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To conduct a legitimate science experiment, you need to limit the number of variables. Apologies to all the professional scientists and seventh-graders out there, because you know this already, but that means you have to only allow the things you want to monitor to change and keep everything else constant. Like, if you’re looking at how quickly mold grows on wet bread, you have to make sure the breads are exposed to the same amount of light and the same temperature so those don’t affect the results. I did this experiment when I was 13 and got an A-minus, thank you.

But tonight was like trying to conduct a moldy bread experiment with temperatures all over the place, different kinds of bread, some of the bread underwater, and a hungry Glen Davis in the room. Nothing was kept constant in tonight’s game, so we got all kinds of basketball at different times, mostly in these four categories:

A) Nobody scoring because the offense was awful on both ends.
B) Everyone scoring because the defensive rotations were nonexistent.
C) The Nuggets scoring against momentarily decent Celtics defense.
D) The Celtics getting flustered by mediocre Nugget defense.

We saw primarily C and D at the end, because the Celtics totally lost what legs they had to begin with. But the takeaways are minimal, except that Delonte West looks reasonably fresh and Doc’s not giving Avery Bradley real minutes under any circumstances.

More to come later, including a sad look at your new starting center’s rebounding talents.

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  • nbsmatambo

    One Positive i got from this game: Delonte West is getting his bounce back =D

  • Zee

    One thing about Boston is that we had EVERY teams respect, even the Lakers, Miami, and Chicago. Now? No-one will take us serious. Perkins was the last piece in our trademark Voltron toughness.

    • dslack

      1. This sounds pretty irrelevant. Other teams can take the Celtics seriously and respect them, or not, I don't care as long as they lose to the Celtics.

      2. I also don't think this is true. Didn't teams respect Perk for the first ~40 games of the season?

      • dslack

        2. I mean didn't teams respect THE CELTICS (not "Perk") for the first `~40 games of the season?

      • Zee

        That was when we had both O'Neils in the games. Which we don't have anymore. Neither do we have Erden. Perkins being in the starting line-up was a vital piece. The reason our team was able to play as well as they did was because they knew Perk was on his way back.

        Trust me, Perk being gone is like losing a family member. Even if we win the title, Perk needs to be an honorary member somehow!

  • Zee

    I'm still very angry and disappointed about this trade. >:-[

  • Zee
  • Mike

    Well just read that Rondo didn't talk to the media and Pierce sending a little jab to DA on the trade…..just great….

    • Zee

      Where did you hear this?

      • Mike

        its up on hoopshype.com I think it was Chris Forsberg

        • Zee

          "Whether intentional or not, Pierce calls Perkins trade the "nature of the beast." Clearly rattled by deal, but says hopes Danny knows best." – Chris Forsberg on Twitter

  • Zee

    VIDEO: "It's not even about a teammate, feel like we lost a family member today" KG http://bit.ly/gG5ZhN

  • Zee

    VIDEO: Perkins yesterday, not knowing he'd be traded later thatday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtIMqcjp-nI

  • Zee

    VIDEO: Post-game interview with Paul Pierce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Iur2v-iHQI

  • this is almost too much to bear..reading abt perk being in tears about the trade was just so tough! im gonna be patient and see how this all shakes out, but if we dont win it all, this is the reason people are going to point to..

  • Zee

    Team members speak on the hurt, emotion and being a family. http://www.csnne.com/pages/v3_video?PID=ulnd5zXHbAvgMyIv...

  • ryan

    I think we need to get something now for Avery Bradley because I don't think Doc will play him

    • CG12

      Avery Bradley is 19 – one of the youngest guys in the entire league. He doesn't need to play this year. He needs to be around the team and put in work to get ready for next year and the future.