Post-game Reactions

Well that didn’t take very long.

The Oklahoman is reporting that Kendrick Perkins has signed an extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Terms of the deal were not immediately known, but Perkins is eligible for a four-year extension. Perkins earlier this season had turned down a four-year offer worth approximately $22 million from the Celtics.

“We had a unique opportunity to enter into discussions with Kendrick to solidify his future with our organization,” said Thunder GM Sam Presti. “We are pleased to know that he will be a part of our core group now and in the future. Kendrick’s blue-collar, team-first approach aligns with the vision we hold for building a sustainable team in the Oklahoma City community.”

Perkins is still sidelined with a knee injury, and doesn’t expect to make his Thunder debut for another few weeks. At his opening press conference, though, Perkins talked about his desire to be a member of Oklahoma City for a long time.

“I hope I can be here,” Perkins said on Saturday. “I (want to) be here. I couldn’t find a better situation for myself. I really want to be here. It’s just a great organization.”

The deal gives Perkins some stability, which seemed to be important to him after being blind-sided by the trade last week. The Thunder also avoid having to compete for Perkins’ services on the free-agent market this summer.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • Nbsmatambo

    The extension he signed better be worth more than what we offered him or I’ll b kinda upset

    • Robert

      I'd actually be less upset if the Celts offered the same or more then OKC. Why? Because that would have meant that the Celtics did all they could and Perk made the decision to move on.

  • Phil

    Outside of the pipe dream of a return to Boston, this was the best case scenario from a Celtics fan POV. Now Perkins gets to play in a great situation for a championship contender in the Western Conference. Barring a finals match up, we get to continue rooting for him. It was getting tiresome watching all our fan favorites team up with Lebron.

  • MikeD

    At least he won't ever be going to Miami. I am 100% getting tickets to the C's home game vs. Oklahoma next year. It is going to be one of the biggest standing ovations of all time.

    • Robert

      Tru dat. Oklahoma's a talented young team with guys worth rooting for. Perk is in a good situation right now. I would have puked if he ended up going to Miami.

  • radja9697

    well gee, danny had me totally convinced perk was determined to test the free agent waters.

  • Steve

    We offered all we could to Perk since we were over the cap so we did all we could to keep him.

  • Steve


    "The Oklahoman first reported that Perkins signed the contract, while Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the deal is for four years and $34.8 million. The deal also includes bonus clauses, according to Wojnarowski, that can increase his pay."

    He got his pay day

    • Zee

      Good for Perk!

  • NHBluesMan

    rumors that Troy Murphy is coming to Boston… any confirmation on this yet?

  • Jason

    OKC increased his salary by $2.5million this season as part of the deal. They were able to do that because of existing cap space created by the trade.

  • Mark

    With D West and the O'Neal bros healthy for the playoffs plus the addition of the two below, I know the Celtics can bring home #18…Does anyone agree?

    – Samuel Dalembert
    – Corey Brewer

    GO GREEN!!!

  • Darius

    Murphy is confirmed!!!!!!!

  • Zee

    That was in my Tommy voice! 😉

  • John V

    OKC made a real commitment. Raising his salary for THIS YEAR? Crazy. But, good for Perk.

    This has the makings of a real rivalry. Rondo and Westbrook already have history. Green (assuming he hangs around for a while) should want to show a thing or two to Durant, the guy for whom he played out of position for two years. And then there's Perk, who in future years can battle with… umm… Shaq? I guess we really better sign D12 next summer. : )

  • kivanc

    Good for Perk.

    But dude, hearing this extension news could easily be compared to hearing your ex-fioncee (with whom you just broke up after years of true love) got married. That soon.

    Sigh. And move on.

    • John V

      It could be compared, but there's a big difference. Danny never offered Perk $35 million. And I think Danny was right. At the same time, I think Presti is right to offer that much. Totally different situations. With Durant and Westbrook locked up and expected to just keep getting better for the next few years, it makes sense to commit to paying Perk $9 million or so in 2012-2013… especially since they won't have cap space anyway. With us, the only players we have under contract are Rondo and a, what, 36 year old Pierce? It would be crazy to sign that deal now.

  • skeeds

    Glad for him. No doubt he'll be a very good fit with OKC, obviously they saw that even before him stepping on the court. I really felt sorry for him, losing the support of an organisation you served for so many years in the blink of an eye had to be awfull, but I can't see how things would've turned out better for him given the situation…

  • James Patrick

    It just blows all the way around. Boston did offer him all they could and at the end of the day, even after all the tears and heartbreak, if he really wanted to stay in Boston, he would've done so. But it's a business. I don't fault him for declining the offer. He clearly deserved more. But I'm a guy would would be lucky to see one million in this life time so I don't quite understand the difference between 36million and 22. haha Good for him though. Glad he's with a great team and I'll be rooting for the Thunder as long as they're not playing the C's!

  • Dan

    This is the best possible outcome given the circumstances. Great news for Perk and his family and I'm sure everyone here and in the C's wish him well.

    Also great to keep him away from Miami and New York. With all his experience going against our guys in practice and the added motivation he'd play with, having Perk in East would have been a nightmare.