Post-game Reactions

Phoenix at Boston
7:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 107.1 points/100 possessions (14th)

Phoenix: 110.1 points/100 possessions (7th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 99.9 points allowed/100 possessions (1st)

Phoenix: 109.9 points allowed/100 possessions (24th)

Probable Phoenix Starters: Steve Nash (PG) Vince Carter (SG) Grant Hill (SF) Channing Frye (PF) Robin Lopez (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Valley of the Suns

Thumbnail: The Celtics get the Suns tonight in what will almost assuredly be a return to unpleasantness.  The Suns cannot be happy with the Celtics or their polarizing power forward, Kevin Garnett.  In case you’ve forgotten, which I know you haven’t, the last time these two teams met the Cs got burned badly and Channing Frye had to take an extra long ice bath.  I won’t get into the particulars but any one referring to the place where KG hit Frye as the “mid-section” without hilarious italics, quotation marks, or cartoon spring noises should watch this and reevalute (I’m talking to you Boston Herald).

Aside from this reality, the Celtics are looking at a very winnable game tonight.  Despite the Suns being a recent bogeyman for the Cs, the Phoenicians are coming off two buzzer beater wins against the Nets and the  Pacers.  The person responsible for that buzzer beating?  Channing Frye.  I’m pretty sure he might think twice before he pulls up for a potential game winning jump shot?  I mean, I’m 90% sure neither Josh McRoberts or Kris Humphries has ever given Frye as hard a shot contest as KG.


Exactly what you think they do well.

Which is to say push the pace, score the ball, shoot the ball from two-point range, and shoot the ball from three-point range. If there was a four-point range or a nine-point-range, they would probably shoot the ball well from there, too.

In fact, except for the brief Terry Porter-coached flirtation with a modified offense in 2008-09, the Suns have played the game the same way on the offensive end since the D’Antoni-Nash marriage began in 2004-05.


Notice you did not see “defense” under what the Suns do well. Alvin Gentry’s squad is in the bottom third in most of the defensive categories. Here’s a particular trick of interest. The Suns allow the third fewest shots at the rim in the NBA but the third highest percentage of shots made at the rim. The key is not to fall into the jumpshooting trap. Which they will happily let you do. Much like the Celtics.


Nash, of course. And whoever he might find for open shots if the Celtics don’t rotate effectively against the Suns offense.

Also Carter. Because it’s not a playoff game.


Vince Carter jokes aside, the Suns’ army of wings is hardly a frightening crew. If you can limit their open looks, they can be neutralized on the offensive end.


Like some freakishly tall, 1/12 Canadian version of a femme fatale, the Suns will attempt to seduce the Celtics into playing their kind of basketball. The Celtics will try to resist the Suns’ sultry charms, so they don’t end up like Fred MacMurray.

What makes this one particularly interesting is that the Celtics – with Jeff Green in the fold – might actually be interested in going down the Suns’ road, at least for short spurts. Ultimately though, Boston will likely attempt to slow the game down, work the half-court and force the Suns into long/contested jumpshots.


Boston 107 Phoenix 101

Note: *Poorly executed sections of this preview may have been written by Ryan. So blame him.*

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  • somguyinsac

    Hope Channing invested in a cup for this game, he might need one again.

  • Batman

    Hopefully I won't try to bite my hand off at the end of this game like i did the last one

  • larry33bird

    where can I watch this game online?

    • somguyinsac


  • kricky

    KG has been absolutely phenomenal since the all star break!

  • kricky

    Great film noir reference in the write up Mr. Jackson.

    • jacksobd

      That credit goes to Ryan DeGama. Unfortunately, my experience with film noir is currently isolated to "Brick" and The Coen Brothers. Still, I don't hesitate to hesitate to raise an eyebrow and pantomime a cigar in hand when provoked.

      What you may not know about CelticsHub is that when you get the opportunity to have Ryan DeGama ghost write for you, you take it.

      Also, my brother would be ashamed if he knew how little I knew about film noir. He's a film guy.

  • Zee

    Celtics didn't make a good trade??! Our bench is putting in work! When is the last time we had a 20pt margin at the half???!!! Banner 18!

  • Albooboo

    i like the second unit for celts. lots of offense with murphy, green, wafer, and bb

  • Mike

    I'm really starting to see the potential in Bradley. I'm really loving his defense

  • Zee

    Something tells me that Shaq may end up coming OFF THE BENCH! I like having a big man who can score! Krstic for starting center!

  • LStrike

    We're really sticking it to 'em after that embarrassing loss, 29 points up with a few minutes to go in the 3rd. Beautiful offense. KG is killing it.

  • skeeds

    damn we're playing tight. Krstic making a case for starter allright.

  • kricky

    Gino TIme!

  • Zee

    From 28 to 12 pt margin? Really? Smh…

  • Zee

    Not too impressed with Murphy right now…

  • LStrike

    Two very soft plays by Murphy. Instead of putting his body on the line and going to for two dunk opportunities, he fakes both times and gets blocked by Gortat both times.

    18-0 run by the Suns, saw this coming.

  • Mike

    Last time something like this happened KG made Big Baby cry….

  • kricky

    BBD continues his poor play since the break. Maybe we should have been shopping him instead of Perk.

    • Zee

      Hunh??? You must not be watching all of the games. BBD has been playing phenomenally!

  • Zee

    Another injury… :-/

    • Mike

      yeah and it looked like the knee….

  • LStrike

    Oh no Davis, oh no Davis!! 🙁

  • kricky

    Can we catch a fucking break with these injuries ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I love what Rondo just did. no fair play from phoenix leads to that

    • Robert

      I didn't watch the game, what happened and what did Rondo do?

      • Mike

        Pretty much Pierce let the clock run and didn't shoot which normally would be the game but phoenix the lovable bunch they are decided to score. Rondo ran down the court and shot a 3 and was fouled hard for it.

  • skeeds

    oh COME ONNN!!!! enough with the leg injuries!!!

  • LStrike

    Rondo never ceases to surprise me with his cockiness, that's why he's my favourite player.

  • I_Love_Green

    Alright so I missed the entire second half, somebody want to explain to me what happened?

    How did we lose that gigantic lead?
    What happened to Big Baby?
    And what did Rondo do?

    • LStrike

      Phoenix went on a crazy run, put immense pressure on our offense and we just choked it away, it was incredible.

      Big Baby injured his knee landing from a simple open dunk, nothing flashy. Time-out was called and Baby hobbled over to the bench before falling over at around mid-court. Managed to get up but walked to the locker rooms very slowly.

      Rondo decided to shoot an open 3 with about 1 second left in the 4th even though we were up by 10. Dudley clobbered him so he got 3 free-throws, made 2.

    • LStrike

      Should of mentioned that the Boston possession before, Pierce let the clock run down. Next possession, Phoenix run it down the court and quickly score so that's why Rondo came running back with an F-U 3-attempt.

      • I_Love_Green

        Oh shit hopefully Baby's knee is alright.

        Hahah typical Rondo being Rondo as usual. I love that guy.

  • Mike

    oh and sasha pavlovic is now signing with the Celtics

  • Zee

    Ugly 4th, yet pleased with the W. After Nash sitting out and the other 2 players getting hurt, I think that ignited a fire to the Suns. They had a new motivation to try to win. Just wasn't enough in the end. We still won by 12 y'all, so don't get it twisted. That's good in my book!

  • Mike

    update on bid baby
    "Left knee patella tendon strain for Big Baby Davis. Will be reevaluated tomorrow"