Post-game Reactions

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald caught up with Nate Robinson this afternoon before he left the team hotel and he had this to say about Perk’s reaction to the deal:

“He’s taking it pretty hard because he’s been here eight years,” Robinson just said while checking out of the team hotel in Denver. “He was very emotional, crying. He has to move his family, and he’s been really tight with Rondo and other guys on the team. I feel his pain. It was tough when I left New York because of all the guys I’d been around.

“With Perk, everyone thinks he’s mean because of how he looks, but he’s a soft giant with a big heart,” he said. “I told him he’s not alone. We’re going together. I told him you won’t be by yourself. You’ll have me by your side. We’ll make it work together.”

We’ve spent a lot of time here and will obviously discussing the ramifications of this deal, but for a second, let’s take a minute to reflect and thanks Perk for a terrific eight years in green. He’s been a lifelong Celtic and it will be painful to move on without him. You can imagine how tough it is for the guy. We’ll have more full analysis for tomorrow….but for now we feel for you man.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • mike


  • Mike

    You know with all of this and the way it went down I doubt that in the offseason he would even consider signing with the Celtics again (reallyyyy hope he does though) and I remember that story with miami saying they would pursue him as a free agent…. Ainge what the heck man?

  • Batman

    Don't worry Perk i cried too
    Man i remember when i became a Celtics fan in 2005, just ten years old
    I thought Perk had a funny name
    It's been a good 5 years Perk
    Have fun in OKC

    And Nate
    I don't like you, but have fun

  • Jim

    I think Kendrick Perkins is great. I was shocked to see him move right at the deadline. I felt bad for him when he was injured during the finals and now a business decision hits him personally.

    It is tough but I wish him the best. I have a lot of respect for him as a player and he seems (as well as a fan can judge from a distance) that he is a good guy. I hope it all works out for him there is a Lakers fan out there (me) pulling for him.

  • celticsbaby

    this is ridiculous.. why perk?????? we needed him in game 7 last season and we def need him now.. i really can't tell where danny is going with this, but so far not good. i aint likin it at all. i cant see perk anywhere but the celtics. he fought for this team through his injury, why cut him now? =[

  • jack

    I know I posted this on the last article, but I want everyone's opinion on it.

    I have a crazy theory, but I may be on to something. As little of sense the perkins trade made, the luke harangody and erden trade made less sense. Then I read that detroit and cleveland came to an agreement, rip hamilton for future picks. Cleveland would then buy rip out of his contract.

    I wonder if there was an under the table deal that we would send clevelend those two guys(to clear roster space, and maybe cleveland liked what they saw in erden), and they would pick up rip hamilton to buy him out of his contract so he could sign with us.

    But the deal didn't didn't go through because rip said he would not agree to the buyout. Danny had already made the move, and now we are left with very limited options to fill the 3 open roster spots. I hope that wasn't danny's plan, but that is the only thing that makes sense.

    FYI, I read this on Hamilton's player card on espn.com under fantasy section if anyone wants to read it.

    Am i crazy, or ? what do you all think?

  • GeOgre

    So how much money did Perk turn down when he didn't sign the contract extension?? Maybe he should have. You can't blame Ainge for thinking about the future of the team. He knew that he didn't have the money Perk wanted and he didn't want to lose him to free agency. At least we got something for him. He will be missed, but man he should have signed that extension.

    • dslack

      Eh, the Celtics picked up a guy who will be a free agent this offseason anyway.

  • talesofJP

    I'll miss Perk. He played good defense, and thats something not all NBA players can do. We'll miss him.

  • Rob

    We weren’t going to win a title without a true backup for pierce. I think Danny realized that. He weighed the options odds are we’re gonna play the heat or the bulls to get to the finals, not exactly huge inside threats. We need green to step up and guard the likes of lebron and keep Paul fresh. He also has a strong feeling that the spurs are gonna be coming out of the west not the lakers . Bold move but no ones gonna replace perk

  • Zee

    Perk, you are sorely missed man. I empathize with your pain.

  • James Patrick

    This makes me so angry! WTF Danny Ainge! WTF!!!! I know this is a business, but it was PERK! I'd rather fight hard and lose with Perk than roll the dice on pieces that make no sense. Where's the EFFin loyalty?!

    • Zee

      Exactly! Lose with honor!!!!! Fight like warriors doggonit!

  • GeOgre

    I am eagerly awaiting to hear what Mike and Tommy have to say about this……..

  • Razah

    Will miss you Perk. I wonder how many grown men cried today over these trades, those who were traded. Some would've rejoiced, partied like Melo, DWill, Harris, some would've thought meh like Thabeet.

    Hey i feel for Perk, but at least Danny did him justice by sending him to a contender. Oops did i say contender…

    • Zee

      Yeah, at least he didn't go to the Cavs hunh? That would've been TURRUBULL (as Charles Barkley would say).

  • wendy

    traded 2 top dogs for 2 no names really what are they thinking we have the best team just the way they were and now what? we still have 4 amazing guys no need to mention names cuz without the 4 there would be no team, but loosing 2 top guys is going to hurt us. if yiu ask me they should of traded shaq he is good don;t get me wrong but he is wasted space right now

    • Zee

      2 top guys? We lost 1 top guy, and Nate Robinson.

  • DC1

    Absolutely ridiculous…Ainge has just closed the window for the BIg 3. Defense wins championships, and we just lost our bynum / dwight stopper and get to build a team around jeff green. Nice one danny….enjoy unemployment

  • I_Love_Green

    I just the way he handles himself on the court, knowing he's the baddest dude in the league and no one is gonna tell him otherwise. The way he took pride in his defense. He always took on the toughest challenges, and made it look easy. I'll never forget him signaling to the crowd in the finals that he had Gasol locked up. That same game was when KG was down on one knee knocking his fist against the hardwood getting ready to play defense on Odom. These two guys together have to be one of the toughest, baddest, meanest, and best defensive frontcourts in the history of the game. I just loved watching them D up together.

    • I_Love_Green

      Perkins, I would like to say thank you for your admirable service. You aren't the most mobile big man, but what you lacked in those areas you made up in with heart, and toughness. You would make it a nightmare for the opposing team's bigs and let them know you're there all night long. The way you worked so hard to come back from that knee injury, and came back way ahead of schedule showing little signs of rust. You were so determined to make it back this year, and earn your starting job back. Perkdog I'll miss you man, and best of luck in the west on OKC. Never forget your roots, and as always Beat LA!

  • ryan

    I understand why they did this, but you could have gotten 2 months extra out of him

  • steve

    really now? the equivalent of Babe Ruth? really? I hope to god you are not a redsox fan because if you are then what is your problem??? thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard in my life. i dont even know how to respond to a statement like that. Losing Perk is big, but Babe Ruth???? your an idiot.

  • ElRoz

    I feklt bad for Perk – then I looked how much he is making and didn't feel so bad for him.

    Then I looked at my paycheck – and then I cried a lot….

  • Spirko

    Very simple really – he declined an extention (no loyalty or home team discount) and was injured all season yet Celtics remain 1st – nothing was on his side of the bluff apart from being a key member in previous years of the starting 5.
    I'm sure he would be thinking – that 22 mill is so much more – before his bluff…s*it happens move on.
    There seems to be more jigsaw pieces missing from this puzzle – lets wait and see.

    • GUEST

      well said partner. I TOTALLY AGREE

      • kricky

        He worked hiss ass off to get back from an injury and was playing great when he got back. What more could he do?

    • Spirko

      He did everything that was expected to get back into the lineup and help his team – but from where I sit a player that has been with the team in highs and lows showed no flexibilty over a couple of million give or take. His is 26 and could have turned around and signed up and would be the poster boy – but as fate takes control – some decisions are good and others are bad…
      For his sake I hope he does well with his new team mates and can't wait for the match up against the Celtics next time around.
      By the way – the only thing he didnt do was to take the offer – then all his hard work making it back would have really paid off.

  • Tom W

    I sincerely doubt that anybody who is a real fan of the Celtics is on here saying "it's perks fault, he should have signed the extension." Anybody who really loves and cares about the Celtics should be commenting like I Love Green above.

    Perk, you will be missed. Celtic nation is just as upset as you are. We loved you and we always will. Good luck in OKC.

    • I_Love_Green

      +1 bro.

    • kricky

      here, here!

    • cccc


  • Gomezd

    Not a celtics fan so I might be able to see this trade a little more objectivly, like spirko said, he declined the extension and so the team has to think long term, better to get somethign for him now than just see him walk – similar to how the Jazz dealt with the Deron situation, and to top it all off Kendriks has been injured so it is not a sure thing he will be the player he used to be this season.

  • jeremy

    did the celts get the clippers 2012 1st rounder in the deal i read that somewhere . hopefully he signs as a FA next year and signs Leon Powe this year .
    I hate this trade and i hated the decision to re-sign big baby over powe.
    BBD is an inefficient scorer and a horrible rebounder .
    If the celts do pick up powe,hamilton and dalembert or murphy after buyouts this move would prove pretty savvy

  • this is not the Boston Celtics that i've used to know way back four years ago.

    Leon, Eddie, James, Tony and other members of that 2008 Championship roster are already gone.

    and now Perk? sad moment for all of us Celtic fans to see.

    good job Danny Ainge!.

    If the goal of the game changes from scoring points to beating people with chairs, then it was an awesome trade!

  • i have something for you Danny Ainge.

    and i quote:

    "You can fool all the Celtic fans' some of the time, and some of the fans' all the time, but you cannot fool all the die hard Celtic fans' all the time".

  • SaraB

    Let's not blame Danny yet. Perk was a great Celtic in the locker room and on the court BUT, he has lost a lot of time with his knees and now is is out again with the left knee injury, another 2-4 weeks as of today… His contract talks had stalled and it appeared he was going to test the "market" when the season ends… I read that he was quoted as saying OC is where he wants to be and that his agent made inquiry last year as to whether OC was interested in acquiring him… I wish Perk nothing but the best… He is a humble guy and a good team mate. But, I have to tell you, I think Danny did the right thing and let's wait and see what happens in a few games… I also feel bad for Marquis who I thought had finally found a good "fit" with the C's… But, life goes on and hopefully everybody finds a happy home… I was a Celtic fan when Larry Bird was a rookie so I have seen them come and go… I don't live in MA but I LOVE my C's.. Miss Cousey but hang in Tommy and Mike…

  • Clay

    Good move Danny

  • banner 18

    This is as bad as the celtics trading rondo for a 2026 second round draft pick