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Stein: C’s Pursuing Anthony Parker

CBS’s Ken Berger originally reported the interest in the 6-6 swingman by the C’s earlier this week and ESPN’s Marc Stein has confirmed the report, saying that Boston along with Chicago has interest in the sharpshooter. Here’s the latest from Stein:

The Celts covet an extra playoff-tested shooter/defender as much as the Bulls, with Marquis Daniels out indefinitely and Delonte West missing much of the season so far. Yet it remains to be seen whether either of the two teams is willing to meet Cleveland’s asking price.

The Cavs are seeking a quality draft pick or a young big man with promise in exchange for Parker, who’s averaging 11.5 points and shooting 47 percent on 3-pointers in February.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at Parker’s season and career numbers for the 35-year old.

2010-11 Regular Season 47 29.2 3.2-8.1 .400 1.4-3.4 .398 1.1-1.4 .769 2.9 2.9 0.1 1.0 1.5 1.1 8.9
Career 418 28.1 3.5-7.8 .447 1.3-3.0 .413 1.2-1.5 .809 3.2 2.2 0.2 0.9 1.6 1.0 9.4

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Parker is on the C’s radar as he really is the best player on the market right now that is attainable considering the C’s assets and his salary, which is 2.86 million.

From the Cavs perspective, it’s nice that Parker is still having a productive season despite the team’s struggles and there is clearly a market for him. It’s also important to note that Cleveland is paying over 15 million dollars in luxury tax right now, so they will without a doubt deal Parker to some team here before all is said and done, (along with several other players). The question is whether the C’s will offer up enough to be that squad.

With the need for draft picks and bigs, Danny Ainge has very little to offer in either category. Danny has shown a lot of reluctance in dealing 1st round picks in the past, unless its at draft time or a bonafide player (a la KG) so I wonder how hesitant he will be to do it here if there are other more reasonable deals waiting to be made out there.

And as far as the bigs go, Luke Harangody is likely not going to do much for the Cavs so Semih Erden is probably the guy the Cavs would be asking for. Signed for cheap money through next year, is giving up a solid big man like Erden worth it for what may be a one year rental? Again, it’s tough to tell.

With the Bulls involved, things become even trickier and this turns into a waiting game by both sides likely to see who else becomes available. In order to make any deal work, Marquis Daniels will likely be involved (with his 2.5 million salary hit to make the numbers work) with some cash attached to cover the remainder of his deal.

For now, it’s good to know Danny is looking in the right places to start, but he will have tough choices to consider when it comes to dealing future parts for help now. What would you be willing to give up if you’re Ainge?

  • Carlos

    I'd give Erden. He's a 7 ftr that can't create his own shot and feasts of dropoffs. Can finish with either hand in the post but has shown no quality post moves. Good size insurance but the priority right now is the wings.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    I'd like to see a deal for Parker work out – I'll admit, I was shocked when I learned (today) that the guy is 35! I think he has much more to offer than James Posey at this point.
    Right now, we're on pace to finish at 61-21 – a very respectable regular season record…although, we have 17 of the remaining 28 games to play on the road…so, it may be hard to keep the pace…especially if we're still trying to manage the constant injury problems and ease up on the starters minutes a bit before the playoffs. Even if we keep the pace and finish with 61 wins, I don't know if that secures home court – even in the East. Miami only has 10 road games left this year, so they should certainly be able to keep up with (but more likely, increase) their current win percentage…even though I think our remaining schedule (looking at the opponents) is easier than theirs.

    We've got to finish on a TEAR – not stumble into the post-season.

    • Chris O

      MIA plays a killer schedule after the All Star break playing all the best teams in a row like we just went thru (even worse than we just played actually).

  • CsFanInArkansas

    All that to say, we can't afford to be getting nothing from Semih, Quisy, Nate, Delonte, JO and Shaq. Baby and Von can come in and contribute…Luke and Avery aren't going to log much time on the floor.

    At this point – for Banner 18 – I'd give up a 1st rounder and Quisy for Parker (if the Cavs would take that). But we've already got unreliable bigs in the Oneals…I don't think we should give up our cheap, young 7 footer to get Parker. That would leave us with BBD as our only real front-line backup for the remainder of the regular season – with the occasional Shaq siting…not much depth there…

  • Rich

    why is people wanting to give up Semih Erden? he has been pretty solid as a rookie and people are not taking in consideration injuries at all!!! I do NOT trust perkins, shaq, or JO to remain healthy for the whole playoffs. No way I'm dealing Erden. Personally, I'm not a huge Harangody fan. Let's just hope the Celtics are just keeping their options open in case no good player is bough out.

  • Batman

    Let's force them to take Luke!

  • ccc

    n0t Semih!!!he’s my Id0l..

  • Mariya

    I think I'm going to be biting my nails until the trade deadline is up. It will be hard for me to see anyone go. I don't want Marquis or Nate to leave, and I've grown so attached to Semih. I agree with Batman. Let's force them to take Luke! (Although I'd be very sad to see him leave as well.)

    • Batman

      are you sure you will be unhappy? he's not very good
      i know we all love underdog stories, but banner 18 is more important

      • Scott

        if you are referring to Luke as the "…he's not very good" you could make the argument that in the games JO played this year, and the games Luke has played in this year, Luke has been equal, dare i say better. He can hit jump shots (unlike JO) good rebounder, and hustles his a** off. I don't know about not that good, but maybe tradeable.

        • Chris O

          Clearly you have never seen a healthy JO, he is a good shooter and rebounder and plays very good defense.

          • Scott

            no i have seen a healthy JO.. but i have not seen one this season.. Nor have i seen a good JO. I know what he is capable of. i was excited when we got him. but he has been hot garbage this year, and Luke has played better than expected, and he deserves credit for that.

          • Batman

            Why does comparing him to J.O make Luke good? First off J.O is a former All-Star, Luke has nothing on him. Besides J.O hasn't done anything. But what has he done? He played well against the raptors and hasn't done anything.

  • Perry

    An interesting 3 teamer …

    The Wolves are the go to source for any team who wants to deal, but is over the cap. They acquire two offensive weapons to mesh with K-Love and Beasley.

    Charlotte is a cap room nightmare, but the 8th seed is in play and there's no need to move Diaw or Mohammed as their respective contracts expire this season. Jackson is one contract they would consider moving.

    The Wolves' Martell Webster has playing in Beasley's shadow all season long. Charlotte breaks even on the contract length, but they would save 9m over three year period and in is new diggs Webster just might start looking like the player he was in Portland.

    From the C's perspective they resign Quis as he would surely be bought out. Assuming he's given the green light to play again, all of a sudden the back up 3 becomes a position of depth when they acquire a young building block with defensive length. His offensive game is coming around and his contract expires in 2012.

    … I'm just saying.

    • Scott

      interesting trade. would never happen. Jordan will not trade S-Jack for martell webster. They wouldnt win a game. Webster is good, but he is no S-jack.

  • I_Love_Green

    I really don't want to trade Semih. Some people don't realize he's only a rookie, and he's 7 feet tall! Nobody really expected anything from Semih this year (being the last pick in the draft), and he's provided some good play when he gets his minutes. He's already a better finisher at the rim than Perkins, and he's mobile enough to learn some effective post moves in a few years. DON'T TRADE THE TURKISH MONSTER!

    But a trade including Quis+Gody+2nd rounder I think could possibly go through. And if they absolutely insist on a first rounder, we should get a 2nd rounder in return from them.

  • Scott

    I dont like having to give up Erden, but is Ainge REALLY worried about draft picks? Our drafts havent really been that stellar for a number of reasons, since the big three era (BTE). Firstly, they are late in the first round because the celts keep doing so well, and secondly because they never get any playing time. The one rookie that is getting PT is Luke (2nd rounder…….) and thats because he is producing, and because the bigs are dropping like flies (sorry for the cliche). Sell the second round draft pick, work a little magic, and send MD over to cleveland. He cant play anyway, so its not like he'll have to be emotionally distraught over there. Plus, they could end up buying him out??

    Rough though on Semih.. he has done WAY more than expected, and he is the other rookie that we are playing and he was the LAST pick in the draft. In this BTE, we don't play our first round draft picks, so you might as well get some value out of them instead of using them, and then sending them down to the d-leauge, or gluing them to the bench.

    • Scott

      corrrection… 6th line – "sell the FIRST ROUND draft pick, work a little…."

  • john schaffer

    no way get rid of semih yes 7 footer , i know we all rememebr big al and perk the first few years in the league couldnt chew bubble gum and dribble , give the guy a chance . least hes not like jermaine he trys

  • Celtic Freak

    does anyone remember, in the pre-season when there were rumors that we would get rudy fernandez, yeh what happened to those rumors i hope we can get some one like that

  • skeeds

    unfortunately the time when Rudy was in the market has long passed… He's fit in with the Blazers, he's producing, we missed our window…

    I'm sorry guys but most of these trades proposed hit the same wall. We have no assets. Bear in mind that any team with even marginal possibility to reach the playoffs won't trade for draft picks (and low ones too), and expiring contracts, which is pretty much all we can give.

    Not to mention I'd rather we don't gamble trading for a has-been or a "veteran" a la Michael Finley. I'm much more comfortable with Nate's weird up and downs. He's playing good d, and is an amazing hustler on the court. We need that, even if he isn't scoring well.

  • kricky

    Can Parker guard LBJ and other 3s the way Marquis can / Tony Allen did?

    I'm not so sure. We need a defensive stopper more than a guy that can knock down the 3. Posy cc 2007-8 would be the perfect fit. But does he have anything left in the tank? Still the guy we sign only really needs to give us 15-20 good minutes game as PP's backup. Maybe Posy could still do that.

    • lockdog

      Posey could definitely do it and we could dump jo an md+2 rounder=Foster and Posey


    This would be a really stupid trade. Why would you give up a great up and coming Center in Erden? The guy has KG/Shaq and Perk as his mentors and if you guys forgot, the guy was a beat in the FIBA Championships this past summer. The guy is just banged up. And ANTHONY PARKER?! wth.. the guy is washed up. He sucked when he played for the Cavs, and peaked when he was with the Raps. He's gaaaaarbage (in the South Park "It's a Jersey Thing" voice) … and I mean, s*1t, if you've ever tried using him in a videogame these past few years, he's even digital garbage too. Our team is already old as it is. If we're smart we look for a better SF type player to back up Pierce. Heaven forbid The Truth gets hurt one day and we're really thin at that spot. A guy like Igoudala would be awesome who is versatile at the SG/SF spot.. I know that sounds like a big dream and all but we gotta stack our roster up coz the window is closing. We gotta do it Dallas Mavericks style and not give a f*** about the cap or anything coz the time is NOW. Here are some dudes I'm willing to trade away JERMAINE for, plus throw some money and picks in there:

    Mbah a Moute (Bucks are stacked at SF)
    Travis Outlaw
    James Posey (who knows, boy might still have it)
    TAYSHAUN PRINCE (just blow up that Pistons team already)
    SONNY WEEMS (baaaallller)
    Dorell Wright (I wish).
    or sign Adam Morrison (… my joke of the day).. hey, the guy has TWO RINGS. I know eh?

  • Zee

    I trust the Danny and Doc will make the right decision. They have so far. They can't help these injuries took place and crippled us some.

    • NHBluesMan

      for the most part they have… or have you forgotten Starbury and Mikki Moore?

      but overall, i do trust them, i'm just hoping we don't need to give up Semih to get a good piece

  • JP-

    This is interesting with the Parker deal. Hopefully the bulls have nothing to offer and the Cavs just buy him out so he can sign here.

  • John V

    I'd be fine giving up Erdin for the right guy, but I don't think Parker is that guy. I see the stats, but when I've seen him play, I've never been impressed. For example, what did he ever do against us? Before the Cleveland series last year, did anyone think, "Ray is going to have a hard time, what with Anthony Parker guarding him"? I didn't think it, and it didn't happen.

    I still think we should be able to get Prince. Mbah a Moute would be great, too. If those guys (and Battier) aren't available, I'd even prefer a reunion with Posey over Anthony Parker.

  • John V

    According to Mark Spears at Yahoo Sports, "The Rockets would also like to move one of their many swingmen, possibly forward Shane Battier". That's a guy worth trading Erdin and more for.

  • john

    We need to do something maybe bring in Francisco Garcia and Jason Thompson for scoring punch and rebounds counter the move that Orlando might be making acquiring Troy Murphy double double man ……