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Woj: Celtics Offered 1st Rounder and Nate Robinson for Jared Dudley

The latest round of tweets from Yahoo’s NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski indicates the details surrounding C’s (along with several other teams) pursuit of swingman Jared Dudley. Here’s the latest from his Twitter account

Boston, Chicago and several more would love to pry Jared Dudley out of Phoenix, sources say. Suns can’t dump Childress deal, need money off.

Celtics have dangled Nate Robinson and 1st round pick, which isn’t the most appealing package on market to get a talented perimeter player.

To be clear on Celts, I’m told they haven’t checked on Dudley very recently. No sense Suns will move him, but he has great value to teams.

CH’s Analysis: Quite the lowball offer there from Ainge for a guy like Dudley, who is locked up on a very reasonable deal for the next five years at 4.25 million/year.

The gritty small forward would be a dream pickup for Doc off the bench, with his ability to hit three’s, defend, and make smart plays all over the floor. I watched this guy for four years at Boston College and he’s easily one of my favorites to come out of there and certainly has thrived once he arrived in Phoenix a couple years back in the Jason Richardson deal.

With that said, as Woj indicated, this deal obviously isn’t happening unless Ainge ups the ante a lot. For me though, this is the kind of guy I open until the entire asset cabinet for. He solves your small forward backup problem for the next four years and takes a tremendous onus off Paul Pierce and Ray Allen going forward.

Am I crazy to think offering a choice of two of the follow three things (Avery Bradley, Semih Erden, 1st Round pick) would not be too much here? Ainge won’t go there, but you have to give up something to get something of value and this is a case where losing the young kids might be worth it. My desire to win now may be too much, but to me this is a year where you sacrifice the future a bit, with the Eastern Conference getting more and more loaded in the years to come. Whose with me on this?

  • I'd consider giving up Semih for this trade, especially if we were likely to pick up Murphy in a buyout.
    If the Suns are looking to shed money, why dont we just send them Quis and cash to buy him out with, along with Nate and a pick. That would be a huge salary shedding for them and isn't actually too bad a deal.

  • Carlos

    Now that Quis is officially having surgery, can they dangle his expiring + Nate + 1st rounder?

    • He's not officially having surgery, it was just listed as a possibiility, but I thought that was a good idea too. If we give them Quis and some cash to ease the buyout (assuming the Suns are looking to shed salary) this isn't too bad a deal and all it means for the Suns is that Pietrus takes up Dudleys minutes, which isn't the worst thing ever.

  • Mason

    Anyone else starting to feel that Nate has purposely been playing badly to lower his trade value so he can stay in Boston?

    • Carlos

      If he is then he sure has been working on it.

    • That might be true, if he hasn't pretty much played this badly for most of his career.
      He's just a terrible decision maker.

  • LJ Chan

    Suns probably not interested for this deal, Dudley is cheap and useful, also he has play for few years with Suns, the chemical can't be easily broken for a guys like nate. A more attractive offer maybe is nate + erden/bradley + 1st round pick for Pietrus. He has final's experience and Suns would give up him easier.

  • lakershater13

    YAY! Celtics trade rumors. I thought danny had given up. It was quiet for a while.

  • Adam

    Troy Murphys no longer available and neither is jamario moon. What are the chances that we haven’t made any moves by the end of the day?

    • Why are Murphy and Moon no longer available?
      Murphy is going to get bought out so will be available whenever that happens. Moon has just moved teams, he's probably even more available now on the Clippers because they have so many SF's…

      • Adam

        Murphy got traded last night

        • Yeah and he's getting bought out at GSW. They say he probably wont even travel there.

          • Adam

            whats going on with rip hamilton

          • He's old, expensive and a 2 guard… Three things we don't want or need.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    I'm with you on this.

    I think Dudley is a guy we'd be happy to have – not just to fill a hole in our lineup this year, but for the next few years.

    1st round pick is going to be late in a weak draft class.
    Bradley isn't a one-in-a-million type of athlete/player.
    Semih….I'd rather not part with the Turk.

    Nate, Bradley and 1st rounder for Dudley…I'd take that in a heartbeat.

    Delonte backing up Rondo…Vafer backing up Ray…Dudley backing up Truth – I don't see the problem with that…

  • Guest

    My comment is a carbon copy of JdatD's first post:

    "I'd consider giving up Semih for this trade, especially if we were likely to pick up Murphy in a buyout.
    If the Suns are looking to shed money, why dont we just send them Quis and cash to buy him out with, along with Nate and a pick. That would be a huge salary shedding for them and isn't actually too bad a deal."

    We're more inclined to the short-term as fans than Danny is. We will yell at him to do this then turn around in two years when Semih's started playing well and say "why did you give up him and our first?!" What we all really mean is "give up Semih and figure out a clever way to make up for it later. DUH!"

    With that said. If Murphy truly is a guy we can get through a buyout and Semih can be the kicker in this trade then it simply has to happen.

    • If Semih gets good (which for him would mean just be a legit backup instead of a 12th man) and we trade him for Dudley, it would still be worth it to make our team stronger for banner #18. If we win a championship nobody would question the move, that's the mindset I'm going at it with.

  • I like the idea but yea i would rather do the trade with Bradley Nate and the first rounder and keep Semih only because we need bodies at the center and forward spot if we don't get Murphy. i think Nate and Bradley but Dudley will help us win now and in the future

  • Anyone have an idea when or if Murphy will get bought out

  • kricky

    Just do it whatever it takes. Dudley is a very good player with a very high basketball IQ. He'll be a great fit. But don't expect anythign spectacular. Just solid smart play.

    Suns are dumb to give him up.

  • Afam

    Time to get jared dudley. i like both avery bradley and semih erden but im not going to let one of them stop us from getting a good player in dudley.to get value you have to give up value.thats just how it works

  • Zee

    You can do trades with someone with one foot in the D-League (Bradley).

  • john

    i dunno how it works the salaries don't match som im confused to how they do it nate is on 4.5 jared dudley 2.1 million i shot it down straight after i heard that