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Kendrick Perkins Has Strained MCL, Will Miss Rest of West Coast Trip


Paging Troy Murphy. The C’s roster is holding by on a thread as Kendrick Perkins has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL and will miss the rest of the Celtics’ west coast swing according to Jessica Camerato of CSNNE.COM

A source told CSNNE.com Perkins suffered a strained MCL. He’s listed as day-to-day, but is expected to miss Thursday’s game in Denver, Saturday’s game in Los Angeles against the Clippers, and Monday’s game in Utah.

The good news about this injury, suffered in the second quarter of last night’s win by Perk is that it’s the left knee, not the surgically repaired right knee. The bad news of course is this can be a serious injury, if it’s severe enough sprain.

With Perk’s listing as day-to-day he likely is on the lower scale in that severity department, but NBA players have missed 4-6 weeks with this injury in the past. (C’s director of player personnel Tyronn Lue being one of them)

With both Shaq and J.O. out for the foreseeable future, this injury will likely force Danny Ainge to pull Semih Erden off the table in most trade talks, out of necessity more than anything else. Right now, the frontcourt without Perk is KG, Big Baby, Semih and Luke Harangody. That’s a tough crew to get through a west coast trip with, and makes the need for a buyout like Troy Murphy become more of a priority, even though Boston can only offer him the veteran’s minimum to sign for the rest of the year. They will be able to offer the chance at consistent playing time, which should be appealing to Murphy.

As for the rest of the C’s assets dealing, it’s going to boil down to finding a taker for Nate Robinson and a draft pick or ponying up Avery Bradley (highly unlikely) in order to make a deal. The far more likely scenario right now is for the C’s to wait for to the last minute for a deal, or wait for the buyout market (Rasual Butler, Jamario Moon, etc.) at the three to settle. We’ll have you fully posted here at CelticsHub with the latest developments.

For now, here’s hoping Perk can bounce back from yet another setback.

  • Mark

    There are not enough four-word expletives to describe this.

    I'll go the PG route: DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!

    • Mark

      Sorry. I meant *four-letter*

      • Tom W

        well, technically speaking you said DAMN four times. so it was a four word expletive as well.

  • somguyinsac

    And DAMN it some more!

  • I_Love_Green


    These aren't even old players getting injured anymore! Rondo, Perk, Delonte, and Nate are all young and they've all gotten injured!!!


    • somguyinsac

      They don't hate us, they're just testing us.

      Hey, I'm trying to be positive here!

      • ElRoz

        yes…the way they" tested Portland?

  • keltic

    This is the worst… I may just stop watching all together until the start of the playoffs

  • debbie

    DAMN DAMN DOUBLE DAMN!!!!!!! what else can go worng with the Celtic i think the Basketball gods don't like us either..well our changes are getting slimmer and slimmer..Damn IT. and to have it happen when we are on the west coast. shit

  • Batman

    Idk the teams we r vsing are not very good

  • Salty Tears

    I can just hear Doc now, we still haven't lost a series with our starting 5….

    • Zee

      LOL!!!!!!!! Yeah, I don't want to hear that one anymore! :)

    • ElRoz

      change that to "we have not played a full series with our starting five since…."

      Boston gets the "what could have been but for the injuries" trophy third year in a row in 2011…2009, 2010, 2011….that's a three-peat, right?

      Best of luck to Miami and Chicago in the finals…I'm sure Boston is better, but you cannot play in street clothes sitting on the bench.

  • Carlos R

    This is way too much to take. For now, we don't have a true 5 patrolling the paint and that will be painful to watch. Also, I'm starting to believe we wont get banner 18 with all these injuries.

  • Batman

    No guys! Don't let the spirit of that dude whose name i cannot remember but he was extremely negative about banner 18 affect you guys! Keep our chins up!

  • skeeds

    goddamit we really can't get a break can we! meanwhile the big 4 are playing tighter and tighter. It's not about who sprains what, as long as these are short term injuries. It's about the big 3. They aren't going to slow down this time. They want the #1 seed, they'll play to win every game. And that means risking their health. Which is unacceptable.

    I don't care if Shaq has to grind his achille's to a pulp, if Harangody has to gain 3 inches overnight, if Marquis resurrects, or if we trade Nate for godzilla, someone has to step up for this team and take some of the load off the old guys, before they're burned out.

  • John

    Something I haven't really seen anyone mention… Tony Gaffney. Yes, he certainly isn't a Shane Battier. But, he does offer what we need- namely a wing defender ON THE CHEAP who can guard the bigger 3's of the league. You can't expect much from him in terms of offense, but was T.A. any different? All we would need would be the roster spot. No trading Nate (who may be valuable if West goes down again), no trading Semih (who is valuable now that Perk is down again), etc. Simply buyout Quis and sign Gaffney. Thoughts?

  • rob

    He's already verbally said that he want to play for the Magic.

  • ElRoz

    the law of the unlucky Irish – and who said that the Irish are lucky?

    The law for the C's this season is that everytime somebody is ready to come back or comes back from an injury, the other guy or two go down with injuries right away: the soft and sub-par Semih gets back, Perks gets hurt. Delonte is ready to come back…Marquis gets hurt…whn JO came back, KG got hurt…and then the opposite

    Good luck to Miami or Chicago in the Finals.
    Boston get's the "what could have been but for the injuries" trophy this year, as they did in 2009 and 2010…..so in 2011.

    • http://twitter.com/BradChampagne @BradChampagne

      jesus, chill man

    • Tom W

      you are the most negative dude on the internet. my goodness.

    • skeeds

      I bet he was yelling the exact same stuff last year around this time, just after the Allstar break.

      ELRoz, my man, chill! You really don't understand how good this team is do you? the C's could go back to the finals with a 6 man deep rotation. It's one thing to get frustrated and another to give up.

  • John

    jesus guys, they said it wasn't serious maybe a week or 2 and look at the next couple of teams we play…meloless denver, deronless utah and the clippers..we'll be fine

  • TedL

    That it's in his left knee is good, I suppose, unless it's a compensation injury. Maybe neither knee's any good.

  • I_Love_Green

    ElRoz is the biggest downer on this website. Don't listen to him. Listen to me as I tell you that we will have full health (besides JO, and Quis) in late March. Yes, we will have a fully healthy playoff roster, and we will rest our old dudes bumps and bruises the last week of the season.


    • Batman

      Hey you listen to me!

    • dtla la

      ElRoz is Sasha Vujacic.

      Yo, Sasha, STFU.

  • dfdf

    ElRoz in panic mode

  • kricky

    No need to overreact. But this makes it impossible to make a deal involving Semi. We may be forced to pick up our backup SF in the bought out free agent scrap heap.

    • Mike

      If they could make a trade and get Marcus Camby since apparently he's on the block, Semih could be traded for fair value of course. I still would like us to keep Semih and develop him he could be really good in a couple of years (when I hope the Celtics already have Dwight Howard under contract).

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