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Sunday Notebook: KG On Building Chemistry, Krstic’s Rebounding, Golden State Wanted Perk Too?


A few news and notes from around the web after the first win of the Green/Krstic era.

We’ll start with some reaction in Los Angeles, where locker room captain Kevin Garnett talked about the importance of building chemistry with the new guys, especially his new partner on the backline in Krstic: (Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston

“It’s just like [Kendrick Perkins] and my first day [together],” said Garnett. “It’s got to be something that both sides want to do and Krstic is open, man. I had a long talk with him [Saturday] when we had shootaround, and just trying to get into his head, teaching him all the schemes and different things. I just need someone to be verbal. I just need someone to communicate. You don’t necessarily [have to] be the loudest, but we need you to know how to communicate and he did a good job of that tonight.

“[Krstic and Jeff Green are] open guys. First thing is you have to be open, too. Obviously, they’re used to a certain something and, obviously, we tend to think we do things a little different here. The winning ways, we’re professional at all times, so a lot of the stuff that we do, a lot of the stuff that we are the examples of, so they’ll see it versus hearing it more than anything.”

And here’s Doc:

“[Defense is] the whole key for us,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. “They’ll get it. It might take some time and they’ll make mistakes on defense, but that’s why we’ll have [assistant coach] Lawrence [Frank] met with them [Saturday], then do it again [Sunday] with just them. Defense has to go first.”

Krstic pitched in with nine points and six boards in his Celtic debut, all of the offensive variety, something that Doc and Nets former head coach Lawrence Frank joked about after the game ended, as Frank coached the center for his first four years in the league:

Maybe it’s because the Celtics don’t put too much of an emphasis on offensive rebounding, preferring to fall back on defense rather than chase putbacks, but as newly acquired center Nenad Krstic hauled in offensive carom after offensive carom Saturday night, coach Doc Rivers turned to top assistant Lawrence Frank and asked if this was normal for him.

“I said, ‘Does he do that all the time?’ and Lawrence said, ‘If he did, I’d still be in New Jersey,’” Rivers relayed with a smile. Frank coached Krstic during his four seasons with the Nets at the start of his NBA career.

“But he does do that. He has length and he has the ability to do that, so it was good to see.”

Krstic finished with six rebounds, all of the offensive variety, setting a new single-game high for offensive rebounds by a Celtics this season. Starting in his Boston debut, Krstic added nine points on 3-of-7 shooting over 21 minutes, despite virtually no familiarity with the offensive system.

Finally, an interesting tidbit from Gary Washburn’s Boston Globe Sunday notes, where we learn more about just why those Nate Robinson to Golden State rumors popped up:

The folks who wondered what you’d get if you mixed Nate Robinson’s gunner mentality with Golden State’s no-conscience offense almost got their wish, as the Warriors pursued Robinson and Kendrick Perkins before the trade deadline, but they couldn’t reach a deal with Boston

A quick inspection of the Warriors roster shows that its a good thing this deal never got done, as there was no real match for the Perk/Robinson combo and their reasonable salaries. Golden State’s players either made too much (David Lee, Monta Ellis, etc.) or weren’t worth giving up a guy like Perk (Dorell Wright, Reggie Williams, Udoh) or untouchable by the Warriors (Stephon Curry?). In any case, curious to think about what names were involved in any potential move but good to know Danny made the right move here.

Brendan and Hayes get you caught up with more about last night’s contest later this afternoon.

  • talesofJP

    Only other trade we could have made was maybe to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace and someone else for Perk and Nate. Would have been good for Charloette with Perk's expiring contract and Wallace is a really really good player, defensivly and good offensivly as well. Hopefully Kristic boards a little better on the defensive end, but he had a lot of energy last night. Nice to see

  • v

    Good to finally read some positive news after the trade!!!! There are some Celtic fans out there that should hang their Celtic jersey’s in the closet (never touching them again), and find another team to cheer for. A fans opinion will never hold more validity than a decision from, um…… let’s see….. DANNY A !!!!! It was a very hard, and hurtful thing to witness on deadline day, but to here things like ” the run is over ” and ” they just threw 18 away ” hurt the most !!!!! I was taught to look at both sides of the situation, and in doing so, I’ve learned to give the positive vantage point the power. CELTICS OVER EVERYTHING, REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION!!!!!!!

    • UhOh!!

      My thoughts exactly V.. if they want to jump off the bandwagon by all means i welcome them to…. fact of the matter is perk would have never been a a 100% this year we all witnessed D-howard and bynum eating him up.. if we even want to smell the finals we have to rest pierce and allen.. we had to have a bench capable of spelling all 5 starters for stretches how quickly people forget the nagging injuries pierce and rondo have been playing trough or how well we were playing without perk in the lineup…. I TRUST MANAGEMENT Cs FOR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

  • Dee

    Just a question…has anyone thought of Perk resigning with the C's next year as a free agent? I don't think it's likely but the chances aren't zero either.

    • Chris O

      Sad to say, but doubtful. One of the reasons Danny traded him was he couldn't get him to a reasonable extension. Also they supposedly want to go after Dwight in 2012. You'd have to let a bunch of other players walk and the STILL couldn't offer Perk as much as you could when he was your own guy. Its not gonna happen. Som1 is gonna give that boy ~10mil a year

      • talesofJP

        I think theres no way this happens now unless KG, Rondo, and PP can REALLY convince him otherwise

      • Celtics Freak


    • Nate

      NO CHANCE! are you kidding? After getting kicked to the curb, no way his pride would let him come crawling back. Chances are Zero. Not to mention that this trade made it quite obvious that the celtics could not afford to sign him to a new contract. I can't even believe this idea has been floating around.

    • dslack

      Absolutely not. Celtics are over the cap. Only way they could have re-signed him was with his Bird Rights, but they don't hold those anymore. Even aside from pride issues, Perk will definitely sign for more than the midlevel amount (if there even is a midlevel exception in the new CBA).

  • Jwilcox

    great post v!! agree…wish these so called bloggers like jeff clark and minions would read this as they don't know diddly about all of the consierations of this trade. perk was good but not the god everyone thinks he was and if he really wanted to be a celtic and was crying, he had the chance to sign and did not, in short he gambled and lost! he said he told his agent to look at what interest the thunder had,
    so he was NOT loyal ok and would have probably gone to the highest bidder, not loyality! he screwed himself into the ground not danny ainge.

    • Chris O

      C'mon, don't jump on Perk like that. When a player leaves he's not loyal, when a team trades or doesn't pony up extra $$$ they are smart. That's bullsh*t. Perk took a good discount last contract. Do I thinkihe was gambling and probably asking too much, sure. Honestly this got done because Quisy got hurt and is out for the season. Otherwise this doesn't happen. They just gave up part of their biggest strength (best big line when healthy) to address their biggest weakness (no backup 3/wings).

    • dslack

      Hey absolutely should have turned down that exception (which was the most the Celtics could offer as an extension). With the money that has gone to Haywood, Bynum, Noah, etc., Perk definitely deserved at least $8M per year. He could have gotten that in free agency and still given the Celtics a hometown discount, but he didn't get that opportunity. Loyalty doesn't demand taking 60% of what you're worth.

  • astroboyisdead

    c'mon im jhon from california

    When a player leaves he's not loyal, when a team trades or doesn't pony up extra $$$ they are smart. That's bullsh*t. Perk took a good discount last contract. Do I thinkihe was gambling and probably asking too much, sure. Honestly this got done because Quisy got hurt and is out for the season. Otherwise this doesn't happen.
    I think theres no way this happens now unless KG, Rondo, and PP can REALLY convince him otherwise

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