Post-game Reactions

Kendrick Perkins left Tuesday night’s game with what now is being reported as a sprained left MCL and he won’t be back for at least the rest of the West Coast trip.  Luckily for the Cs, this trip through the Western Conference has them facing two teams that just overhauled their rosters (Denver and Utah) and one that just traded away their, albeit bloated (contract and waistline), starting point guard (Clippers) for an injured player.  Sprinkled in this sea of unknown will be a tough game against Phoenix, a recent bugaboo of the Celtics, and the team they just beat handily on Tuesday night (Warriors).

All signs point to the notion that if Perkins had to miss some time, right now wouldn’t have been the worst time.  He can head back to Boston, get treatment for his left knee, and more importantly get some rest for his right.  Still, the mystical cynic in me can’t help but think this could have been prevented if Kendrick Perkins wasn’t such a jerk.

Okay, now that I have your attention, let me explain.   Kendrick Perkins is a jerk.

Okay, I can see by your disapproving look that you disagree.  Let’s try this again.  Kendrick Perkins is a jerk but that’s what makes him so loved and valued by the Boston Celtics.  Eh?  Well I don’t care I’m going with it.

Perkins is one of the consummate league leaders in technical fouls, trash talks his mouth off during games, and (what sticks in my craw most) flails his arms back to intentionally try and hurt his opponents. On the talking front, legend has it that Perkins is so quiet during his everyday life just so he can use most of his allotted speaking time during the game disparaging other players.  And I’m cool with that.  Trash talking is part of the game.  But, as I mentioned before, the arm flailing is what really gets me.  Trying to smack someone in the face is not basketball.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, watch this:

If you still didn’t see the multiple attempts (one successful) to catch Ekpe Udoh in the face with an “errant” arm flail, here’s the one that connected in slow-mo:

Warning: I’m about to get silly-parental about this.

Perkins could have poked Udoh’s eye out.  More importantly, his teammate Glen Davis is probably one more Billy Bob concussion from smelling salt implants.  Does he want to see someone go down that road by his own hands?

I know you don’t care about the health concerns but what about it just being a punk move.  I came down pretty hard on Dwight Howard last season when his elbows were causing havoc to opposing big men so I’d be remiss if I didn’t call Perkins out for this.  Big men may get jostled a lot but it’s part of their job.  It doesn’t give them license to smack someone in the face. It’s pretty clear that Perkins was frustrated for A) getting embarrassed by a rookie and B) not being able to finish anything around the basket.

I know the Perkins injury is not a direct result in him being a curmudgeon on the court, but I would be interested to see if the number of Celtic injuries decreased if they cut down on the Dwight Howard Treatment and the crotch shots.

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  • Guest

    Totally agree with this.

  • Yup… its because Perk uses his arms to clear out some space and has been coached to be a physical presence, at times, more than the rules would stipulate… thats why he hurt his knee… you're a genius… Karmic forces saw the face slap and determined that Perk was karmically negligent. Slightly flawed premise. What was it for Bernard? How bout Mutombo's knee? Ewing? I could go on… all karma too, or did they just play a sport where knee injuries are part of the deal? (and no your final paragraph doesn't make it ok, because if you had started with hat paragraph, there wouldn't have been much of piece)

  • Andrew Gordon

    This is beyond idiotic. If you want to explain the injury, it could be that 1) injuries are part of basketball, or 2) maybe, Perkins rushed back from his first injury, and when someone is not 100% in one area, it can sometimes put more strain on another area. I am actually angry at myself for wasting the time to read your stupidity and react to it, since I imagine that no one with a brain can really believe what it is you wrote and you wrote it just to get a reaction.

  • butler

    wow you guys took that way too seriously…

  • Dave

    Wait I though I was reading a basketball post, Is this TMZ. You're a idiot!

  • talesofJP

    Not a big believer in Basketball karma, just seems like bad timing because I'm sure Perk was a jerk before all his injuries too.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    I think this is a pretty funny piece – some of the readers/commenters are being a bit touchy.

    I do, however, think the karma gods (or whatever controls the karma balance) have kept The Beast in balance with his league leading illegal screen calls. During an era of the NBA in which enforcing the rules about proper screen setting has all but evaporated, Perk manages to average 2.6 per game. So, for all of KP's questionable tactics on the court, I have to believe that every time the whistle blows and he gets called for an illegal screen there's a basketbal god/karma comptroller that's softly saying, "Yeah, got you again, sucka…."

  • JCP

    Wow! Poor Brendan is absorbing a whole bunch of proverbial "errant slaps to the face" by a bunch of Celtic's Hub readers. Re-read the first paragraph, guys. This post is about Kendrick's condition and how it will effect the C's current West coast trip.

    The second bit is about how Perk does a lot of the same stuff that Brendan called Dwight Howard out for previously.

    This post isn't about karma… take special note of the beginning of the last paragraph:

    "I know the Perkins injury is not a direct result in him being a curmudgeon on the court"

  • JCP – "This could have been prevented if Kendrick Perkins was such a jerk."

    I think Perk and KG take their enforcer roles very seriously, but I guess Brendan wants a nice guy like Chris Bosh to not space out defenders and rebound, but that looks "nice" on the court. Any decent big man in the league spaces out other rebounders the way Perk "slaps their face".

    The technical thing is an outrageous rule enforced by a power-hungry commissioner. They are trying to take the emotion out of players and have them play like robots. Rather than challenging the poor officiating that makes players react so emotionally they challenge the players emotions, which really makes sense post-Donaghy.

    • dslack

      Duncan and Kevin Love manage to grab lots of rebounds without throwing their arms around trying to slap people.

  • jmessinger

    It's funny that Jeff Clark over at CelticsBlog called KG a jerk, and now Brendan has called Perk one, too. It's not upsetting or anything to take too seriously, but it is weird and "silly parental," and, honestly, bereft of substance.

    Stay tuned, I'm crafting a post about how Ray's a huge jerk for hitting all those threes and disappointing so many opposing players.

  • bill lambeer

    what a waste of an article, don't know why they let simpletons post meaningless drivel like this. i could post countless video of other players engaging in so called dirty tactics as far back as wilt chamberlin to larry bird and kevin mchale, karl malone and the entire utah squad or even jordan and kobe. i suppose on a slow newsday, the slower minded person would waste time and effort critiquing
    one of the many questionable practices that happen in the trenches during an nba game. here's some food for thought, watch any nba game tonight and i promise you'll see some player or players utilizing some of the same "dirty" tactics. but i suppose this article's purpose was to elicit some sort of reaction, which it did, what bothers me about articles like this, is that instead of context and substance another one of the countless incompetent bloggers gave into their sanctimonious urges and picked out one person for doing something as common as a bowel movement in a metamucil commercial. i hope in the future, they use someone who has at least witnessed an nba game, because the person who wrote this artice obviously never has.

  • Ross

    Thanks Brendan for the entertaining post! (the haters above have no sense of humor). I laughed so hard when I watched the slo-mo face slap, I nearly spit my coffee out onto my freaking key board. You got to just know that Perk is premeditatedly thinking about these moves. I'd LOVE to know what he was thinking about before he did that one. Certainly the phrase 'bitch-slap' must have entered into it.

  • radja9697

    why is he a jerk though? this is most certainly a part of basketball, has been, and always should be. keep your soft hands on the keyboard and off my nba please…

  • Forsberg's twitter says Perk may return on this road trip – "Im a Celtic, man" – Perk

    What a jerk.

    BTW, considering the personal issues Perk is facing with his father's health, calling him a Jerk is not only inappropriate and incredibly incorrect, it is also extremely poorly timed. Its always good to kick a horse when he's down, right Brendan?

  • Rachel

    There's a fine line between playing hard, physical basketball — doing what's necessary to defend and get to the rim — on the one hand, and intentionally swatting or recklessly endangering other players with physical contact that is not necessary to make the play. I love Perk. AND I would hate if any of the Cs had a serious or even season-ending injury because an opposing player was being needlessly aggressive. I think that's what Brendan was getting at. No need to call him a "simpleton." Cool it with the nasty comments.

  • Abe

    Disappointed in this article, despite the fact that it's from one of my favorite CelticsHub writers.

    I'm not upset because I'm a celtics homer (which I am)– it's because there should be no attempt at even speculating about a correlation between aggressive basketball play (call it cheap if you will) and a random leg injury.

    An article about Perks style of play is fine. Brendan is a great writer and I'd appreciate that. But a comment such as "I would be interested to see if the number of Celtic injuries decreased if they cut down on the Dwight Howard Treatment and the crotch shots" is both ludicrous and undermines the intelligence of your readers. We want to know what you think about basketball, not eastern philosophy. If you really think that cutting down on the ticky-tack fouls, or the "cheap play" would help us avoid karmic injuries, convince me and I'll start lobbying for us to trade away our gritty defenders. Otherwise, let's keep talking impact on our team.

    Just a thought but thanks for the good writing Brendan. Always one of my favorites.

  • job

    just for this, they should trade him out of the conference