Post-game Reactions

Ray Allen is now alone atop the NBA Three Point Pinnacle and may have also set a record for most dap received between the first and second quarters of a basketball game.  Let’s chronicle it.

Ray Allen ties the record for most three point shots made in a career.

And this is what history looks like.

And there was much rejoicing.

Here’s Kobe Bryant and his halfhearted close out.

This is the face you make when you make history.

Let the dap begin.  First, there’s Kobe Bryant paying his respects.

Then Rondo.

Passing the torch.

That right there, is a delicious bench sandwich.

Armond Hill.

The respect for Ray crosses international waters.

The Captain salutes.

A Doo Dap.

Avery Bradley is so jealous…

Big Baby’s big hug.

Ray Allen salutes the crowd.

Reggie Miller and Ray Allen’s Mom share a moment.

This would not have been possible without this Lil’ lady.

Familial love.

Familial love part deux.

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  • Nbsmatambo

    Lol at “this wouldn’t have been possibly without this lil lady”

  • Eric

    I love this post so much.

  • Dropstep

    The Avery Bradley caption is awesome. That was such an exciting moment. Only a win would have made it better. I kept shouting for somebody to foul so that the game would stop and Ray could be properly celebrated. Congrats Ray!

  • JP-

    Great moment for Ray. I was watching it, and had the same reaction as the crowd did. Let him extend his record against the Heat on sunday.

    Let's start with the special news of the day,
    From Reggie's record Ray's no longer away.
    He went over to Reggie, an announcer tonight,
    Gave each other hugs- what a beautiful sight.

    Just in case the great moment you missed,
    Rajon Rondo got the assist.
    A sweet thing after the shot they did show,
    "That's my baby," said a very proud Flo.

    In Q2 the Celtics showed lots of spunk,
    Wafer with a block, Ray with a dunk!
    Then the Lakers went on a 10-0 run
    Only three attempts in the half, Kobe made one.

    Q3 the Lakers came alive indeed,
    And started getting the aggressive offense they need.
    Last game Gasol's elbow hit Garnett's head,
    Tonight his jaw hit Odom instead.

    Q4 KG tried to encourage the crowd,
    After the Lakers run, they stopped being loud.
    There were foul troubles for the Cs and injuries galore,
    We hardly had a full team to put on the floor.

    After all the excitement of the record for Ray,
    The Celtics in this game just could not stay.
    A big win for the Lakers, we are tied for the season,
    Like Doc, we'll make no excuses or try to give a reason.

    Just for a moment I have digressed,
    Those "Where Amazing Happens" ads are the best.
    A surprise commercial that was really nice,
    We saw the cool guy advertising Old Spice.

    Now to end these poems it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 2 ahead.

    Posted by CELTICSLOVE at 8:03 PM

    • celtics_fan

      amazing 🙂


    Ray is all class! What a epic moment to witness. And just how grateful Ray was!
    You could also see, how much of a boost did that give the team. Too bad the game was that long 🙂
    One thig I didn't get: what's up with Avery? Such a cold gesture… I know he's been away for some time, but come on! Even Kobe gave him more love! OK, I get, that kobe has more appretiation for what allen achieved, but I don't think there was a fan, that wouldn't want to al least smile, if not hug Ray… Wierd or what?!
    Anyway, it was one of my favourite halves ever… Too bad there had to be another one 🙂

  • Stephen

    Possibly the very best pure shooter in NBA history. Congradulations to Ray and save some of them 3#'s for the finals.