Post-game Reactions

There goes that quiet deadline. Adrian Wojnarowski and Sam Amick are both reporting the framework of a deal on their twitter accounts that would send Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic.

To say the least, I am legitamately floored by this. Obviously, no confirmation yet from the team, we will keep you posted here at CelticsHub with full analysis of the move, if and when it is confirmed.

For now, we wonder if the Boston Celtics starting five as we know them are gone forever.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Zee

    We'll be fine.

    • So… Who's playing center that's as good as Perk when healthy?

  • Dr. Raymes

    Seriously? Considering the lack of good centers in this league the C's are trading Perkins for… Jeff Green? A bad defender/rebounder PF?

    That means the C's will be depending on the O'neals to be both healthy and effective come playoff time… goodness…

    Pretty sure that means C's DO NOT want to see the Magic in the playoffs… and this also hurts the matchup against Miami

    Seriously… Danny Ainge… you moron.

    • debbie

      neither one of the O"Neals are worth ashit

  • Jamie

    Raelly not sure the reasoning on this one. yahoo now says Nate is not in the deal so have to wait til the official announcement is made.

  • Razah

    FU*K NO….we'll be fine….are you delusional. Perk is our defensive anchor…..Krstic and Green are terrible defenders and average rebounders.


  • Razah

    Perk is the best Dwight one on one defender there is……so tell me, what's Krstic gonna do

  • ninboy

    Why is it that I feel like I just sold a chicken for a dozen eggs… Who cares about tomorrow or having a center who can contain D12 for the next few years?

    Maybe Perk's knee is more messed up than we were lead to believe?

    Why is it i'm trying to talk myself into another deal that feels like it was done for the sake of doing a deal?

    Someone talk some sense into me… or tell me it's just a rumor…

    Or both…


  • Zee

    I don't mind Nate being traded, but Perk? Sigh…. He worked so hard just to get healthy and wanted to win a ring. I feel sad for him.

  • Mike

    Well apparently now its Harangody and Erden to Cleveland for a second round pick……. wtf

  • Zee

    If he is having to sit out the WHOLE western trip? Something isn't well health-wise.

  • RondoExpress

    I feel like a family member has just passed away!! This makes no sense at all!

  • CG12

    simmer. Danny knows what he is doing, and he always looks long-term, as well as short-term. When Troy Murphy and Buy-Out Wing Player X arrive, things will look better, and the Cs will have some post-Big 3 pieces.

  • Zack

    There has to be something else. We just gave up our advantage over Miami and Orlando. I feel like this is obviously a bad trade because OKC was looking to upgrade at center and to get bigger and we did that, but we got the crap they were trying to upgrade from!

  • Carlos R

    I don't know what to say…. We're a defensive team, but without Perk patrolling the paint, things will not be the same.

  • Zee

    Well, this is the only conclusion I can currently think of. Perk just hurt his left knee last game (not the right one that had surgery) and was sitting out this whole Western trip we were about to make. So I'm thinking, if its that bad that he had to sit out, maybe Danny and Doc know something we don't about his health. It's actually better to have someone IN the game being a presence, than no-one at all (on the bench nursing knee problems). So, with that, I think it was a good move.

    Also, with Jeff Green coming, we have a shooter on the perimeter. He averaged 15+ points a game.

    Sources say we have one or two more trades to make.

    We play tonight, we we'll see how things pan out in the middle.

    Perk worked SO HARD to get back healthy cause he wanted that next ring. I know he is hurtin' right now, as well as the other big 4. 🙁

  • Scott P

    As a Laker's fan hoping for a rematch and fearing your huge front line, this a major disappointment. What was he thinking? If we are lucky enough to get a rematch, the fear is gone.

  • kricky

    No way to defend this trade. I don't care who they pick up.

    What I don't understand is that we had to send Perk AND Nate to get Green! And then just give away Semi and Gody for nothing???????? We will get out rebounded in every damn game from her on out. It will look like freeking Game 7 of the finals on a continual loop.

    On the upside at least the untouchable Avery Bradly is still on the roster. Wouldn't want to give him up and his "potential" he's shown. I'm sure he'll be in the MVP conversation in a year or two with Rose.

    • Zee

      No, we got 2 player. Jeff Green AND Nenad Krstic. Not just one.

    • dslack

      Well, they didn't give up Semih and Gody for nothing. They got a future second round draft pick, and after that pick gets acclimated I expect to see it putting up double doubles in the playoffs and shutting down DHoward, too.

    • Chris O

      The reason they got rid of Gody and Semih was to make room for buyout players. Of course why they didn't trade Semih and a pick for Parker is beyond me

  • Batman

    OKC was a pretender until this trade. They needed a big man and Perkins is the man. Maybe Danny thinks the Thunder can beat the Lakers and protect us from them?

  • debbie

    WTF.. i can go with perk and nate. but to trade semih and luke. what an stupid move. luke i could see butnot Semih .Danny what the hell are you thinking. i hope these guys are good. ithought semih was a damn good player. look at when you traded to get JO, SHAQ, look at what happen neither one of them play or help us. so i hope this is not another stupid ass move on your part.why get rid of semih he was one of our big guys and you get rid of him.WTF…….

  • john schaffer

    i cant see smeih going to cleveland for a draft pick??? to leave two burned out over the hill o'neille,shaq and useless ???? they know someting about perk they are not telling us , he seems to have bad leggss??? now midget gone is great play wafer and arvil i think both better than nate . oh well , we shall see got about 25 games to get together before playoffs

    • john schaffer

      correction avery bradly

      • Zack

        correction, avery badly

  • jonathan

    Well, at least Doc can forever trot out the excuse that your "starting five" never lost a playoff series…

  • Perry

    Likely that Troy Murphy is on the move to Boston … Erden and Gody were the table setters since the roster had to be trimmed to accommodate Murp.

    C's reportedly getting Clip's 2012 first rounder from the Perk deal.

    Kristic is in the last year of a contract and is a sizable upgrade over Erden at this point of their respective careers.

    Green is going to be dynamite off the bench and comes off the books in 2012.

    Obviously Danny is looking at Superman after her bolts Orlando in 2012.

    Look guys it's gut wrenching to see Perk go, but chances are he was going to command major $$ and management cut their losses now rather then having him walk for nothing.

    This is a win now proposition, so consider this … we now have a healthy Kristic, Green, likely Murphy, Baby, West, Wafer and perhaps a rejuvenated JO off the bench. That 5 spot is still deep.

    • Tom W

      What good is Troy Murphy? He's a 4, not a 5.

      • Chris O

        Actually he plays both, but is def an undersized 5

  • Perry

    Be interesting to see how the core guys react tonight … They have to be pissed to see Perk go.

    I think we'll be alright after the dust settles.

  • James Patrick

    I have yet to see one smart Celtics fan love this trade. We got screwed. What the hell was he thinking?! There was no reason to break up our starting 5!!! Didn't Ainge see the overwhelming reaction to when Perk too the floor again for the first time since game 6 of last year?! I'm so sad!

    @ Perry. Rejuvenated JO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I hope you mean someone other than Jermaine O'Neal because that guy is a bust! You must be under Celtic's payrolll Perry. Wow.

    • Perry

      Quote me in context … I said perhaps rejuvenated … There's no question the Lakers and Heat and Magic are doing cartwheels. It is a big risk, but the trade was made for finannce purposes and we still have plenty of length.

      This was a bold move for Presti, which makes Olk City a legit contender in the west, but I don't think it's wise to doubt Danny. You have to protect Pierce and Ray, and adding Green does that.

  • Tom W

    Really? Perkins gone, the best post defender in the entire NBA, and we are worried about losing Semih?

  • Patrick

    Just an AWFUL move…AWFUL! Nate Robinson had it coming, but who exactly is supposed to play backup point guard??? Everyone is talking about being weak at the Center position (which is absolutely true) but Doc hates playing avery bradley….Who is going to run the point…Von Wafer??? This is retarded!

    I loved Perk….Danny Ainge got crap for him. Jeff Green isn't much better than Big Baby. What a slap in the face for Perk & the fans

    • NHBluesMan

      you seem to forget that Delonte West is back in the rotation now…

  • Dropstep

    I don't like this trade. Hate it. See no point to it. I see alot of people talking about "dwight howard sweepstakes". Perk was going to be a free agent anyway and there is nothing that says we had to resign him. We have no healthy starting center. Nobody knows if JO can even walk out of the tunnel much less run up and down the court. Shaq is old and is good in spurts. OKC is my second fav team in the NBA so I have watched Jeff Green. He does not rebound. His defense is average, if not mediocre and he often has "Nate Robinson-caliber" brain farts. Lastnight in their game against the Spurs, I was cursing at him. Little did I know he'd be on my Celts today.

    I'm hoping that Green will be better off the bench and playing the SF position instead of PF like he did on OKC. Hopefully being on this team will help his decision making, as well. I really can't say that much about Kristic except that he is tall, has a good jumpshot and grabs the odd rebound. His defense is definitely nowhere near Perk's. I really like Semih, just liked rooting for him. I won't lie and say I'll miss Harangody though.

    I'm decided to calm down before I posted here and I'm thinking a bit more clearly but the deal doesn't make too much sense to me but I have no choice but to hope. In any case, I think Perk will make OKC better defensively and as I root for them out West, that's a good thing.

  • Dropstep

    also hopeful for healthy players. we need them even more now.

  • Jamie

    NESN has a report on their website that the vets are pissed about it.

    SB nation reports Daniels traded to Sacramento for cash.

    And Murphy is a lock to be added to the roster, he's wanted to play for us his entire career. So they ahd to clear a roster spot for him by trading someone away.

  • Tim

    Two things:

    1) They're banking on the fact that they won't have to play Orlando – they think they can take Miami/Chicago without Perk. But did they forget about the Lakers?

    2) Considering the trade with Cleveland, they have to have inside info on guys being bought out and/or coming out of retirement (i.e. Jameson/Murphy/Dalembert and/or Sheed).

  • I_Love_Green

    Rage mode right now. I am in full blown rage mode. and Troy Murphy has a verbal agreement with the heat.

    We were the best team in the league, and we traded one of our most important parts.

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH DANNY AINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kricky

      This will go down as one of the WORST trades in NBA history.

      You had the Top team in the East and Title favorites trade one of their best players and glue guys in order to get some bench depth needs that could have been taken care of by signing a FA or trading a late no 1 pick.

      Predictions: Boston will losee the no 1 seed to Miami, get beaten in the 2nd round to Chicago or Orlando.

      Ainge will have to be fired after that. Just INEXCUSABLE.

      I am so frigging sick about this I haven't been able to get any work done all afternoon.

    • NHBluesMan

      who are the Heat dropping to get Murphy? They have 15 guaranteed contracts right now

  • Perry

    It is quite possible that Sheed may come back.

    Once again … Clips 2012 #1 part of the Perk deal.

    • Jamie

      The #1 is top 10 protected though.

      • Perry

        Another trading trading chip for sure

  • Idaho

    When Perkins misses a full season of the next 3 seasons due to injury and is constantly in rehab when not completely sidelined you will see the foresight in this move. As long as Danny gets a big on the roster we will be fine if the players can get over it. Perkins peak likely already came and went. I bet he will be questionable the rest of the year for OKC. As Perry previously mentioned, I'd rather have someone who can play in the game even though I love Perk's attitude and work ethic.

  • Idaho

    I am in love with the fact Danny saw the error in his ways by trading Nate. He had about 5 good games as a celtic and only one when the games were important.

  • NHBluesMan

    hey, at least now we can resign Sheed!!

    …kidding, i would never want to see that happen

  • Batman

    I have a need for sheed!

  • kricky

    We may have no other choice but to do the unthinkable here and bring him back. Who else is going to play center the O'Neals are injured. Troy Murphy?

    • Chris O

      Also he plays nasty D against Dwight, regardless of what you all think

  • Batman

    You all need to stop ripping on Danny Ainge.
    I can see I'm the minority here along with Zee but I'm interested to see how this roster plays out. If Ainge isn't done dealing and we win a ring then you all will come crying back.

    • kricky

      Yeah, I can't wait for him to fill out the roster with Murphy, Pavlovic and Kapono. We won't even miss Perk's with those defensive stoppers on call.

      • Batman

        Yo silence with the doubts

        • Dropstep

          like you Batman, I'm optimistic but I was just floored when the news broke. Perk's name never came up in any talks. It probably was the only way to get rid of Nate and as much as Jeff Green might have weaknesses, I've convinced myself he is better than what we might have scraped from the buyout scrap heap. My biggest concern is our defense. When Devin on DDL wrote that message I swore he was joking. But we shall see how things pan out…

        • kricky

          Are you quoting Gaddafi there. We have a right to be pissed!

  • John V

    I didn't want to want Sheed to come back, but with the current state of the roster, I'd welcome him with open arms.

    Clearly, Ainge expects to get Murphy, but "expects" is a lot different from having a signature. But even if we get him, Murphy, Green, Krstic… they don't fit this team's identity. Whatever happened to defense?

  • Perry

    Well I'm not happy to see Perk go, but I will provide rationale as to why he was moved if that's even possible today.

    I can't wait to hear Danny defend this move.

    For sure it is huge risk to pin our hopes on Shaq/Kristic/JO in the 5 spot vs. the Magic and Lakers, but we might not see the Magic make it out of the first round.

    Let's all remember who's finishing games though … It's Baby not Perk

  • lakershater13

    Over or under on Nene scoring 50 tonight with only big baby and KG. I cant wait to see wafer play center at some point tonight. A lineup of wafer, west, bradley, rondo, and ray allen. with pierce resting and kg and big baby in foul trouble. Forget Nene. that new Russian guy from the knicks will probably drop 20 on us tonight. Oh yeah then we play Blake, Kaman, and Jordan on saturday. Its okay because our savior is coming to town. Whats his name? Nenad Kristic. Danny please email me the phone number to your drug dealer. That way I can be high and get some humor out of these god awful trades as well. I hope you already got verbal agreements out of Murphy and Dalembert to sign in boston. Maybe your going to bring up Tiny Gallon? Wow!!!! I dont even know what happened.

  • Mike

    It would have been better to trade Baby instead of Perkins since both are expiring deals but for the players we're getting would have made more sense and Baby probably will demand more money that Perk.
    If I see Kapono or Pavlovic or somebody like that signing with the Celtics… Danny's probably high or something….

  • lakershater13

    You cannot tell me that for Perk, Erden, Nate, and Luke the best things we could get back is a washed up center, a guy who cannot really play the 3 or 4, and a couple future draft picks. The cavs one is not this year is the minn pick for 2013. The clipper pick is for 2012 and the clippers next season will be at least a 500 team which will give us about a 15-20 pick in the first round. Im thinking for the pieces we gave up that there was a much better deal that could have been struck. Maybe Mayo and Thabeet and a first round pick?

  • Stephen

    I'm frickin speechless!!! —- Danny better have something good up his sleeve or he should get run out of Boston!!! — Unless there are more deals to get done this males no sense!!! Someone please shed some light on this for me .

  • Stephen

    Sorry—- Makes no sense.

  • Jeremy

    danny u better have a backup plan or else u just costed us banner 18!!!!! and it better be rip hamiltion and troy murphy!!!

  • Stephen

    @Jeremy—-Agreed!!! ——- How many players will they have to suit up for Denver tonight after all this—— 6 !!!!!!