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Bulpett: C’s Stars Were “Consulted and Aligned” About Trading Kendrick Perkins


There’s been plenty of fallout and mixed opinions in the past two days regarding the trade of starting center Kendrick Perkins to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.

Whatever your opinion may be about the move on the court, one thing all C’s fans could probably agree upon was just how blindsided everyone in the locker room was about the drastic move. Today however, in a Boston Herald column by Celtics veteran beat writer Steve Bulpett,  a strong inference is made, several paragraphs into the article, citing a player source or “dribbler” stating the C’s “stars” were consulted about the big deal. Here’s the excerpt:

The deal that sent Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City was, depending on your perspective, bold or insane.

Late Thursday night, after eight Celts and a D-League call-up who made it to Denver an hour and a half before tipoff lost to the Nuggets, Paul Pierce shook his head.

“You hope that Danny and Doc (Rivers) know what they’re doing,” he said.

You hope the players do, as well. As one dribbler admitted, the stars were consulted and aligned.

This is a very strong revelation considering just how crushed and shocked the Celtics locker room appeared in the locker room after the deal and loss Thursday night in Denver. The players clearly missed Perk as a person and that showed in their genuine reactions, but for them to go along and align behind the deal from as a basketball perspective is not something most Boston fans would have expected.

Former Boston Celtics beat reporter and current Yahoo! Sports reporter Marc Spears, a guy with some of the best sources in the game, laughed off Bulpett’s report that the players knew about the deal and approved of it, while appearing on the Dan Shaughnessy Show with Adam Jones on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston

Adam Jones: What about this notion in today’s Boston Herald that Danny Ainge ran this by the stars and they were aligned and gave it their approval?

Marc Spears: “[Laughs for about five seconds] That’s why KG was on video crying right? No I don’t think so.”

Dan Shaughnessy: “So you’re not buying the other starters approved of this?”

Spears: “With all due respect to my former competitors, I don’t buy that.”

Marc Spears Dismisses Steve Bulpett Report by BRobb7

It’s safe to say more questions will be asked of the players on this topic, who aren’t likely to admit publicly that they approved of dealing their former teammate and brother. Part of me believes Bulpett, given the veterans in the locker room, where reportedly there have been a lot of “player signings” (guys signed who the players approved of/wanted) over the years. To make a move like this, I find it hard to believe Ainge didn’t consult with the starters on it.

Still, a look at those reactions from Thursday also makes you believe Spears who dismissed the report. Those guys were clearly crushed about the deal, and didn’t look like they knew it was happening.

The truth shouldn’t matter much going forward as the deal is done now and the team will have to look forward without Perkins. Still, it’s interesting to wonder whether the players gave Danny the go ahead about a move as big as this.

  • talesofJP

    interesting, doesn't seem like there is a definite conclusion here if the starters were consulted or not. Either way I'm sure they'd be upset.

  • James Patrick

    If they did know, they should all be nominated for Oscars tomorrow because they sold it very well. They didn't know. There's no way. And if they did, it was probably briefly mentioned as a possibility. This Bulpett report is ridiculous. Sorry.

  • kricky

    In any case it's time to move on now. The trade was awful but there is no going back on it. This team still has an outside shot at 18. But they will have to work hard to gel as a unit and that's what they all need to focus on right now.

  • James Patrick

    That's a good point Kricky. What's this knob Bulpett even bringing it up for? It's only a distraction at this point. He's trying to make a story out of something that's not going to bring Perk back.

    God, I'm still feeling hung over from this trade.

  • rusty

    I dont understand any difference in chances where Perk didnt play most of this season we had other injuries and still were a great team. Shaq will be fine as a starter and Green will be a great addition of the bench. Kristic will be a back up and can fill in until the bigs are back O'neal and O'neal

  • kricky

    I just hope the trade fallout doesn''t develop into a distraction for the team or an excuse for quitting if things go south.

    But knowing this team I don't think it will. They are pros and they are a very cohesive unit that has seen its share of adversity and risen to the challenge time and time again.That's why I love this team so much.

    The challenge now will be to integrate all the new pieces in time for the playoff run. There could be 5 new guys on this team and two more (JO if he come back and West) that haven't played that much.

  • Perry

    “You hope that Danny and Doc (Rivers) know what they’re doing" … may in imply they didn't agree with the trade, but it doesn't mean they were not consulted before hand.

    Woj too tweeted about the players being 'livid' over the trade, but it doesn't mean they were blindsided after the deal went down.

    Spears, a fine NBA journalist is not connected to the inner circle as Bulpet is. Anyone who has listened to Steve on blog podcasts knows he travels with the team. As a beat reporter you learn a lot about personalities and pick up information that national sources may not have.

    Shaughnessy, on Rome all week, didn't provide any insight as to why the trade made basketball sense other than the standard talking points echoed throughout the media.


    1- This was not the first time Perk was dangled at the trade deadline.
    2- Perk was offered an extension, declined it, and was dealt to a contending team … not to a wasteland like Sacramento.
    3- The Celtics got the best player in this trade and his name is Jeff Green.
    4- Perk is hardly ever on the floor in crunch time.

    In fact during the championship season it was KG and Posey or even KG and PJ Brown at the 5 and 4 spots in the final minutes.

    We have been seeing Baby close out games, but Green is the perfect weapon to spread the floor the way Posey did. This is a winning combination and there's no reason not to believe a 15 point a game starting SF on a good team won't be able to get it done playing off 4 all-stars.

    Any sane person can see the bug-a-boo affecting this team is their scoring droughts. Just happened in Denver the other night.

    Yes without Perk they were crushed on the boards in game 7, but all of them couldnt hit the broadside of a barn and too many times it looks like the Cs play 3 on 5 with Rondo and Perk at the offensive end.

    Meantime Perk is reportedly out another 2 weeks!

    • somguyinsac

      Hey! Not all of Sacramento is a wasteland, most of it maybe but not all of it. :)

  • Shut_Up

    dude. seriously?



    • Perry

      Stars … meaning PP, KG, Ray, Rondo

      Aligned … meaning they agreed or were in compliance with the deal

      • Batman

        Interesting theory
        but yeah i don't think hes that dumb

      • Shut_Up

        I get the allegation, twit. I also read the quote.
        Here, let me help:
        "As one dribbler admitted, the stars were consulted and aligned."
        Dribbler: a player for the team… not necessarily someone with a verbally deft touch.
        Stars: those twinkly things in the sky at night.
        Consulted: looked at
        Aligned: visually lined up for a favorable prognostication.

        Bulpett: irresponsible quoter, didn't even get an exact quote, just paraphrasing a reference that flew over his head. Resulting in a bunch of BS flying around.

        The player was saying that it was fate. There was nothing about the Stars of the Celtics in there.
        That was just fanboy furor. Get a grip.

  • torpid bunny

    To say they approved is likely 100% irresponsible speculation. I can see management telling them such and such people might be traded. They might have the opportunity to share their opinion but it's a stretch from there to guess what weight their opinion, positive or negative, would have had. This is Danny Ainge's team. Player's can get dealt in many cases whether they like it or not. I also suspect this deal came together very quickly after the latest news concerning Daniels and Perkins, so it's likely that if there was notice to the players it was very shortly, as in days, beforehand.

    So all this speculation about who know what when is pointless.

    • Perry

      Likely it was Doc, if anyone, who did the informing. Danny was back in Boston burning up the phone lines. I'd be more interested in learning what was deliberated between Doc and Danny as this trade was being discussed. Doc was probably worried about chemistry; Danny had to address the vacant 3 spot and finances. Let's not forget they were dealing with one of the best GM's in the league Sam Presti who has been regarded as the kind of executive to be more cautious than trigger happy. I hear a lot upset fans take their frustration out on Danny, but Doc is equally as culpable, if one considers this deal as a train wreck.

  • Zee

    I actually think Shut_Up may be onto something. It very well could’ve been a quote misinterpreted and taken out of context. It does sound like a reference to astrology, looking into the sky for answers.

    At any rate, I do not believe the players gave the go ahead. Their countenances were one of deep pain, and their words speak the contrary.

    As well, even if they were spoken to about it, that doesn’t mean they agreed with it. We know that Doc knew, because they (he and DA) said they both broke it to Perk.

    At any rate, it matters ZERO in the big picture. Its done and we have a title to win!

  • Mariya

    I too thought he was referring to astrology and not the players…

    • Zee


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