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Sources: Corey Brewer To Be Bought Out by Knicks, Celtics Interested & Bibby Headed To Miami?


Buyout season is coming to a head quickly as we rapidly approach the March 1st deadline for players to be released if they want to be included on playoff rosters. There’s plenty of names still coming and going as we go down the home stretch, so let’s keep you posted on the latest:

First, in a bit of a shocker, the Knicks will be buying out third-year swingman Corey Brewer according to ESPN’s Marc Stein

The Knicks and Brewer are closing in on a buyout agreement that will make the former Minnesota swingman a free agent, sources close to the situation told ESPN.com.

Because Brewer will be officially released before March 1, he’s eligible to play in the playoffs with another team.

Sources say Boston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Dallas are among the teams with the most interest in Brewer, who joined the Knicks only last week as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal.

As Stein also notes, the C’s were in talks to acquire Brewer for potentially Nate Robinson and a 1st round pick, but couldn’t come to terms/find a taker for Robinson before the Knicks decided to pull the trigger on their respective deals with the Wolves and Nuggets, that squashed the deal. Nice to know the C’s didn’t waste a pick on that development, but also shows you just how little value Robinson had on the open market.

As for the Knicks releasing Brewer, they literally have a glut of six-seven small forwards on the roster. With Brewer a free agent at the end of the year, (albeit restricted) there was clearly no interest in keeping him over other players on the roster more familiar/suited to D’Antoni’s system.

Enough talk about that though, how would Brewer potentially fit in here? If nothing else, he’s the best defender on the market, a inconsistent shooter/player on the offensive end of the floor and would be solid additional insurance in case injures hit or Jeff Green doesn’t defend as well he we would have hoped. We’ll have a full scouting report on the guy forthcoming, but for now the C’s are clearly one of the main suitors for his services and the swingman in all likelihood will clear waivers due to his 3.7 million dollar price tag this year.

And then there’s Mike Bibby, who according to Chris Broussard of ESPN appears to be hitting to Miami:

In a stunning move, Bibby, whom the Wizards acquired from Atlanta last week in a trade for Kirk Hinrich, gave up his entire salary for next season. The 32-year-old point guard had one year and $6.2 million left on his deal.

“He sacrificed some money in order to win a championship,” said David Falk, Bibby’s agent. “Once you’re past 10, 11 years in the league, you want to be in a situation where you can win. He’s got some attractive options open to him.”

Bibby is eager to sign with a title-contending team after clearing waivers, and sources say the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers are interested in him.

Bibby will clear waivers on Wednesday. While Falk said Bibby has not made a decision yet about which team he will join, one source close to the situation said he’s headed to Miami.

That’s a lot of money to give up for Bibby for a chance to win, so give him credit in that department. With more competition for playing time in Boston than Miami however, it’s no surprise to see him head to South Beach, where he could conceivably start for the Heat.

In a way, I’m kind of glad about this development, because I had no interest in rooting for Bibby here. There’s no doubt Boston could have used the sharpshooter who is number 8 in the league from downtown this year, hitting a career high 44 percent of his treys. Bibby’s a one trick pony at this stage of his career however, and has trashed Boston and its fans countless times in the past as we all well know. It’ll be more fun to root against him down south.

  • Razah

    Yeah Bibby can eat donkey's balls. We haven't forgotten when he totally trashed every Celtics fan when the Big 3 formed in 07-08.

    All IN for Brewer, he would be a great 2-3 option off the bench.

  • NHBluesMan

    what's up with Broussards 'source' saying that Miami is a front runner for Murphy as well? I swear, it seems like this guy just stirs up garbage to get attention

  • Zee

    Would it be any more trash talk then Shaq being a former LA Laker? Kinda makes things even in my book. If he plays for Boston, all debts are forgiven IMO. LOL

  • talesofJP

    No need for Bibby, he can't help us. Let him start for the Heat so Rondo can blow by him any time he wants to. Brewer could help us. Can't hurt to have another athletic wing defender who can play more than one position. Our top targets: Murphy, Brewer…

  • kricky

    Brewer would be great. But he'll probably try and head somewhere he can get more PT.

    Screw Bibby, but it may have been good to get him to keep him and his deadly shooting away form the Heat.

  • Zee

    When it comes to Bibby, we've gotta learn not to make emotional decisions. Undoubtedly, if he came to Boston, who would care really? Sure, he talked trash, but its part of the game.

  • ElRoz

    If Boston can get him, he woud be quite good off the bench with or intead of Delote or Wafer – Deltoe because Delote will get hurt every 5-6 games…he is fragile.

    With Delote being very unreliable as far as his physical health, Boston is left w/o a point guard to back up Rondo – the need a Bibby.

  • Robert

    We don't need Bibby. He's a terrible defender (on or off the ball), doesn't create for others or even attempt to attack the basket, doesn't rebound. Just about the only thing he does do well is shoot three's.

    I like Murphy and Brewer but Murphy is definitely priority 1 with our lack of healthy bigs right now. Green already has the role of defending wings and less powerful 4's, and he's a better offensive player then Brewer.

    Brewer does bring some good things to the table, he's 6'9" with long arms, a good wing defender, can finish in transition (think Rondo could use him on the break?). He's not a great shooter or ball handler (not a big deal, he would be playing with plenty of guys how can handle the ball).

  • ryan

    Is it me or does Corey Brewer sound like a little bit like Tony Allen

    • Tom W

      that's actually a very good comparison. he makes fewer bad decisions that TA, but he's similar, for sure.

  • Batman

    Please get Corey Brewer
    I liked him because whenever i watched him in Minnesota he was the only one actually trying on defense

  • Tom W

    I've been to multiple Timberwolves games with my dad in which we both agreed "It would be so awesome if Boston could get Corey Brewer." Long, athletic, GREAT defender, he'd be a great addition. Murphy needs to be priority number 1, but if we could pick up Brewer too, you guys who don't live in Minny need to trust me. He's the kind of player we need.

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