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A Case Of The Premature Ginos: Celtics 115 Suns 103

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This one was over at halftime.

Until it wasn’t.

The Celtics ran out to a 20-point halftime lead against the Suns’ “defense,” stretched it to 28 in the third quarter and then, as Doc Rivers started downshifting to a garbage-time lineup, the Suns roared back with 18 unanswered points. It never got close enough to actually qualify as a tight game but the starters ended up logging real minutes in the fourth quarter when they should have been dancing to the Jumbotron and swearing contentedly amongst themselves.

Kevin Garnett had a season-high 28 points on 12-14 shooting (although he didn’t take a single fourth quarter shot as the Suns were mounting their sorta, not-quite comeback). Paul Pierce (16 points, 13 rebounds) and Rajon Rondo (16 points, 15 assists) also went for double-doubles, with numbers that look a bit more impressive than they actually are, given the accelerated pace of the game.

Tonight also saw the Celtics debut of Heat-spurner and spray tan enthusiast Troy Murphy, who went 0-3 with 2 rebounds in 14 getting-to-know-you minutes with his new team. As far as the other newbies go: Jeff Green only saw 16 minutes but already looks more comfortable in green and Nenad Krstic continues his solid play, with 13 points and 4 rebounds.

We all want Shaquille O’Neal and Delonte West to get healthy and back on the court, but even without them this team is again deep and multi-functional.

Brendan’s back with the full recap later on tonight.

  • somguyinsac

    But inquiring minds want to know whether the injury to BBD is serious or not.

    • Jmt

      Left patella strain according to CSNNE, so it's pretty bad. Probably out a month.

      • Chris O

        Yes I'd say around a month for that injury

  • talesofJP

    This has been the most injury filled season. Didn't see the Baby injury, hope its nothing he can't come back from soon

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts

    I am on vacation…the Suns were to start,
    They played the fourth quarter with a little more heart.

    Even so it must be said
    Ray is now 18 ahead.

    Posted by CELTICSLOVE at 7:11 PM 0 comments Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz

  • ElRoz

    Delonte gets re-injured and now BBD gets injured again…even if it's minor: WHAT THE HECK is wrong with this team?

    Every 2-3 games somebody gets hurt. This crap builds up and is going to drag them down come playoff time or in the playoffs – what indication is there that this will subside? Instead, it only has gotten worse: Perkins, Delonte, Davis all injured over the last 4-5 games? That's three key guys.

  • I_Love_Green

    Left patella strain for BBD. Claims he's been playing through pain for awhile now.

    How serious is a left patella strain do you think?

    • Chris O

      Depends, its a strain in his tendon. Should heal fully with 3 to 4 weeks of rest. 4 weeks probably the best guess

  • rondeezy

    bbd's injury looked just like kgs in december

  • GeOgre

    Well, the only upside I see is that Jeff Green gets more minutes and will be caught up to speed on all the sets that the team is running.
    It's a pretty easy March, so hopefully BBD won't be missed too much.

  • Zee
    • Zee

      Baby says he's getting an MRI tomorrow, so until then I would ease up a little on what the actual problem is and how long he'll be out.

      • Chris O

        Well just based on what the reports are, its just speculation even after you find out what it is

  • Zee
  • Zee

    Very interesting interview with KG (a little humor)

  • Tom W

    I just got off work and am about to rewatch the game on League Pass. I'm extremely upset to see that my LPBB has the Phoenix announcers. This is going to be a loooong game. If I'm gonna watch homers, I want MY homers, dammit.

  • ck3

    I used to think Phoenix was my west coast team… now I hate them…

    • M.J

      kinda similar… although I still love Nash, Hill, Dudley…

      it's hard not to like denver out west. easy to cheer for that team. same with okc.

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts

    I am on vacation…the Suns were to start,
    They played the fourth quarter with a little more heart.

    Even so it must be said
    Ray is now 18 ahead.

    Posted by CELTICSLOVE

  • Joe

    I'm a Suns fan, and I just wanna say that.. I understand why you guys root for Garnett, because he plays for your team and all. But he's an embarrassment to the NBA and maybe even all of humanity. I was actually starting to like you guys this year because you play great defense, operate as a real team, etc. But then Garnett purposely tries to injure Frye twice, and then slaps him in the nuts.. then has the nerve to act like HE'S the one who should have a beef with the Suns, and not the other way around. The Celtics should be apologizing to Frye. Instead they come out all fired up as if THEY'RE the ones who had a player slapped in the nuts. Then do a bunch of trash talking, showboating, all of this non sense. I mean really, what a horrible group of people of personalities. Only person on that team I respect as a person is Ray. I officially feel filthy for rooting for you guys a little bit this season. I hope your players keep getting injured and the Lakers bounce you out in the finals again.

    • Joye Chill

      Hey, Joe the troll – please go somewhere else to peddle your type of hate. I'm just surprised that you didn't blame Garnett for making Frye and Carter bump heads. Have a good summer rooting for the Lakers, you putz.

    • Robert

      Then don't.

      Nobody asked you to root for us.

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