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Report: Robinson To Golden State Not Happening, CH Explains Why

Well, you can cross another team off the list as a trade partner with the C’s, as Sam Amick has followed up his earlier report of a possible deal with GSW as not happening, according to his twitter account.

Source says Nate Robinson will not be coming to the Warriors. Never discovered the other pieces, but that deal w/ Boston is not going down.

In the meantime, I wrote a quick piece about why I didn’t expect anything to happen here, and why the C’s are in such a tough spot, with dealing Robinson for anything of value being the biggest challenge. Check out the breakdown after the jump

In the meantime, get away from the trade rumors for a minute and be sure to check out Hayes’ terrific piece from his time at All-Star weekend by clicking here

To see how the heck this might have worked, let’s take a look at what Golden State has to offer. To start, Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric are out, since they are expected to be dealt to the Nets in the Troy Murphy deal, but C’s weren’t interested in either anyway so that’s a moot point. Here’s the names we need to look at, as well as what they make this year:

Vladmir Radmanovic ($6.9 million, expiring deal)
Charlie Bell ($4.4 million in 10-11, 4 million player option for 11-12 which he will pickup)
Dorell Wright ($3.5 million in 10-11, 3.8 million in 11-12, 4.1 million 12-13)
Reggie Williams ($760k in 10-11, restricted free agent in 11-12)

This whole scenario seems a bit fishy to me. Robinson would obviously be a decent fit in Oakland, and his contract is not an albatross (4.2 mil this year, 4.5 mil in 11-12). However, I don’t see the Warriors or C’s coming to terms on anything unless more names get involved from the C’s end.

Let’s run through the names here and try to figure this out. First, I can’t see why the Warriors would be willing to deal either Wright, whose playing well while firmly entrenched in their starting lineup, or Williams, who is also playing great off the bench at cheap money too. Unless we see names like Avery Bradley and Semih Erden get involved, those guys are out.

That means we’re left with two overpaid swingman of varying sizes. We covered Bell on Sunday as one of the guys the C’s definitely would not deal for. He’s 6-5, was arrested for a DUI a couple weeks ago and has a terrible contract. Would the C’s take him as a “tax” in a bigger deal with the Warriors? Potentially, but that’s what it will have to be. Trading him straight up for Robinson is out of the question, in my opinion.

With Radmanovic, things get a little more interesting. He’s a small forward with size (6-10), can shoot the rock (40.7 percent from deep this year, 38 percent career), but does little else. He’s definitely not a physical or tough player as we will know from the C’s showdowns with the Lakers in 2008, but he certainly does fill a need at minimal cost.

In order to make the numbers work, the C’s would have to deal Robinson and Marquis Daniels for Vlad. With that, the C’s shed some money for next year (Nate’s 4.5 million) and Golden State gets a backup guard that fits their system for this and next year at semi-reasonable money. That seems like a bit of a stretch though and the Warriors may not want to take on Nate’s money for next year without getting more in return. Plus Daniels would have to okay any deal out of town, something you can’t count on either.

Final Verdict: I don’t see this deal happening.

What can we learn from all of this? Well, to start, the C’s are knocking on just about every team’s door to get rid of Robinson with obviously very few takers unless they take a bad contract back of their own, or give up an extra asset (Erden, Bradley, draft pick). Ainge has rightly been stingy and wouldn’t do either.

So the C’s came up short with Corey Brewer, (reportedly offering 1st round pick for), the Suns small forwards (Grant Hill, Jared Dudley, Michael Pietrus), since well the C’s aren’t offering anything of use to the Suns and couldn’t make the money match with Brewer.

It’s a tough hand for Ainge and finding someone willing to take Robinson and his slightly overpriced contract will be the biggest obstacle going forward in clearing roster space and money from next year’s payroll.

To try to break down the craziness of the trade deadline and explore potential options, Rich Keefe and myself got together for a little podcast action to break down more possibilities for the C’s and the rest of the NBA. Give it a listen below by clicking the play button or you can download the mp3 by hitting the arrow on the right:

CelticsHub.com Trade Deadline Podcast by BRobb7

  • Mark
    • Matt

      And why exactly do the Rockets do that trade?

    • Scott

      i really hope you are joking with this nonsense. Hey why dont we just ask teams for good players, and give them nothing in return… why doesnt that ever work?

    • moshe

      well, its better than the pau gasol trade…

      • Batman

        Argh let me dispel this rumor: The Lakers DID NOT steal Pau Gasol
        Several things:

        1. The Grizzlies were desperate to move Pau. The fanbase hated him and he led them to playoff sweeps.
        2. The trade gave them the cap space to sign Zach Randolph and he has led this team to a possible 5th seed in the west.
        3. The Grizzlies received Marc Gasol, a very underrated center
        4. It wasn't the greatest trade for Memphis but they did the best they could

  • paul

    To a possible 5th seed in the west ! Hahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaa

    • Batman

      Um yes
      N.O, Denver, and Utah are sliding. Memphis will probably either be under Portland or beat them for the 5th seed. What's so funny.

  • Rajonfan

    What if we did this; http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine
    Nate would go to golden state
    Golden state would send Wright to Cleveland
    Cleveland would send Powe and Parker to the Celtics

    • hdavenport

      While this would be great, GSW wouldn't take Robinson for Wright straight up. Nate's a worse player who costs more money.

  • Joe


    Plus our '11 first rounder and at least $343,840, which is the most we can send them while still falling at the max 125% +$100,000 of what we're getting back. I don't know how the trade exceptions work, because they have a lot, so I don't know if we could send them even more cash. We could even take back one of Phoenix's rookies (if they don't like them) so we can send them even more cash back. Phoenix basically gets Bradley and our 1st while only giving up 27 games of 38-year-old Hill's expiring contract. Hill gets to make a run at a title, allows us to keep Semih (who we might actually need to back-up at center in the playoffs, or God forbid start), and insures against Delonte's injury too (if he's out Hill's your second unit ballhandler, still allowing Nate to slide over to shooting guard on offense). He can defend 3 positions and give Paul desperately needed rest. I like Bradley as much as anyone here, but we have to go for it right now with this group and I can't live with losing a ring because we didn't have a backup 3. I challenge anyone to expose why this doesn't work.

  • ego roots

    Maybe Amundson too? C's could have him. An athletic big man who doesn't need the ball that much.

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