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Ken Berger of CBSSports is reporting that with attempts to deal Nate Robinson failing, the C’s are trying to reengage talks with the Cavs on Anthony Parker.

Daniels, out with a neck injury, could be bought out by Cavs with cash from Celtics in a deal for Anthony Parker, sources say.

And then there’s this from the Akron-Beacon Journal twitter:

One offer on table: AP to Celts for Marquis Daniels. #Cavs would buy him out, send him back to Bos. But Cavs want Bos #1 next yr for helping

The problem with this scenario? A couple things. The first and more important being Marquis Daniels has the right to veto any trade.

Why? As I have explained in earlier posts, Daniels is on a one-year deal with early bird rights. That situation gives him the right to veto any trade offer, simply due to the fact he would lose his bird rights (future salary and sign and trade possibilities, in essence) if dealt to a new team.

So why would Daniels go for this anyway? A couple things, must happen. First the Cavs must buy out Daniels or simply pay him his full salary with the cash provided by the C’s.

If he’s bought out by the Cavs, it’s unlikely the C’s resign him for the veteran’s minimum, since they will need that roster spot for other potential contributors/buyout candidates.

With Daniels on the shelf for the remainder of this year in all likelihood, he’s probably not going to be able to get more than a veteran’s minimum contract coming back from the injury next year.

So if Daniels agrees to the deal described above, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are already some talks about how the C’s will sign Daniels to low money deal next year, (off the record) to provide him some extra security coming back from injury and give him incentive not to veto the deal.

Marquis is likely comfortable in Boston anyway, and I’m sure both sides would like it for him to remain in Boston for the future. In essence, this would be a good faith gesture by Daniels, allowing himself to be dealt, in order to help the team in the short term.

He may be costing himself a little money in the long term, but coming back from this condition, his value on the market next year wouldn’t be significant anyway. Obviously though, this is a deal with major roadblocks still in place, since there’s no guarantee Daniels would go through with this scenario so we will keep you posted here on CelticsHub with the latest. Here’s my full scouting reporter on Parker from this past Sunday:

Anthony Parker: age 35 height 6-6
10-11 salary: 2.8 million
FG: 40%, 3pt FG: 39.8%
8.9 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 2.9 apg

Parker would undoubtedly be a terrific fit for the C’s and biggest upgrade this team has made to their roster in-season, since bringing P.J. Brown aboard during the championship run. He can shoot the rock (40 percent career three-point shooter), can play Ray Allenesque solid defense and has the size to play the three.

The problem? The Cavs understandably like him and won’t give him away. They also aren’t big spenders this year (just 53 million total salary for roster) and Dan Gilbert has big pockets so they won’t be looking to shed salary for easy cash with a player like Parker, as ESPN’s Marc Stein recently reported.

They’ll want something of value, and it’s not clear if the C’s have want they want. Nate Robinson at 4.5 million for next year isn’t enticing. Erden has promise, but he may not be enough (if C’s are willing to deal him) if the Cavs want to bring back Parker. The endgame here may be whether Parker has an interest in staying in Cleveland long term. If that’s a yes, then C’s are out. If he informs Cleveland he won’t be coming back, this could get interesting. It’s a possible but certainly not probable scenario.

What It Will Take To Deal For Parker: A 1st Round Pick, Daniels, cash and potentially Erden? (Though Ainge may not be willing to do both a pick and Erden)

Likelihood of Deal Happening: Unlikely, but still one of more realistic targets on this list.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • lakershater13

    Can someone tell me why we want to get Daniels bought out by another team just to resign him? I dont see why we resign a guy who is not going to play. I figured getting rid of Daniels would open up a roster spot for a bought out player. This is puzzling me a little.

    • Jmt

      Quis would play next year. He's not going to be re-signed this year because he can't contribute.

  • peos

    please not parker!

  • ElRoz

    All the best wishes for Marquis health…but I'd suggest he thinks about ending his basketball career: it is a much more physical and dangerous game than it looks…and many get injured. If he has a history and a propensity to get injured, and has made some money already…maybe he should end it. I'd hate to see him down again on the floor…scary. You're a millionaire…invest in something else.
    Ange doesn't want to give up Bradley and Harangody….and Doc doesn't want to play them – and he might be right. So why are we holding them? Yes they might help Boston get to 43-44 wins in a few years from now.

    As of now, I'd even take Delonte, Nate, Wafer, Shaq and Davis as the bench if Shaq is healthy more or less…

  • kricky

    This may be the best we can do with what is out there. I don't see Dudley or Battier happening. And we aren't really giving up anything really.

    But we will be left praying for mercy every time PP goes out and he has to come in to guard LeBron.

  • Parker doesnt have the size to play 3!
    Look at him here compared to LeBron, hes tiny, both size and bulk-wise. http://media.cleveland.com/health_impact/photo/an
    He's listed at 6-6 but I doubt he's that tall. He's a pure 2, not a swingman, I just don't think he fits.
    It's a slightly better situation if Quis isn't coming back, because then its whatever we can get kind of thing, but he still isn't great.
    Also, if he's averaging 8.9 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 2.9 apg as a starter, what the hell is he going to give us from the bench?!!

    • Robert

      1. Parker is leaning his head back AND he's a step behind Lebron in that photo, making him look shorter then he actually is.
      2. Every small forward in the league is less bulky then LeBron – so not really that much of a knock on Parker
      3. Parker is listed at 6-6 / 210, LeBron is listed at 6-8 / 250, so the fact that Parker looks shorter and less bulky should be expected, right?

      I'm not exactly sure why you're doubting Parker's listed size.

      Parker's stats per 40 minutes: 10.4 pts, 4 rbs, 2.9 asts
      Daniel's stats per 40 minutes: 12.6 pts, 4.5 rbs, 2.8 asts

    • NHBluesMan

      Park is the same size as Daniels… so how is he not big enough to be a swingman?

      Plus we're running low on options, and at this point we need SOMEONE to back up PP, otherwise he'll be gased by the time the playoffs come around