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The Celtics have officially won the season series with the Miami Heat despite being dealt some interesting cards.  The Celtics were forced to play today’s game with only eight semi-healthy bodies.  Adding insult to injury, Paul Pierce failed to get it going on the offensive end.  He may be suffering from an unknown injury, still feeling the effects of his reported bout with the flu, or perhaps he just had a bad game.  Still I cannot remember a game in which Paul Pierce was so ineffective on the offensive end.  In 40 minutes, Paul Pierce was 0-10 from the field and scored a total of one point.  Scary Bad.  On the flip side, Pierce played a masterful defensive game against LeBron James.

On the surface it seems odd that the Celtics can win a game against the Miami Heat when one of their big three is not playing well.  If you dig a little deeper, you’ll see why the Celtics were able to win.  Kudos go to the Miami Deep Threats James Jones, Mike Miller, and Eddie House as they shot a  combined 1-for-12 from distance.  That is not a figure you will see often, but then again, neither is Paul Pierce’s box score entry.

One last thing to note before Mike gets you caught up with some more substantial analysis:  the officiating was grotesquely bad today.  The flagrant foul call on Dwyane Wade, the numerous times LeBron James got hit on his way to the basket, and phantom calls on Kevin Garnett all make a strong case for league review.  I don’t think I want any of these guys officiating in the playoffs aside from Ken Mauer.  He’s not great, but he still had an emphatic “No Call” signal on the Garnett lean-in screen that precipitated Wade’s “flagrant” foul.  This type of differentiation from officials is necessary for the playoffs, especially when things get a lot more physical.

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  • lkk23

    i just read on twitter that pierce sprained his hand in practice and that he will also have an MRI that and on his foot monday

  • ElRoz

    As I said about a week ago when yet another injury hit Boston – Daniels – this team will continue to lose players every few games….then Nate went down…..now we hear that Shaq and Semih are not really recovering even though they are doing NOTHING.

    Now Pierce…this is going to be worse than 2009 and 2010…but at least it is consistent – a clear 3-year pattern that should continue into 2011-2012 season as well.

    Goodby banner #18.

    • badnewsmonkey

      @ElRoz: bad news monkey! bad news monkey!

      Good work today Cs! Y'all get better soon alright!!!

    • JP-

      wow a little quick to judgment, we still have a ways to go, no need to panic yet, unless this pierce injury turns out to be something

  • I think thats BS, he seemed fine in the first half, just had an off day, he was fine on D on LeBron…

    • dslack

      You don't need your hand as much to play defense as to shoot.

  • Nate

    Officiately was absolutly terrible in the second half. When was the last time you saw a 5 sec call ( a quick 5 secs) for posting up? I guess it's a rule but it never gets called, I watched kobe post up in the laker orlando game for like 8 seconds…. Dwight has back to the basket all the time for God knows how long. Can someone please explain to me what that was all about and why that officiating should just straight up be fired?

    • Dropstep

      two wrongs don't make a right? the 5 sec call didn't bother me. if it was the right call, it's the right call. *shrug* i think there were other calls that were more suspect than that one.

      • Nate

        I agree that there were worse calls, the fouls on Garnett late game, for example. I just pointed out the 5 second call to show the comlete lack of consistancy in the NBA. They pick and choose when they call stuff and when they don't (ex. def/off three seconds could be called almost everytime down the floor).

        • Dropstep

          I agree. they're definitely inconsistent. Some of that is human error; some of it is willful. The offensive foul on Garnett was especially bad. Let us be glad we came away with the win though, right? 🙂

  • Dropstep

    wondering if the MRI on foot goes back to those few games he left early to get "treatment" on his ankle or if it's a new injury. either way Celtics did well today. I always planned to watch but I was wary – ready for a loss if it came. The fourth quarter could have been better offensively – some open shots were way off from Ray and Pierce. But I take the win however it comes! I really hope Pierce is not seriously hurt. The Celtics truly truly cannot take another injury. I hope he sits out the All star game (selfish I know).

  • hdavenport

    Don't forget Wade checking Baby to the floor on the last shot.

  • NHBluesMan

    i attribute it to a bad scoring night… Pierce has a track record of doing poor on offense when he steps up on defense, and he had some very good looks at the basket, he just couldn't convert

    regardless, this was a HUGE win for the C's, and even though Heat fans are still flapping their gums over 'well, if this…. Haslem isn't healthy… blah blah blah" this win was a statement against the NBA.

    i also find it INCREDIBLY ironic that when we beat the Heat the first 2 times, all their fans were like "Yeah, well, when Miller is healthy it'll be a different story!" and who had the ball in their hands with a chance to tie it at the end? Oh yeah… Mike Miller

  • Zee

    Lakers down by 18 with under 2 minutes to go! TODAY IS A BLESSED DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Zee

    How can you make NO MENTION of Rondo's triple double?????

  • I_Love_Green

    How can you make no mention of Pekrs 7-9 from the line! Or Von's 10 huge points off the bench!

    I really like Von.

    • Zee

      Me too! He's been stepping up a lot lately! And he has no fear!

    • KBA

      Von was good but he offset his production with a few of "Tony Allen brain farts", esp the double dribble. what was that all about? he does bring good energy and could be a good contributor, esp now that he'll get a chance with Marquis out.

    • JP-

      I always thought the Von signing was a good one, he is helping this team out a lot right now, and may be asked to do more heavy lifting, especially against the Nets

    Lebron's talents in South Beach, he left them today,
    One of two huge free throws didn't go his way,
    Then Baby got fouled and he was able to show,
    How those important free throws ought to go.

    Things got a little chippy, that's NBA ball,
    Rondo got banged by Big Z, boy did he fall,
    So KG set a hard pick sending Miller to the floor,
    Then Wade's flagrant against KG-6 points the Cs score.

    There were whistles, then more whistles, a huddle for the Heat,
    Where Rondo hung with Miami til Ray made him retreat.
    When Lebron tried to dribble up the floor with his pace,
    There was Rondo–everywhere– right in his face.

    Pierce has a sore foot to go with a hand sprain,
    0 for 10 isn't right, that flu is a drain.
    Bosh said this game was for the East's crowned best,
    Rondo, with his triple double, head and shoulders above the rest.

    Now to end these poems it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 4 ahead.

  • Clovey

    What is wrong with the author? How in the hell was that NOT a flagrant on Wade? He intentionally attacked Garnett physically and made it known afterwards verbally that it was deliberate. And you still think this should not have been flagrant? What constitutes flagrant to you, sir? Actual fists being thrown? Piledrivers?

    • Batman

      It was a flagarant legally, but it was a terrible call because Garnett got away with the dirty screen and Dwayne wade was angry

      • Qqq

        But of course Garnett only set such a hard pick because Rondo was creamed the play before (with no foul call). Refs I'm sure felt like they had to let Garnett off, given he was only doing what they let go the play before. But when things started getting out of hand with Wade they had to scale things down. I think the flagrant was a pretty server overreaction (should have been a straight foul on Wade), but hey, this is the NBA, where arbitrary refs happen!

        (I mean, we all know before the game that if both Big Baby and LeBron do exactly the same jump-step move, there will be exactly one travel call, sure. But when a ref decides he's going to call a defensive three seconds regardless of what actually happens, why not just let everyone know before the play so we can save everyone a little time and effort? Is that too much to ask?)

  • dslack

    Yeah, but I don't think Ilgauskas's screen was a foul. I think KG's should have been, and Wade's was properly a flagrant (though that call was unfair without the foul call on KG).