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More Trade Chatter: C’s Hesitant to Move Semih Erden for Anthony Parker or Shane Battier?


The latest on a couple prospective deals involving upgrades at the three spot off the bench. We’ll start with Anthony Parker, who I profiled in my piece yesterday. Here’s the latest from the Cleveland perspective in the Akron Beacon Journal on a prospective move.

With the NBA’s trade deadline two days away, Parker remains the Cavs’ top target of interest from teams around the league. Both the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics have expressed interest in him, one league source said, but the Cavs want a player in return and not a low draft pick.

They have targeted Omer Asik from the Bulls and Semih Erden from the Celtics, but both teams have been reluctant to part with either player. Asik is 7 feet tall, and Erden is listed at 6-11. Both were second-round picks in 2008.

The Cavs don’t want to give Parker away for a low second-round pick this summer when they already own two second-rounders and believe they could purchase another if they really needed it.

Parker is also in the final year of his deal. The Cavs are hesitant to part with him — they like his high character and his leadership in a young locker room — and would love to bring him back next season. Parker is saying all the right things this week, but it’s unclear how much interest a veteran nearing the end of his career has in a rebuilding project.

”I have expressed my desire to stay, but this is a business, as we all know,” Parker said. ”I feel like I have a lot invested here. I continue to express to want to be here when this thing turns around. I think it’s going in the right direction, we have a good team and we’re taking steps.”

A couple things here. Number one, Parker’s a classy pro so there’s no way he’s going to flat out say he wants out in Cleveland, but realistically is there any way the 35-year-old will want to re-sign? That’s a rebuilding project which will take years, so he clearly won’t be back and it would be foolish of the Cavs to not try to get something for him.

With that said, Cleveland is wisely just trying to use this as leverage to up the price of Parker, one of the most attractive and affordable shooters on the market. So here’s the question I throw out to everyone, is giving up Semih Erden worth a rental of Anthony Parker? And how might the potential signing of Troy Murphy factor into this scenario? Let’s investigate both questions.

Is Erden worth Parker?
In principle probably not. To me though, this isn’t a huge overpay. Erden is 24 years old. Will he still improve more? Probably, as he adapts more to the NBA game and gets comfortable in the USA. Still, I can’t see him being more than a center off the bench in his NBA career, which isn’t a bad role at all.

The C’s have him signed through next year on a minimum deal (about $800k). They need good cheap labor next year, giving they are already committed to about 71 million to ten guys and Erden has proven to be good insurance at the center spot with a nice offensive touch around the basket.

With that said though, I think he is expendable, especially if the C’s are able to bring Troy Murphy into the fold. Danny Ainge has made a habit of finding bargain basements pickups through the course of his tenure and I give him a lot of credit for that. P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell, Michael Finley, Stephon Marbury, Mikki Moore. Guys that no one else wants, he’s salvaged and given to Doc Rivers to help keep this team afloat in past years, while not taking away from this team’s core or its future.

To me though, this is a year where Ainge has to change that philosophy a little bit. He can’t shortchange this team this year. Not with the roster composed as it is, with so many injuries, and the future so uncertain. The best chance this team has at a title is now, and those chances improve a lot if Doc has a reliable swingman to count on off the bench, and now just some retread (a la Rasual Butler, Morris Peterson, Roger Mason, etc.)

To get that guy, Danny’s going to have to give something up of value, likely a piece like Erden. It’s not ideal, but to get this team over the top it needs help, especially with the Eastern Conference getting more and more loaded for future years. Now’s the time. I don’t think by any means it’s a certainty Semih goes, the team honestly needs his body right now for minutes with both O’Neals on the shelf and Perk banged up. Still, if Murphy is brought into the fold, I hope it gives Danny the capability to let Erden go for a piece of value.

A few other notes of interest from the Journal article:

Both Leon Powe and Jamario Moon are expected to have their contracts bought out, rendering both free agents, but it won’t happen before the trade deadline, a league source said.

Nice to see Leon get out of there, but Moon is the only guy who will be of interest to the C’s. I covered him in my trade piece yesterday, and he’s probably going to be the class of the swingman buyout market, so if the C’s don’t make a deal before Thursday, look for Moon to pop up as a possibility to bring in to replace Marquis for a minimum deal.

Here’s another note from the Houston Chronicle regarding Semih and Shane Battier rumors.

ESPN reported that the Celtics had interest in Battier, but quickly shot that down, pointing out that the Celtics would not be willing to move the players the Rockets would want. Actually, I think the Rockets would be tempted to make the deal if the Celtics would include center Semih Erden, though we’ll probably never know since Boston apparently wants to keep and develop him.

Any deal for Battier would be a lot more complicated than just a Erden for Battier swap. In order to make the salaries work, Nate Robinson and likely Marquis Daniels would have to be included in a deal, along with some cash and draft picks I’m guessing if I’m Houston. The C’s aren’t going to want to give all that up, so a third team needs to get involved in all likelihood and that’s why this trade probably won’t happen. Semih (I hope) isn’t the tipping point here.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Deron Williams has just been dealt to the Nets. The Atlantic Division just got a bit tougher.

  • BBynum

    On the surface, Erden for Parker seems like a good, traditional long-term potential for short-term depth trade. While it appears that the Celtics want to develop Erden for the sake of it, seeing something promising in the young center, I submit that it has more to do with retaining some negotiating leverage over Perk when the season ends and Perk hits free agency.

    Danny is smart and negotiates with his free agents months in advance with public comments and roster moves. Recall in Rondo's potential walk year, Danny was quoted all year as saying that Rondo was not yet a complete point guard and he pointed out specific flaws in his game that prevented him from being mentioned among the league's elite. Danny signed him to a great value contract and almost immediately started singing Rondo's praises after locking him up for five years. I believe that Danny wants to be able to point to Semih and say to Perk's agent essentially, "We would rather develop Semih than go to X years or Y dollars," hoping that Perk provides a little home town discount.

  • Jack

    Espn is saying that charlottes asking price for gerald wallace is an expiring contract and a first round pick. IF ONLY JO was an expiring contract, we could throw in him and marquis (expiring contract) and draft picks. It would be great deal. I think JO should go to danny and tell him he will be allow charlotte to buy him out for nothing if he's traded. He's already made a lot of money this year, to basically be on IR.

    • jack

      just put the trade into Espn's trade machine. JO and marquis's contracts are $208,750.00 short of making the numbers work.

    • skeeds

      Damn that's fast. I just saw that on ESPN too. THAT, is a trade worth giving up any combination of Nate, Marquis, Semih, Harangody and whoever else. That's a dream-level trade, compared to what's on the market.

  • keltic

    wow imagine wallace coming off the bench for us?? 18 is a lock if that were to happen…

  • Chris O

    Wish we still had Sheed's expiring contract now don't we???

  • BBynum

    I got blasted in this forum yesterday for proposing this trade (before today's Charlotte rumor) that I think would require Dallas and Boston each giving up a 1st as well as Boston potentially including another young chip like Semih, but it would make sense for everyone if Charlotte is looking to shed dollars and get picks/youth:

  • Chris O

    Could the C's move Baby, and Nate w/ a pick for G. Wallace? Then try to get either Moon or Parker and work on replacing a big. Would be way worth it

  • Guest

    Sorry, Erden and Nate and Quis and Picks can go to Houston for Battier. If we're not giving up Bradley or Davis I'm OK with it. I love Erden and am incredibly impressed with his progress this year. I think he can be a 15+ minute a night guy at center in this league for many years… but not for a few years. Also, his progress has been bloated from getting a ton of play time in big situations and DO NOT underestimate the value of practicing with Shaq and Garnett all year. He's shown a great willingness to learn but if Garnett and Shaq are on their final hurrah Erden's development is going to (maybe not flatline but) seriously stall.

  • Alex A

    Celtics should go for Danilo Gallinari, the Nuggets said they are "reluctant" to make him, but they are in dire need of a SF also he can play SG. He would fit very well into the Boston system. Don't get your hopes up about a big player trade with the Celtics. Players like Gerald Wallace are out of the question, there is no way that he would be willing to come to Boston and play off the Bench or maybe even start, but that means that you sit pierce down, which wouldn't make the captain of the team happy at all what so ever. Richard Hamilton is a possibility he doesn't like it in Detriot, wants out. He still has potential, still a decent age, has a dirty three point shot, and pretty quick. Might I even add that he did a lot of damage to the Celtics in the 08 playoffs. Another player that the Celtics should look at is Mike Miller, has a dirty outside shot, yes he is a designated SG but he has the size to play SF like what they need. The last person that I would suggest the Celtics to look at but could be a long shot considering he just signed with the Bulls is SF Kyle Korver. Korver has a deadly three point shot, can hit from anywhere beyond the line, also isn't necessarily bad at medium shots. Don't be surprised to see the Celtics not even make a trade at all, they are playing fine without a SF. Sure it might help their bench, but they also have a solid bench already with Erden, Robinson, and Big baby.

    • keltic

      Korver, Miller, or Gallinari? Glad you're not the GM…we need defense not more 3 point shooting

      • aaron

        um yea really, i got three thumbs down yesterday just for joking about galinary. some ideas are always dumb.

      • Chris O

        Haha, yes Korver is a stiff and plays for the Bulls. Not to mention Miller plays for MIA. Maybe we should ask the Lakeshow for Kobe

    • Chris O

      You do realize where Mike Miller plays right, maybe next they need to look at Carlos Boozer

  • Tubers

    just tried this trade on trade machine: celtics send quis to houston, nate to denver. nugs send felton to houston. houston sends brooks to denver and battier to celts.
    We get battier
    Denver gets brooks and nate (brooks is expiring, nate fits perfectly into their system as a backup cause he shoots a ton and they love to shoot and play no d, and he could be a backup to lawson who will definitely need a backup if he wants to be a full time pg in the west)
    Houston gets quis (expiring) and felton who could be the pg and they could actually have a very solid back-court with him and kevin martin. he doesnt make THAT much money so it wouldnt be that unrealistic and his contract is only 2 years so they could resign or release him and not be in that much trouble.

    • BBynum

      Not sure why Denver does this deal. (1) Felton should have MUCH more trade value than Nate + Brooks, and (2) when does Nate play? He would be the third string SG behind Afflalo and Smith, and would be third string PG behind Lawson and Brooks. So essentially you are trading Felton for Brooks which is even more absurd.

      Denver management just proved to be pretty shrewd with Melo deal. I doubt they will be jumping for our poo-poo platters. Maybe if someone was eating Harrington's deal they would bite or if some legitimate young talent at the PF position (like Baby) came back to them, but that's not happening. I don't see it.

  • Tubers

    Also, if they wanted more we could throw in JO and they could give us Brad Miller. Brad miller makes about a million less money but has an extra year on his contract and they are looking to get rid of him. This would give us a good extra big as well as battier and they would save some future money.

  • john schaffer

    they for sure need to get rid of nate ,he hurst celtics more on floor than any person on team , he thinks he is a 3 point shooter????????????last night 1-4 and he always hoost with 20 seconds on the shot clock he doseant think hes a just a poor shooter , need to play wafer and bradley more

  • Jeremy

    GET BATTIER!!! murphy is going to get bought out trade for battier and sign murphy!!!

  • John V

    It was revealed that Danny offered a first round pick for Brewer. Brewer sucks. Get Battier. Or Gerald Wallace. The Cs need a GOOD player. This is the year. Who knows what will happen next year? They have a real chance this year. They need someone to play some real minutes at the 3 and as a smallball 4.

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