to be rooting for a team that plays smart and selfless team basketball. Cs UP!

    • Tom W

      Especially after the first three quarters of last night's game. An inspired, rested Celtics team is the most fun team to watch in basketball.

  • Robert

    Bit of breathing room: Chicago lost last night and Miami chalks up 2 losses in a row. Whoo!

  • Jamie

    Miami has no clue how to run offensive sets in the 4th. It's just 5 guys randomly dribbling and passing.

  • Tom W

    Is it possible we are actually in a worse position in first place? If we win the division we will probably have to face Dwight Howard, who we don't really have an answer for in round 2.

    Don't get me wrong. I want us to win the division. But I'd be slightly worried about facing Orlando without Perk.

    • kricky

      I'd be more worried if the Master of Panic and the rest of the ream knew how to get Howard the ball. Ridiculous how poorly they use him. Let's hope he resents this and bolts in 2012 to play with Rondo.

  • guest

    Yeah we don't have Perk but with between Kristic, both O'Neal's coming back, Troy Murphy and even KG and Baby at times that's a whole lot of big men for Dwight to worry about. That's a lot of fouls, and maybe they can get him in foul trouble as well which doesn't seem to be hard if done right.

  • lakershater13

    Ok we do not need to worry about Howard. The guy had a 30 and 18 night the last time in a loss. Back when the celtics played chamberlain the whole idea would be let him score his 50 and stop the rest of the team. Remember last year orlando came at us 8-0 and then we went up on them 3-0. They didnt know what to do once dwight was single covered. No more open shots for the 3 point shooters. Our biggest concern it Chicago. They have an actual team. Not a couple of stars that cannot win close games. Plus they have a coach that knows a little about how we like to play. Dont worry about superdork or the little three. Our biggest concern it Chicago. Dont forget about the hawks either. Orlando could get knocked off in the first round now that Atlanta is looking like a better team. Maybe they learn from getting swept last year.

  • Far East Man

    Don't ya just love it every time Lebron bricks a clutch trey?? i know i do! :o)

    • Robert

      It's hard to figure Miami out, what exactly is the point of assembling a bunch of shooters around Lebron and Wade…if Lebron is always taking the last second 3's?

      • Far East Man

        fried chicken.

        lebron – pride

        bench – chicken lol

  • urbeltic

    To be honest, I think this injury could be a sizable negative. Baby needs to work out his game with these new guys just as much as anyone. I've been feeling like he is lost out there…and either forcing it too much or stumbling around more than usual. When he is with the starting line up at the end of a game, I don't see any problem. But, when Doc integrates him into the other configurations with the new guys and bench players…I see problems. Its only been two games, but I wonder if Baby is capable of integrating with the new guys as well as we think.

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