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The Battle for Corey Brewer

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Corey Brewer is still weighing his options for the future after being waived by the New York Knicks today.

Stein tweeted earlier this afternoon:

“Brewer in process of weighing it all after Monday night recruiting calls from Popovich, Doc R and Cuban. Lakers, to date, have NOT called”

However, CSN’s A. Sherrod Blakely more recently tweeted that despite the C’s strong interest, Dallas may be Brewer’s most likely landing spot.

“Right now the Celtics are focused on Corey Brewer. There’s a strong belief that he’s the final piece to this championship puzzle.”

“Competition is very tight for Brewer. I think the Mavs are going to be the team to beat for his services.”

The Knicks also waived Keleena Azubuike, who has not played this season due to injury. If healthy, Azubuike could be an interesting addition for the Celtics. He expects to return soon from major knee surgery and it was reported that he was surprised by this decision. Ultimately though, I don’t think this is a guy the Celtics take a chance on.


The Miami Heat cut Carlos Arroyo, making the signing of Mike Bibby pretty much inevitable.

In a weird move, the Washington Wizards bought out Al Thornton. I wonder if the Celtics would have had any interest, although it’s meaningless to think about at this point as Thornton appears set to sign with Golden State.

  • MikeD

    Sherrod also said Murphy was going to Miami. He isn't a real "insider" he is just recycling the same garbage everyone else throws around. We won't know where he is going until he decides. God i hate the twitter age

    • talesofJP

      I was going to say the same thing. I hope Sherrod is wrong again though, Brewer could help us out.

  • JAAJ

    Some news from what I heard:

    Corey Brewer is picking between 3 teams; Celtics, Mavs, Spurs
    He is close to making his decision

  • MikeD

    What it really comes down to with players when deciding between Boston and other contenders is that while other contenders may offer more minutes, Boston offers a better chance at the title. If they sign with Boston that means they are 100% committed to a title because Danny and Doc are clear with them of what their role will be before they sign.

  • zebulon


    He would be a great addition, assuming his knees are functional. I know he hasn't played at all in New York, but the dude is certainly a baller (as evidenced by his years in GS) on both offense and defense. He is a competent 3-point shooter and finisher at the rim, and best playing off the ball on offense.

    Of course, the knee is a big question mark – but the injury was almost a year and a half ago, and I imagine he has to be at least serviceably healthy at this point. He won't be a star, but could provide much of what Wafer does, just with better shooting and defense. Also, he's not going to shoot 30% on his jumpers (like Corey Brewer always has).

    • talesofJP

      not sure if he'd help after being out for so long. We dont need another back up 2, thats what Von is for. Seems like we need a back up PG if Delonte is hurt again, or another big (can never, ever, have too many)

      • Robert

        Yep, you can never have too many bigs. Size wins in the NBA, and if your bigs are injured/in foul trouble, even the weakest teams can just bludgeon you to death on the boards and in the paint.

        However, in terms of the current buyout list, I don't think there are any worthwhile bigs left to acquire. Murphy was the best out there and we got him thankfully.

    • BBynum

      Brewer is better suited for this particular Celtics team, but 'Buke is a Baller and would be a great consolation prize. I was a Warriors season ticket holder until this year and the dude is stud who will be a MIP candidate if he gets healthy. He simply does everything well at his position. He can defend (though certainly not elite), score, rebound, and pass with a particular talent for shooting the three. He improved every year, is smart, and never complained while playing for Nellie. Keep in mind that during his time in GS the Warriors were one of the most dysfuntional teams in the league, so this is no small issue. Plus, the chicks dig him so your wives and girlfriends will look forward to going to games.

      If we can't get Brewer, 'Buke is definitely worth signing. Even if he can't help us this year, he is worth stashing for next as he won't cost much and could provide extreme value. The Knicks are dumb to let him go unless his injury is severe.

  • Devin

    Just wanted to let you know that you wrote "Keleena Azubuike, who was limited to 9 games this season due to injury. ", when in fact those are the games for the 2009-10 season and he hasn't played at all this year. It just appears as his most recent season, at least on yahoo sports.

    • mikesalvucci

      Oh you're right…thanks

  • Robert

    I just read a recent article about Corey Brewer's d that makes me hope even more that we sign him.

    Here's a quote: "He talks constantly on defense — he's not only in the right place, but he knows where everybody else is supposed to be, too."

    That sounds absolutely perfect for the way the Celts (and KG in particular) play defense.

    • Gary

      I agree, Robert. The Cs love to talk on D, & they really celebrate good defensive plays. That article also said that Corey was great in the lockerroom & would run to pick his teammates up off the floor. Does that not sound like a true Celtic?

  • Gary

    C'mon Corey. Doc has always given minutes to guys who play great D. There really is no backup at sg right now for Raymond other than Wafer, but your defense is better so you'd get the minutes. Delonte is listed at sg, but he is really a pg. There are minutes to be had, & you would be adored in Boston because defense is so highly cherished by both the coach & fans. Danny already tried to get you earlier when Minny was letting you go. You gotta respect Danny's interest in you from then till now & his persistence. C'mon Corey, the Cs REALLY want you! We all would love to shout the name Core-y in the Garden. C'mon Corey, please come to Boston!

    • Gary

      Corey, forgot to mention that you would love playing with Rajon. He LOVES to pass (actually the WHOLE team LOVES to pass–Boston is the #1 team in assists), & Rajon will get you ez buckets increasing your FG%. Rajon loves to pass so much that if there is a break & he is in front he will throw it back to you so you can get the points (he did this for Nate multiple times among others)

      • Tom W

        also, Corey, you are a super athlete, especially when it comes to leaping ability.

        Rondo+leaping ability=very very fun things. You need to be here.

      • bd

        also, Corey, wtf are you doing trolling Celtics message boards instead of putting your name on a contract?

  • LakerUP

    Doc & rest of Celtics players- “We haven’t had an opportunity to defend {our} title with original starting 5 :( blah, blah, blah. Everyteam & fan knows Laker’s on track will be tuff to beat. So are teams panicking a lil? Yez zir!!

    • MP!

      You should be panicking…Lakers never won a series without home court advantage since Gasol was traded.

    • John V

      You confuse facts with panicking. : ) Honestly, people read too much into this "we've never lost with our starting five". It's simply a fact, and it is brought up in response to the idea that the Celts *NEED* to make a change in order to win. All we said is, well, let's get healthy first before we jump to any conclusions.

      Believe me, if we wanted to say, "NO ONE CAN BEAT US IF WE HAVE OUR STARTING FIVE", we'd say it. We didn't say that. We said, no one ever has. There's a difference. : )

      I don't think anyone is "panicking" over Brewer, but he's such a perfect fit on this team, it would really suck if we lose out on him because we just acquired Jeff Green or because we already have Von Wafer. Brewer will have lots of opportunity to get minutes even with a loaded roster.

  • LakerUP

    I’m a die hard NBA fan (fan of the game). I was hoping to see a 3rd rematch hopefully if both Celtics & Lakers would happen to meet in the Finals. I liked Perkins style of solid defense he did not require help on Bynum or Gasol. Hope Celtics blank Heat!

    • CG12

      Having Cs-Lakers again would be great, but both teams have a long haul in front of them to get into the Finals. Cs fans are definitely concerned about what Perk's departure will mean against teams with a lot of size up front, like Orlando, LA, Dallas, and Chicago. He is a great one-on-one post defender, which allowed him to single cover guys like Howard and Bynum, which is a great luxury.

      I think the Celts brass felt that some combination of Big Baby, Shaq, and J. O'Neal would give us the size to hang in there. Krstic isn't much of an athlete, but he is awfully big and he knows how to play. If all of those guys can get well for the playoffs (a big if), then the Celtics will be absolutely loaded up front and can go big, small, offense, defense, whatever. The feeling is that Shaq is being kept under wraps while he gets in genuinely good shape for the playoffs. He has shown he can play with the rest of the team – there is no point in wearing him out with relatively meaningless regular season games. He was not in good shape earlier in the year, but was still very effective. I'm excited for the Celts stretch run and playoff push.

  • LakerUP

    Your right about that. Im more concerned by the fact that it’s tuff to make it to the Finals, let alone 4 years in a row! Don’t think the West playoffs will be as ruff as the playoffs in the East are for C’s.

  • lakershater13

    LakerUP….So the Spurs, Thunder, and Mavs are all push overs? Lakers have yet to beat the Spurs and Mavs this year. Both have home court over the lakers at this time. . The Thunder have not beat the lakers yet but Perk and Mohamed should give them the size to beat them now.
    Celtics have Miami, Orlando, and Chicago to deal with. 3-0 against Miami, 2-1 against Chicago and the one loss came with out KG, 2-1 against Orlando with the one loss coming with out Rondo. Plus at the moment we have home court in the east.
    Your right it is tough to get to the finals every year. I cant wait to hear "well you cannot expect them to make it to the finals every year" The Celtics at one point made it 10 years in a row. They won 8 in a row and 9 out of 10.

  • lakershater13

    I cannot wait until the celtics have 18 banners and the lakers are 2 back once again. Remember Boston has all 17 banners. LA only has 11.

  • hillcrestwildcat

    If I were Brewer I'd be leaning towards the Texas teams as well (more minutes and similar odds to win the title). I'm not sure what his use is here now that we have Green but I would've love to have gotten him and kept Perk, but no one has a crystal ball and Perk found himself a good situation and so did the team so hey…I think Azubuike is a worthwhile Plan B to Brewer and risk even with his injury at worst if he's not up to playing Von Wafer gets his minutes but if he is ready to play that is icing on the cake at this point. We lose Brewer's size but we gain Azubuike's offensive game and that ain't a bad trade off. Green I think swallows up most if not all of the backup 3 minutes anyway, and Wafer and Azuibuike can spell Ray and 4 and 5 Between Krstic, Murphy, Baby and the Oneals I think that pretty much leaves the playoff minutes at all full.

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