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Five Scattered Thoughts From Last Night’s Win

1) Pierce is feeling just fine
The C’s captain reverted into 2001 form for a lot of this one, set on redeeming himself after a putrid one-point performance Sunday against Miami. He took command from the opening tip, hitting his first four baskets in the first quarter and stayed incredibly aggressive all evening on his way to a 31 point outing. The aggressiveness really stood out on a night the outside shooting wasn’t work as Pierce took the ball to the hole consistently and tied a season high with 13 free throws, as well as one thunderous jam in the opening minutes. In short, the guy is clearly fine, so it’s nice to have to worry about the lingering effects for once.

2) Aggression is Good

The C’s have been a below average team all year when it comes to free throw rate, and that’s been a major factor in the team’s recent subpar offense. Last night however, keyed by Pierce, the C’s paraded to the line with a season high 39 free throw attempts, with the captain accounting for a one-third of those. Boston picked it up in this department in the second half of last year, so hopefully this is a sign of the same as falling into the jump shooting trap has got this team in trouble lately.

3) Von Wafer is getting consistent

It’s amazing what regular minutes and a few made outside shots can do for a guy. I’ve liked Wafer’s play all year, where he consistently was making the right play and pass, but the outside shots weren’t falling in his limited opportunities. With the shooting guard firmly entrenched in the rotation now though for the foreseeable future, he’s delivering for Doc Rivers on both ends of the floor.

4) Delonte’s Ok
No further damage on the x-rays from yesterday, just some soreness from a jammed wrist. Rivers was hopeful before the game West would return for the Golden State game, but this is obviously going to be a game by game issue going forward. We’ll keep an eye on it, but it looks to be a minor setback for now thankfully.

5) Semih’s Homesick

The Turkish center is back home and will be until next week to rest up his injured groin and get some time with his sick mother. Nice to see the team let him go back for now, as it has had to be a tough transition for the guy, especially on this roster this year.

  • http://TheCBBG.blogspot.com Tessa

    I was one of the people saying that Paul should sit out last nights game… And then he came out and put up 31. I did read that he was feeling some pain/soreness in the locker room, but I'm glad to see that these injuries won't be a repeat of last year and seem to be manageable.

    About Von Wafer, I have to admit he impressed me. I was down on him a lot- especially early on, when it looked like he didn't care about being on the team and still made the roster over Lasme- but he's turned things around. I love his aggressiveness on offense and how he's bought in to playing defense.

  • john schaffer

    the way wafer came along gives doc a chance to play him and get results and leave nate on the bench or set up for a trade for a 3 on the roster

  • debbie

    wafer was great last night. they just need to get rid of nate. he can not make shots.he always tries to make his 3 points shots and misses most of time. he doesn't let the clock run down once he gets the ball he runs to the other end and throws it up hoping it comes in. just leave his ass on the bench and play wafer i think he is better at least he makes his baskets

  • stephen

    Don't worry Debbie. When Delonte comes back Nate will be where he belongs, sitting on the bench. In fact, the C's should use Nate in trade talks for either Battier or Rip Hamilton.

  • Robert

    Battier would be an absolute perfect fit for the C's, but I doubt the Rockets would let him go for anything the C's have to offer.

  • stephen

    @Robert—- Good point, however the Rockets are looking to dump some salary off their payroll. The huge contract of Yao Ming with very little return for their money is leading the charge in that direction

  • keltic

    although i agree with the comments about trading nate, i think we should wait until delonte comes back to make a final judgment on him…if all goes to plan delonte and nate are a great combo for the second unit…nilla wafer could now be used in either in first or second unit, but he def deserves more playing time and brings a whole different level of energy and athletic ability off the bench that the celtics haven't had in years, if only he was 2 inches taller and 20 lbs bigger! anyway im telling you the combo of nate/delonte is going to make you guys wish u never said anything about trading nate ( i may be wrong but i doubt it!!!)

    • Zee

      There are only seven days left to trade.

      • keltic

        good point…i guess if we could use nate to get someone to back up Paul as a defensive stopper (battier/prince) then i say do it…however that seems unlikely so at this point just hope delonte gets healthy and nate finds his stroke and wont have to think about running an offense (thinking is his downfall he just needs to play)

        • Zee

          I don't think we should trade Nate, nor do I think Danny and Doc will. I won't say they haven't entertained the idea though, or anyone on the team for that matter (except our starting 5).

          I believe we'll be fine once we get healthy bodies. Right now everyone is calling for a potential trade based upon an injury-based season start. It's not as easy to see things clearly when key people are out of place.

          For the most part Nate has had to fill a roll off the bench he wasn't meant to. I give him a pass and a thumbs up for making the effort to be a PG. He's a SG.

  • Chris O

    Yes seriously, guys stip hating on Nate. If Quisy comes back we are great with back up wings/points with Delonte, Wafer, Quis, and Nate….they have all been STARTERS in the NBA. Our bigs when healthy would be beast too….probably the deepest team I have ever seen.

    • Zee

      Agreed. Read my response above.

      • JP-

        the Marquis situation isn't looking very good. It would be nice to get a back up for Paul via trade or buyout.

  • Perry

    DA hinted today there are 15 to 20 trade options being looked at. But he tempered his words by underlining the decision will be based on the health of Quis. With no palpable back up for PP this would be the first option in need of an upgrade. Considering the emergence of Wafer, and with Delonte on the mend, Nate appears to be the odd man out. By the looks of is play of late it makes you wonder if he's hearing footsteps.

    Too bad Rudy Gay is on the shelf for a month because Memphis was dangling Mayo and his price tag works in a straight up deal for Nate. Mayo defensively is a gem and more measured offensively than Quis. The Grizz have been hot of late while Mayo serves is 10 game suspension.

    I'm not ruling out Quis being dealt and bought out if he can't play for the remainder of the season.

    I don't put much credence into Troy Murphy when you consider Shaq and Semih are due back next week. Reportedly JO is in a much better place mentally after the surgery.

    Anthony Parker has been mentioned, but Cleveland is over the cap and a straight up deal involving Nate won't work, but Parker for Quis does.

    Nate for somebody has to be on the table or Quis gets traded and bought out. Otherwise you have give up on AB or Gody to make room for buyout.

  • http://lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts

    Pierce started off tough right from the start,
    Shook off the flu and played with all heart.
    His hand and foot injuries were held at bay,
    It was an up and down game that went the Cs' way.

    There were tricky moments when the Nets came to life,
    The Celtics bench couldn't handle the strife.
    In Q2 we had no defense and ten Nets scored,
    The crowd was quiet, but surely not bored.

    Lopez tired out Perk, he got Davis instead,
    Though still for a while the Nets were ahead.
    Then in Q4 Nate really lit up the Garden,
    Back to back twos, his resolve did harden.

    Q4 the Cs played defense so inspired,
    And got the pre all-star win desired.
    Wafer got good minutes, a few for Bradley and Luke,
    All three were pretty solid, hard work, no fluke.

    After the win against the Heat we could have just rested,
    Instead in this game our character was tested.
    We didn't want the night the Lakers did have,
    They couldn't get a win against any Cav.

    Now to end these poems it must be said
    Of Reggie Ray is now 5 ahead.

  • jonathan

    I say we try to get Anthony Randolph from the Knicks, hardly plays, star potential and is versatile enough to play multiple positions. Randolph & Roger Mason for Nate, salaries match

    • Batman

      star potential? what????

      • jonathan

        last year he averaged 12 points, 6 boards and 1.5 blocks, in only 22 min. Per 36 min, thats 18 points, 9 boards and 2.25 blocks. He's only 21, and could learn alot behind Kg & Shaq.

        • JP-

          I actually like this idea, but it won't happen with the Melo stuff out there. Randolph could be a good player in the right system. Keep in mind though, he played in Golden State, everyone's numbers are a bit inflated there because of the pace

          • jonathan

            That's true, i'd be interesting though who Danny Ainge gets. This is just a suggestion

  • Zee

    The only thing about trading Nate with thoughts of West returning is how well will West play post-injury? And how likely is a re-injure to occur with those who've had broken wrists?

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