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Welcome Kurly!: Celtics 99, Clippers 92


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The post-Perkins era, or should I say the Nenad Krstic era, has begun with a W.  Sloppy, ugly, and painful to watch at times,  but a “W” nonetheless.  There were a lot of examples of things one would normally think to witness while watching a Celtics v. Clippers game.  There was some strong defensive play late by the Celtics.  There were some really disorganized strings of turnover-to-turnover possessions.  And one huge, thunderous Blake Griffin throw down.  These were to be expected.  Not everything tonight, however, could have been easily predicted.

Let’s start with the newbies.  How many of you thought Nenad Krstic would be the newbie worth noting tonight?  I expected Krstic to come in, play slow, and hit a couple of long jumpers that made me think, “hey, maybe it’ll be nice to have a center with a little range.”  Instead, he came out really aggressive–almost as if he wanted to prove to the Celtics that he could fill in some of what Perkins brought to this team.  He snagged 6 rebounds (all offensive) but more importantly, he got a hand on a ton of up-for-grab balls and hedged on the pick and roll really well.

Jeff Green, on the other hand, started really slow and looked a little rough in the early going.  It’s tough when your first significant play as a Celtics is getting embarassingly dunked on in transition.  Still, he showed flashes of the ability Danny Ainge thinks will be essential to a title run.

The last thing you expected to see?  Randy Foye scoring 32 points.  Seriously, he’s not that good.

That’s it for right now.  Much more to come tomorrow with a ton of talk on how Krstic may not be as bad as we thought.

  • I_Love_Green

    7 turnovers for Rondo, and a few of the them were really bad. I know Batman is not liking that performance by him. But I'm really excited about these new guys.

    Jeff Green: I can definitely see him being a a kind of point forward off the bench for us, running the offense sometimes like Pierce does. I think a couple months under our defensive system he'll be a fantastic defender at the 3.

    Kristic: Really liked his energy tonight, I think grabbing those 6 offensive boards. Really liked seeing that. He seems like he's got a pretty good mid-range jumper too which he should get some good looks from there with Rondo dishing him the ball.

    Overall, Danny Ainge may be an evil genius.

    • Zee

      Surprised you didn't say anything about Delonte. Wowee! I'm so excited about the remainder of this year! Our bench looks SO MUCH better! I know it's just one solid game, but I think we're seeing the truth here. We just played a really tough game tonight.

      • I_Love_Green

        Thought I did! But yes Delonte is a HUGE upgrade over Nate Rob off the bench. Love his defense, and ability to play the point guard, and 2 guard positions. Him and Green make our bench really versatile because we can have so many types of lineups now.

    • OKCeltics

      I've been watching Nenad play in OKC that last few years. His mid-range game is more than pretty good for a big man. He's really going to help in that area. Where he'll struggle a little is in the low-post defense, but I think he can get better, especially with KG showing him the ropes.

      Green looked a little lost when he first got on the floor, but it looked like he was getting a little more comfortable as the game went on. He's going to be a big-time help. Nice to see the team get a little younger and definitely more athletic.

      BBD almost shot the Clippers back into the game in the fourth quarter. Someone needs to get in his ear and remind him he's not the first option on offense.

      Nice to see Delonte start getting his game legs back. His return is like a trade without giving up anyone. A great stabilizer and leader for the second unit.

    • the.truth.hurts.

      dear i_love_green, your name takes on a whole new meaning now. kinda cool, except for the days when green doesnt play well (but i dont see that happening very often. looks solid, even with plenty of room for improvement). the best thing about this whole trade situation is that it shakes everyone up quite a bit. this is the best remedy for complacency. we shouldnt have to worry about as many slouchy games like last year, because now the team is not only younger, but more fresh as well.

  • Zee

    I like the potential I saw. We just need to get back home and get some practices in and we'll be straighter than straight!

    • I_Love_Green

      Agreed. Our bench could be scary good. Like really really good.

      • Mike

        True but Big Baby needs to tone down a little and play with better shot selection he was 3 for 10 and he doesn't pass the ball and has been like that for a while. Not trying to rain on his parade, I still think he's the 6th man of the year just shoot a little less and pass more or finish under the rim would be nicer.

        • I_Love_Green

          Yeah Baby has been focused A LOT on scoring. Its really noticable lately, and he definitely needs to tone it down on the KG range jumpers. Thats not Baby's range, and he should know that.

          • Chris O

            Yes Big Baby acts like a baby sometimes with his massive brain farts. Love the guy, and that was not a foul on him when Blake tried to push off and dunk. I love Doc yelling "That's not a foul, that's NOT A FOUL" lol

      • LStrike

        It's a shame that the bench we got so excited about at the start of the season has succumb to a barrage of injuries on the way to where we are now.

        • Chris O

          Yes but think about it 42-15 atop the EAST with probably the most injuries in the league (seriously). If Shaq comes back decent and we get another big we are allset. Still a ton of bigs (lets say Shaq, Krstic, BBD, KG, Murphy). And then a really good set of smalls/wings Pierce, Green, Wafer, Ray Ray, Delonte, Rondo. You don't need more than 10 deep in the playoffs, and that would be a 10 DEPP.

    • jpbl1976

      I thought the team looker pretty deep with the 2 newbies plus green showed a lot of potential. This could easily have been like the suns game over a month ago but it wasn't.

  • Ellen Hyner

                       CLIP JOINT
    It's an interesting game, Krstic gets the start,
    He scores first and plays with all heart,
    First two and a half minutes fouls he has two,
    And Doc needs to turn to his bench crew.

    Q1 the Clippers keep turning over the ball,
    While at the other end the Cs' shots won't fall.
    Rondo took a charge, his fourth of the year,
    The Cs seem off, but why is not clear.

    Griffin's one-handed slam is one of his best,
    KG looks winded, this is a tough test.
    Jeff Green got his first Cs point at the line,
    We want to accept him, we just need a sign.

    The Cs in the first half look not quite right, 
    34% shooting means a really off night.
    47-40 Clips as the half does end, 
    In the second half we'll need energy to expend.

    The Cs look better to start Q3,
    Pierce's offense is carrying them, as it should be.
    KG on Griffin, that's keeping him busy,
    Not too many dunks making us dizzy.

    Rondo to KG for a right handed slam, 
    Hope they caught that on the Jumbotron cam.
    Q3 Clippers' turnovers are killing their game,
    The Cs start playing, living up to their name.

    Green gets his first rebound, Krstic has six,
    These two are getting into the mix.
    Baby is hustling, and Delonte looks fine, 
    Cs' biggest comeback of the season-not by design.

    We fans feel-at first-can't live without Perk, 
    We trust that Danny has some plans that will work.
    We'll get to know the new guys, we'll see what Danny's seen,
    Doesn't it help that Jeff's last name is GREEN?

    How much longer must it be said?
    Of Reggie Ray is now 9 ahead.

  • Zee

    Glad we didn't get Rip Hamilton with all of that foolishness he's causing in Detroit. Thank God!

    • Mike

      Well apparently they are gonna offer him a buyout so you'll never know if he ends up in our roster lol

      • Zee

        Well, if he does end up a Celtic, I know our Veterans won't allow him to pull that foolishness over here. "Homey don't play dat!" (In Living Color reference) LOL!

        • Mike

          I would prefer him on the Celtics than the bulls or mavs though, and like you said KG and Pierce would be on him and him and Ray share that UConn bond lol

          • Zee


    • Chris O

      Word is he wants to go to Chicago, which SCARES ME

      • talesofJP

        thats scary, that solves the bulls issues at SG

  • kricky

    Great job getting to the line tonight. Green drew a lot of fouls. Something the team needs. Maybe the 2nd coming of TA in that department? At least he can hit free throws.

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Very close prediction to the actual score. Cheers.

  • LStrike

    ESPN Box Score links to the NJ v Celtics game from Feb 16th.

  • I_bleed_green

    Rondo is awful. Overrated.

    • LStrike

      Oh dear…

    • Chris O

      He is slightly quite possibly a little overrated, but he could be underrated. Thing is he is UBER unique. Like a Rodman. You probably won't see another guy that is 6'1 and can do what he does. Or can CONTROL a game (like last year's playoffs against the Cavs) without scoring at WILL. Look at his line last night, 2 points, 11 assists….boy kills a game without making it all about him. Also is by FAR the best defensive PG in the league. He is definitely not awful, he is awesome, which despite connotations those words should mean the same thing. He makes us all AWED, so deal with it.

    • Mariya

      You've got to be joking, right?

      • Far East Man

        i think he's a kinda overrated in some aspects of his game. like when analysts say how much he has improved his jump shooting. are u kidding me? i don't see much of a difference from last season, really… 'cept for the fact that he takes more of 'em.

  • Rachel

    I was at the game and about 40% of those in attendance were C's fans! Where did they all come from?

    Delonte looked good! So glad he's back. I think the effectiveness of our second unit will depend a lot on him staying healthy.

    • C's fan in LA

      Because there are a lot of Bostonians that move to LA. And they never stop bleeding Green. So as oppossed to going to Lakers-C's games and getting shot (and spending a TON of money), they instead just got to Clips-Ce's games for MUCH cheaper tickets

  • rondeezy

    screw the guy who said rondo is overrated. and your prediction was almost perfect, just 2 points off for both teams and the good effort in the fourth. good call

  • http://twitter.com/M_DeVelaine @M_DeVelaine

    What I took away from watching this game? If Vinny Del Negro can get the Clippers to play consistent defense, they can be a very scary team. Shipping out Baron Davis is only going to help them, because with as easy as it is for Mo Williams to impersonate the Invisible Man, he actually shows up more often than not. I'm just glad they're playing out West.

    Got a great quote from one of the Clippers announcers as well in reference to Ray Allen: "I think that 'basketball player' in the dictionary should have his picture next to it."

    • Perry

      I agree; Clips have some impressive young talent beyond BG and Gordon who is also a stud.

      Is Foye for real now?

      What NBA players' career blossoms in Clipper land?

      Do they make a run at Perk and resign Kamen?

      That's a powerful front line rotation … Perk / Jordan / BG / Kamen.

      Fortunately for us the Clips showed up in the second half and played … well like the Clips. Yes we have their 2012 pick, but knowing how Sterling can screw a good thing up the protected pick could fall between 1 and 10. Well there's always 2016 when the pick becomes unprotected. By then BG will be playing on Friday nights in purple and gold.

    • Chris O

      What I got from this game, Clips need to get rid of Vinny Del Negro

      • zebulon

        Vinny might be the worst coach in the entire NBA. consistently runs plays with no second option, is not liked by his players, and doesn't coach defense well.

  • Far East Man

    i hope the celts can get kaman! he would be perfect for the C's!

    • jim

      I agree about Kaman. He does not get a lot of love becuase he plays for the Clippers but he can play!

  • talesofJP

    he needs to add some weight. Makes Tayshawn Prince look massive

  • talesofJP

    Other thing: Still too many minutes for Ray and Paul. I know it will get less for them as Green gets more acustomed, but Wafer is accustomed and got 4 minutes. Bradley didnt leave the Bench. Need to ease up on Ray and Paul's minutes

  • James Patrick

    As Mr Wolf said to Jewels, Vincent and Jimmy in Pulp Fiction…."Let's not start suckin' each other's dicks just yet."

    I was watching the local Clipper telecast and Glen Davis pointed out to a Clippers commentator that KG, Pierce and Rondo were all still frustrated and very angry over dealing Perkins.

    Also, one of the Clipper commentators also said if you really think about it, we got Ray Allen for Perk as well since we now have Jeff Green. Yeah, I can't look at it like that. haha

    On a sidebar, I love watching the Thunder take it to the Lakers this afternoon. I can only imagine how great they're gonna be with Perk.

  • Batman

    Grrr I'm angry about Turnovers
    But good game

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