Post-game Reactions

New Jersey at Boston
7:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 105.1 points/100 possessions (13th)
New Jersey: 99.8 points/100 possessions (28th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 97.6 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)
New Jersey: 106 points allowed/100 possessions (19th)

Probable New Jersey Starters: Devin Harris (PG), Anthony Morrow (SG), Travis Marquez Outlaw (SF), Derrick Bernard Favors (PF), Brook Lopez (C)

View from the Opposing Bench: Nets Are Scorching

The Nets roll in from Paterson or Short Hills or Toms River or wherever they’re playing now for the third game in their season series against the Celtics. For a division rival, it seems like a while since we saw the Nets. The C’s played them twice in late November-early December, and Nate Robinson started both games. Neither one was all that competitive, but we all remember the nadir of last season, when the Celtics solidified their swoon with a loss to an even worse Nets team. Trap game for sure. Let’s get into it.


Defensive rebound? They’re tenth in the league, but that’s what qualifies for “well” with these goofballs. Kris Humphries, take a bow!

Make things boring for everyone. 4th lowest pace in the league at 91.8 possessions per game. It’s my impression that all of the starters can run reasonably well, and that Avery Johnson likes pushing the pace as a coach. So…anyway.


Score baskets. They can’t score at the rim (3rd worst in the league). They can’t hit midrange or long jumpers (9th worst). They’re sub-average from three-point territory (13th worst), which means that this is probably not going to happen. The only location from which they hit pretty well is inside ten feet, where they’re 6th best in the league thanks to Johan Petro and Terrence Williams, who’s taken his talents at destroying team chemistry to Houston.

Force turnovers. They’re last in the league, although it seems to me that a decent percentage of Rondo’s turnovers are unforced, so we’ll see if this makes any difference.


Kris Humphries, potentially? Again, he’s a very good rebounder now.

Plus, Kim Kardashian and I are very close, personally, and I’m worried she’s going to get her heart broken again. She and Kris spent Valentine’s Day apart, and she pretended like she didn’t care, but we went scarf shopping two days ago and she told me it really devastated her. “This is Ray J all over again,” I said. “I know,” she said. “Mm-hmmm.” I said. “So crazy,” she said.


Where…to…begin…Brook Lopez? Still in the midst of a pronounced decline from what was supposed to be his breakout year last year, most notably represented by a huge drop in his total rebound rate? He could find no purchase against the Celtics interior in the first two games: he went 7 for 20 overall with a total of 11 rebounds, and Shaq dropped 25 points on him in the first game. He misses Ryan Anderson! Sure, they can always read Hellblazer to each other over the phone, but it’s not the same!

Travis Outlaw? Passably underrated two years ago in Portland, he is now arguably the league’s worst player. That may seem like an outrageous claim, but he gets a huge amount of usage (played all 55 games, 30 MPG) for someone with a PER of 8.70. He was never a great rebounder, and that hasn’t changed, but what has changed is he absolutely cannot shoot anymore. He’s taken more threes than ever this year and dropped a full seven points on his percentage. Just very terrible. I remember him lighting up the Celtics a couple times when he was on the Blazers, but I don’t see that happening today, no matter how gimpy Pierce is.

Sasha Vujacic? Have his Nets teammates learned to hate him like the Lakers did yet? (THIS VIDEO HAS A SWEAR IN IT)


Just a big ol’ win. Light minutes all around. Paul Pierce’s foot to stay on his ankle. No injuries, facryinoutloud.


Celtics 103, Nets 92

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  • Batman

    Oh dear that large African-American male used a word that is considered profane in most social circles.

    • Batman

      Other than that…..I'm actually happy because since I live in New York, I can't watch Celtic's games on T.V unless it's nationally televised, or they are vsing the Nets/Knicks.

      • someguyinsac

        atdhe.fm is the cure. I can't afford league pass, but it works well for all the games that aren't local for me, which is all I get to go to. Just make sure your anti-virus is up to date!

        • Zee

          League pass is less than half off now with half season pricing.

          • someguyinsac

            I'm terrible for doing it, but for the "half season" dollars I but the tickets to the game in Oakland. The first half season bucks go for game tickets in Sac.

          • someguyinsac

            *but* should be *buy*. Where's that edit button when I need it!

  • JP-

    LOL @ Bynum video, no one likes Sacha, especially when he says he can drop 30 at anytime he wants, lets see him do it tonight….

    • Batman

      You dare disrespect the Machine? Bow before him!

      • JP-


  • I_Love_Green

    I still have nightmares about his 2 free throws against us.

  • I_Love_Green

    Bad Brook!

  • I love the theme you created. Very simple, clean, elegant. I would like to know, however, if it is possible to edit the theme colors from Green to a Royal Blue – most of my site’s other content is Royal Blue – and after searching through the CSS files, I am as of yet unable to find the particular line that changes the text colors for all the H, and A on the theme Hande yener….. reply would be appreciated

    • Zee


      • someguyinsac

        It's an orphan comment maybe?

        • Zee

          I suppose 🙂

          • someguyinsac

            Yes! Yes! Think of the orphans, the poor things!

  • Zee

    Our boys are BALLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zee

    I believe Doc's strategy is not to dominate with a large margin, but to let the bench play the Nets starters and tire them down. Then our starters can close the game easily with fresh legs down the stretch.

  • ElRoz

    Boston starters appear to be in for long minutes once again.

    Boston canot put away NJ? One has come to always expect these games from the C's after a big win… almost assured let down….a nail-biter against NJ?
    What a momentum to go on into the all-star break! Hey, if NJ outscores them in the 3rd, the C's just might lose the game tonight…and erase the whole Miami effort…the Heat are not going to let Toronto win….but Boston might just get a loss tonight!
    And that's after KG said Boston needs to take care of this game….and so he was ignored by the rest…no leadership.

  • WTF

    Call whatever you want, Boston does not have the heart and killer instinct of a champion in these supposed easy games…sigh…

  • ncguy

    where can you watch a game online? atdhe.net is down

    • someguyinsac

      ATDHE.FM, feds got the .net domain a week or 2 ago.

  • JP-

    Good win, good minutes, no one over 40. Nice little win to take into the break

  • Zee


    FINAL: CAVS 104 // LAKERS 99


    GO C'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • diehardceltic

      I was doing a happy little dance while watching the last seconds of that game!!! Kobe ate his Jersey after missing that three……..oh how I thrive on Kobes frustrations and the Fakers in general!!!! That's a good moralle boost for the Cavs

      • Zee

        LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>> http://www.didthecavswin.com

        • I_Love_Green

          Remember when we lost to the nets last year? Probably how the lakers feel now.

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