Post-game Reactions

3-point Shootout

Actually I’m not gonna hate on James Jones. He won fair and square, so congratulations to him. At least the Miami Heat found a way to beat the Celtics in something this year. You can’t really blame Ray Allen or Paul Pierce here. They made it to the finals, but then the shots just wouldn’t fall. It happens.

As for Pierce, though. Do you think he really wonders why the L.A. crowd was booing him and not Ray? Because that’s what he said when Sheryl Miller asked him about it. Come on, Paul. Is it remotely possible that the L.A. fans were booing you because you have a big mouth and sometimes have a tendency to be a little dramatic? And maybe Ray got some love because he just so happens to be one of the classiest players in the history of the NBA. I mean seriously Paul, you’re my favorite player of all-time, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Dunk Contest

Best three dunks of the night:

1. Javale McGee – It took him several tries, but that two-ball dunk was extremely impressive. Probably required the most skill of any dunk we saw.

2. Demar Derozan – The lob pass to himself, followed by a one-handed, over-the-shoulder, reverse dunk where he wasn’t even really looking at the basket. And he got it on the first try.

3. Serge Ibaka – Dunk from the free-throw line. What score did he get for that? Like a 45? A huge disservice to him on that. At least Charles Barkley came to his defense, because the judges didn’t seem to be paying attention.

But the NBA and all its text-loving fans decided 3 weeks ago that Blake Griffin was going to win, so in the end, nothing really mattered anyway. In Blake’s defense, McGee laid an egg during the final round, but his overall body of work should have won him the title. But Griffin’s two final dunks (the elbow-in-the-rim one and the jumping-over-the-car one) didn’t really do it for me. Too much show, not enough substance.

Either way, a great dunk contest, even if it left me a little disappointed with the results.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • I_Love_Green

    I thought Blake's off the backboard elbow in the rim dunk was the best. Especially because he got it first try.

  • MikeD

    Yeah, i hate that fans get to vote in the final round. Like just about everything else these days, it has become a popularity contest. Finals should have been Derozan and McGee. Ibaka could have got there but the stuffed animal thing was a bit too cheesy. It is a shame that things like this get predetermined, but thats the way it is. Having said all of that, it was the best dunk contest in a long time.

  • Batman

    Ibaka's free throw line dunk was ridiculous.


    MArko Milic in 1995 Slovenian All star dunk contest


    MArko Milic in 1995 Slovenian All star dunk contest

  • Ann

    I agree McGee whad have won. It think the NBA decided not the texting fans. What a shame.

  • Ann

    I agree McGee should have won.

  • Zee

    A few problems here:

    1. Paul didn't get booed because he has a big mouth. He got booed because he's from Inglewood, CA.

    2. Even if people had their sights set on Blake Griffin, he still had to deliver – and he did. His last dunk was the most difficult AND entertaining. Why? Here is why: You only get ONE TRY to try to dunk over a car. You MUST jump over it right the FIRST time, else you risk injury and major embarrassment. But moreso injury. The freethrow line dunk was good, but not impressive in that the guy is 7 feet tall. Plus, we've seen that before. Sure, his foot was behind the line, but records are made to be broken, and this wasn't a "break a record" contest.

    As for McGee, he didn't capitalize on ANY of his dunks the first time, and all anticipation and momentum was sucked out of the room with too many attempts on dunks, especially the last one. And, his last dunk wasn't the kind you save for a climatic ending.

    Other than Blake's last dunk (and his first one that he missed – it was HOT miss still!), the next best dunk was DeRozan's one handed lob and throw-down.

    Blake came out on top fair and square. He lived up to the hype. THAT'S the difference.


    • Chris O

      That over the car dunk was the weakest dunk of the whole contest. Yes he realistically have to get it in one try but he jumped from iside the dotted line. I could jump a car like he did by the time I was 12….that is NOT IMPRESSIVE. If he dunked over the car the long way (borderline impossible unless he parked a good amount of it under the hoop) that would have been the bst dunk. As it was both the baseline dunks of McGee and DeRozan were WAYYY BETTER. The car was just a hype. That's it. Ibaka from the FREE THROW LINE (behind it unlike MJ and DR J) as a 7 footer was redick…crazy crazy crazy ups. Blakes best dunk was his first of the night and the one he COULDN'T DO from the baseline with a pass from B. Diddy (why do so many great PGs have a hard time passing to teammates in a dunk contest?). All in all it was a great contest, the car dunk was nothing but dunking over a car, dare I say it involved a vehicle but was very PEDESTRIAN.

      • Razah

        It was the weakest dunk of the night, jumping over the bonnet of a car is WHACK. I've seen college players jump over the middle/body of the car…….McGee won it imo. His dunks in the 1st and 2nd rounds were ridiculous. My favorite of his was the rock the cradle from behind the backboard and his 2 ball, 2 hoops dunk was CRAZY. Not to mention the 3 ball dunks was just INSANE.____I loved Rozan's 1 handed reverse too…….those 2 were FAR better than Griffin.____Bonnet of a car…..PFFFFFFT. I love Griffin but come on…….if you're going to bring in a car and dunk over it, do it RIGHT.

    • Chris O

      FYI He didn't get booed cuz he's from Inglewood, he got booed cuz of the Wheelchair in the Finals a few years ago. Lakers fans and L.A. hates him for that