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Things started well as the Ray Allen set the all-time record for three-pointers in the first quarter as the Celtics jumped out to a double digit lead against the defending champions. The Lakers hunkered down though in the closing moments of the first half and through the final 24 minutes on the defensive end, limiting an undermanned C’s squad to just 33 points in the final two periods while Kobe did work (20 of 23 points in second half) down the stretch to help ice the win for the visitors.

Also add Nate Robinson to the list of the walking wounded as he left this one in the second quarter with a bruised right knee and did not return, leaving the C’s with just seven rotation players including a sick Paul Pierce for the final 36 minutes. With that hand, it’s tough to fault the loss in what was ultimately a winnable game.

Brendan Jackson has you covered with a full recap coming shortly…..

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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    Let's start with the special news of the day,
    From Reggie's record Ray's no longer away.
    He went over to Reggie, an announcer tonight,
    Gave each other hugs- what a beautiful sight.

    Just in case the great moment you missed,
    Rajon Rondo got the assist.
    A sweet thing after the shot they did show,
    "That's my baby," said a very proud Flo.

    In Q2 the Celtics showed lots of spunk,
    Wafer with a block, Ray with a dunk!
    Then the Lakers went on a 10-0 run
    Only three attempts in the half, Kobe made one.

    Q3 the Lakers came alive indeed,
    And started getting the aggressive offense they need.
    Last game Gasol's elbow hit Garnett's head,
    Tonight his jaw hit Odom instead.

    Q4 KG tried to encourage the crowd,
    After the Lakers run, they stopped being loud.
    There were foul troubles for the Cs and injuries galore,
    We hardly had a full team to put on the floor.

    After all the excitement of the record for Ray,
    The Celtics in this game just could not stay.
    A big win for the Lakers, we are tied for the season,
    Like Doc, we'll make no excuses or try to give a reason.

    Just for a moment I have digressed,
    Those "Where Amazing Happens" ads are the best.
    A surprise commercial that was really nice,
    We saw the cool guy advertising Old Spice.

    Now to end these poems it must be said,
    Of Reggie Ray is now 2 ahead.

  • someguyinsac

    I'm HAPPY for Ray, but bummed we lost. That's pretty much all I can say at this point, sh!t happens so what can you do?


    Champs over Chumps!!!!!!!!!

    • someguyinsac

      That's what you said last game, right?

      • LAKERS FAN

        Yes I did. You have a good memory. . . . . I also said it last year in June.

      • Tom W

        I think what LAKERS FAN meant to say was "Champs over the Injury Depleted!!!!"
        Congrats, LA, you still can't beat us at full power.

        • AEH

          Excuses, excuses…

        • slim charles

          Can easily say the same going the other way. Pointless both ways.

        • Gil Meriken

          You can have the "Full Power" 2010 Championship banner hanging in the Garden, we'll take the real one, thanks!

        • What's Your Excuse?

          Keep telling yourself that but make sure your wearing your magic slippers…….

  • Oops
    So excited for Ray, I should have said
    Of Reggie Ray is now just one ahead!
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    • Oops again
      Turns out I was right the first time,
      Ray's 2 ahead of Reggie, an easy rhyme.

  • Zee

    To all "Laker Lurkers." 🙂

    Just wondering if you considered the following with this "big victory."

    1. Celtics only had 2 men to substitute with – player with virtually 7 players the whole game

    2. Being short-handed on players causes A) Foul trouble (when is the last time Ray Allen had 5 fouls?) and B) Exhaustion down the stretch

    3. 6 players were out with injuries, including 3 bigs (Both O'Neils and Erden)

    4. Celtics lost in the paint due to having only 1 big.

    5. Celtics only lost by 6 points (2 possessions), while being short-handed.

    Take this "big victory" in perspective. Not much of a confidence booster when you think about it. It's like kicking someone when they're down. Only way we can be beat. 😉

    • diehardceltic

      Wll said…..its like kicking someone when they are down!!!

      • David F

        The O'Neil boys will NEVER be healthy – and Nate is just as likely to shoot you out of games as he his to make a positive difference. Get over it. To tell you the truth all three of those guys just aren't that good. Your boys simply lost. I don't think Nate would have been any better than Wafer.

        Face it – The Celts hold a 11-10 edge over the last 21 times these teams have played. This is a true rivalry. It just so happens that injuries are part of the game and the Lakers are the team that is looking to make it's 4th consecutive Championship appearance and capture a 3rd straight championship.

        Injuries and all…

  • Aaron

    Good points Celtics fans…. As you did beat us without your starting Center in Game 7. I mean we played the 08 finals without our starting Center (Bynum) and starting SF (Ariza) for the whole series. No biggie. Luke Walton and VladRad were just as good.

    • Zee

      Aaron, I hardly doubt that Andrew Bynum not being in the game had anything to do with the 39 point margin we won by in 2008. One man doesn't make that much difference with a score like that. 🙂

      • JP-

        To add onto that, it was the first year of the big 3, and also in last years Finals, we had an injured Perk and Rasheed's corpse playing with KG and Baby.

      • Aaron

        Bynum didn't just miss game 6. He missed the entire series. The trickle down effect was that Gasol had to play Center and was pushed around by Perkins for 6 games. The Celtics are too strong down low to play Gasol at Center. And we haven't even mentioned Pierce against Luke freaking Walton. PP was the MVP of the Finals because he got to go against Walton as apposed to the injured Trevor Ariza. Anyone who thinks that playing without two starters for an NBA Finals isn't a big deal doesn't really watch basketball. I'm sorry Celtics fans… But we took you to 6 games dispute all of that… Maybe you guys were fortunate to win your only ring in the last 20 years.

  • JP-

    We are so banged up right now its crazy, hopefully we get some good news on Nate or one of the other injured guys soon. We should never see Avery Bradley in a Lakers game

  • Bill

    Saying this as a (big) Celtics fan … none of this changes the fact that Baby needs to stop shooting from 17 feet out. 3/10? That's a lot of wasted possessions, given that we're not the greatest offensive rebounding team.

    He's 0-infinity from greater than 15 feet away. If he'd get two steps closer to the rim before he shoots he'd help the team tremendously.

    • Idaho

      Actually baby is pretty good at 17 feet. It's 21 feet where he is pushing his limits at this point.

  • F_M

    Everyone need to get rid of the "what-if" scenarios. The 2008 and 2010 Finals are in the rear view mirror.

    What matters now is the 2011 NBA Championship.

    Lakers – Good win on the road on a historic night. Gason/Bynum/Odom – 46pts/31reb/5blk. Kobe did his 2nd half work. 1 out of 82.

    Celtics – Congrats Ray! 12 offensive rebounds. No turnovers for Rondo. Pierce/Garnett – 10/28 FGs. Either ran out of gas or the Lakers got to them. 1 out of 82.

    Lakers, try to make it out of the west. Celtics, you don't want Game 7 in Miami. Do what you have to do.

  • Idaho

    Baby would not have to take so many 17 footers if our "top 5 elite" pg could make a 10 footer! Baby did not show up indeed but I am fine with those shots when he comes to an inside plant and his feet are set (which a few of the ones last night were not). Rondo is special, I loved how he crashed the boards last night and didn't have a TO but it is a disgrace to the league and the position to call him an elite PG. I wouldn't call him a professional PG let alone elite. A professional guard in the NBA can make better than 50% of his free throws. He needs to get better.

  • Devin_in_Maine

    Am I the only one that thought Rondo should have been guarding Kobe the entire time he was on the floor? The couple times Rondo was on Kobe he poked the ball away, drew an offensive foul and all around frustrated him. Sure Kobe could back him down if he got the ball in the right spot, but Rondo excels at preventing people from getting to that spot. With help defenders like the Celtics, he wouldn't be alone in the well with Kobe. You could just see that having Rondo poking at the ball like a mongoose to Kobe's mamba was really pissing Kobe off. Why force Ray at 35 to chase him around?

    Am I the only one to see this?

  • Stephen

    Small victory for the Lakers. I am impressed ahhhh—-NOT AT ALL—–Laker fans who come on here to post won't admit that they know the real truth. Which is #1–The C's were there for the taking last night with only 7 guys to chose from. ( Kobe Bryant would tell you that) #2–Until the Lakers beat the C's when they are at full strength they have accomplised very little—And don't give me that Bynum didn't play in the 2008 finals crap. Big difference from getting beat by 4 in game 7 as opposed to getting your ass blown off the court by 39. And No—Bynum wouldn't have made up the difference. #3–The Lakers played perhaps the worst statistical game 7 ever played and won only because the C's ran out of gas plus the men in black and white—–David Stern's bitches!!! made sure of it by sending the Lakers to the line 743 times in the fourth quarter. You see–Laker fans don't want to check the stats on what really happened last year. The C's out played the Lakers in every catagory other then rebounding–and NO–I don't think the Lakers grab 23 offensive rebounds with Perkins on the court!!

  • Stephen

    Laker fans need to pray for the basketball Gods to intervene on their behalf once again and keep the C's unhealthy because as any neutral fan will tell you, the Lakers will not beat the C's at full strength. These are the facts people. Oh, and one other thing. I'm a C's fan living here on the left coast and can attest to the fact that your typical Laker fan knows little to nothing about Nba basketball. Hell, even your own boy Magic Johnson once said that Celtic fans are clearly the most knowledgeable around the league!!!

  • Dropstep

    Injuries are a part of basketball. All teams have them and whether they are reported or not, it is doubtful that any player on the court is 100% healthy. The Celtics were up by 15 and closed out the second quarter in terrible terrible fashion. Ray said it. Then they came in and started the third quarter poorly. That has nothing to do with injuries. If you want to say that by the fourth quarter they were gassed, I'd agree. But coming out of halftime, the starters did not perform. Also L.A.'s defense was better after the half.

    I love the Celtics but I really get irritated every time they lose and fans come out with a metric ton of excuses. Nobody knows if Perk's presence last year would have equaled a win (we were also outrebounded last night). L.A. is a very good team. I don't think it takes anything away from the Celtics to admit that. Stop saying what if this or what if that. Fans should be able to accept a loss. Sure, the injuries were a factor but every team goes through them. Stop trying to take away every victory from an opposing team when the Celtics have injuries. Do we qualify our victories? No we take them and run.

    Giving the opposing team credit really isn't that hard. L.A. played a good second half, a better one than we did. The injuries are catching up to the Celts, we know this and everybody knows how many bodies the Celtics had lastnight. There is no need to bring it up over and over. Go Celts and congrats Ray!! /rant over



    Why don't you do us a favor and move away. As you know, in addition to having an inferior basketball I.Q. to you C's fans those of us here on the "left coast" don't like a@@holes. We might talk about your team, but we don't talk about you. As far as your "full power" argument goes . . . I think it might say something about your team and management, it's not our fault you have a rickety roster . . . . that's your problem. Finally, there's only one thing here that's a "fact" Stephen, that we are currently the champs . . . and you are not. Deal with it.

  • Stephen

    Like I said earlier–The Lakers are the champs. ''Paper Champs". Beat the Celtics at full strength and then it's all good. Until then it's not. I would continue this conversation but as I stated earlier about most Laker fans —– Intellectually I just don't think you would be up to it !!!!

    • What's Your Excuse?

      That's all we hear from Celtic fans and players. We are not at full strength, our starting five never loses, and blah , blah, blah…. Take a look in the mirror and admit the better team or the team playing better won. You people need a reality check.

  • UCLAkerfan

    Lakers fan and sometimes lurker here.

    Dropstep, nice post.

    Celtics are an excellent team and a credit to the league. Took the Lakers to school in 2008.

    May see you guys in June, may not. Miami and San Antonio, plus some other teams will have plenty to say about it.

    Looking forward to Boston/Miami on Sunday.

  • Well, I was going to suggest that a clogged air filter will cause a loss of MPG, but 1/4 tank in 30 miles??. . Is it running OK otherwise? No smoke or odd smells from the tail pipe? I am thinking of your injectors, that one may have gone bad on you.