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The Association: Episode 3

If you missed “The Association,” click here for the link.¬†Unfortunately, if you are hoping that tonight’s episode will cheer you up in some way, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that probably won’t happen.

A lengthy segment on Kendrick Perkins‘ rehab was painful to watch. On the night when Perkins expected to play for the first time, he knew off the top of his head that it had been 224 days since his last NBA game. He talked about how nervous he was to play again in front of the home fans. And you could tell how excited he was to re-unite with the team after an emotional journey back from injury.

At the end of the show, there was a preview of the next episode, which airs relatively soon on March 16. Looks like there is going to be a lot of locker-room reaction from the team in the aftermath of the trade. I’m hoping ESPN will also show the Celtics’ reception of Jeff Green the first time he walks into the locker room. Because that could be a little awkward.

Other highlights of the show include:

  • We get to see another side of¬†Kevin Garnett tonight, who responds to all the recent criticism that he has been “crossing the line” when it comes to trash-talking. Sometimes we forget how soft-spoken and relaxed KG is off-the-court.
  • Ray Allen breaks the 3-point record. Not much additional footage that we haven’t seen before, but still fun to re-visit.
  • All-Star festivities. Best part is when they show the East locker room and all the Celtic and Heat players are on the opposite side of the room with no interest in mingling.
  • rondeezy

    watching the association celtics always gives me the chills. what a group of guys …

  • nbsmatambo

    miss the beast already…

    • Zain

      Then Ep. 4 will only make it worse when they cover the trades. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. Hopefully by then the pain will have eased.

      • http://twitter.com/BradChampagne @BradChampagne

        Sick to your stomach? It hurts to miss Perk but c'mon guys. It's basketball. The guys still alive and he's getting paid millions of dollars to play for legit NBA team. It's gonna be alright.

        • Zain

          I know what you're saying and it's unusual to feel so close to a team, but that's the way it was for this C's squad. A lot to do with the Unbuntu philosophy and how close the team was. In time, everyone will get past it, but at the moment the shock factor is too much to get past. I felt like the starting 5 was untradeable. Now I wonder just how close Ray Allen was to being traded last year.

          • Zain


  • UhOh!!

    awwww.. how adorable was KG fist bumping his daughter??

    • http://twitter.com/BradChampagne @BradChampagne

      yeah, I noticed that too, it was awesome

  • bohaterewicz

    hey guys, will this be released on dvd?

    • Zee

      I'd love to have it on DVD too.

  • Mariya

    I haven't watched it yet. I'm afraid to. I don't want to cry! lol

    • Tom W

      Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to watch it either.

  • GranTur

    This episode was well done like the others but featured much less exclusive content, unfortunately.

    In the next episode I hope they don't dwell on the trades too much (people are too emotional as it is).

    I'd love to see some practice footage with Green in it.

  • Steve B

    It's almost impossible to get past the emotional aspect of the trade and look at it only in business/basketball terms. If it's that hard for the fans, it must be extremely hard for the remaining players. At the end of the day though, Perk is alive and well and healthy, playing for a contender in the West, and still has family in Boston. Now I have a Western Conference team to root for. Unless they get to the finals against Boston.

  • GeOgre

    I will miss Perk but in all honesty…. he wasn't that great.
    Everyone talks about how he and KG were the heart and sole of the defense, but if that's the case where was this great defense prior to KG getting on the team. It was non existent. I will say that he can cover bigs like Dwight Howard one on one, but he's no Howard stopper… it's frankly over-rated.
    Back when Shaq was doing great as the starting center for Boston, there was a big rumble along the message boards and everyone was wondering who Boston's starting center would be… Mgmt and coached always reaffirmed that it was Perk's job to have back, but I still wanted the athleticism of the 39 year old Shaq being able to get those alleys from Rondo… I never saw that from Perk.
    I will miss Perk and his Green Mile accent…. but we gotta stop being sentimental.

    • Chris O

      Yes Perk wasn't 'that great' but he is very solid. A B/B- level center. Very good defensively. Why was his defense non-existent before KG showed up….well bcuz he was a young buck on a team of young bucks that was the WORST TEAM in the league. Perk is a very good 1 on 1 and team defender, a good intimidator, decent rebounder (good but only decent for his size). He was a below average offensive player, with limited mobility and athleticism, and a little short for the IDEAL center. However we must also remember he looked GREAT so far this year considering what he was coming back from, has a ton of experience, and is still young for a big (big develop the slowest). But yea your right we won't miss him…of course we will

      • GeOgre

        I struggle to put him as one of the top 15 centers in the league right now. And that's with him getting back to 100% nevermind the injury.
        Whoever the Celtics fill his spot with (whether it's Nenad or a new pickup), they will be taught the system and will function adequately. I would give him more of a B-/C+. Plus, he stopped developing a while ago…

    • Zee

      He was great enough that in his absence we lost a title.

      • GeOgre

        Unless you have a crystal ball,, there was no guarantee that we would have beat LA in game 7 if he was healthy.
        That's like saying we would have won this year if we never traded Perk. I still think we can win without him.

  • Gay 4 Shaq

    I loved perk as much as a fan could possibly love his player. But I think emotion, and getting used to seeing perk as a 'starter' really has clouded some judgement. I put 'starter' in quotes cus he didnt even close for us. We've also been quite successful this year without him; just as good on defense, BETTER on offense.

    Someone's over on celticsblog has a thread saying he was less expendable than rondo, its like whoa calm down for a second. The guy was a glorified role player. He played 25 minutes a game for us. He just didnt play such a big role, and wasn't so great that he can't be close to compensated for with other competent centers. Once you get over the shock and the love you've grown for this guy, you might realize the trade was great, and it might have been genius if both oneals come back relatively healthy. We now have bench scoring and versatility on the bench we have not seen..

    • GeOgre

      Ditto, thanks for the backup!

    • Batman

      u picked the fat o'neal
      i'm gay for jermaine

  • Gay 4 Shaq

    ^^^not to mention a solid building block for the future. And it's not just BS when people say this guy's got untapped potential. The c's can bring out the best in him, get him to play some d, and to think we got this guy when we could have ended up getting NOTHING for perk after this year. Green really did not get his potential strengths maximized in OKC, often forced to play out of position, with a shoot first point guard. This is exactly the running mate rondo has needed they can really help each other. After 2 full days of mourning for Perk, i'm able to really see where Danny the calculated GM was coming from with this one.

    • Ray Ray for 3

      I agree. It took some time to mourn, but now its gonna be playoff time.

  • http://convocco2.wordpress.com/tag/convocco/ convocco

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