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Chris Forsberg over at ESPNBoston.com pointed out earlier today that Kevin Garnett has updated his website and latest ANTA blog. Here’s a few of the excerpts from the translated piece:

We had a good win against Orlando on Sunday afternoon, but watching Marquis get hurt was tough. He lost feeling in his limbs and laid there motionless! Felt a ton of emotions and wanted to help him, but couldn’t. He’s feeling better now, but it is serious. Thoughts go out to my man! Semih has also had a groin pull since training camp, so he’s taking some time off as well. Our numbers are low, but we’ll get through it.

Charlotte was not pretty. We seemed to have been in and out of the game all night. It’s tough to lose to a team that you know you should beat. We gotta figure it out and get these back to backs done. Coach let us know that most of our losses are on the back to backs! I believe in our guys and know we’ll get it together.

Lakers are coming up on Thursday, then the Heat on Sunday. Should be tough games.

Then All Star game. Didn’t know if you all know that I’ll be going. Feel really blessed that the coaches voted me in. Going to LA with the coaches, Rondo, Ray and Paul. I remember writing about this before, but excited to go with the guys.

Reach Higher. KG

It’s good to see how aware the C’s coaching staff has made the C’s of this recurring problem on back-to-backs. It has definitely worsened in effect through this year thus far, but the team’s performances on tail end of back-to-back last year wasn’t anything to write home about either (10-7). The lack of manpower and reality that the vast majority of these games have becoming on the road has to be taken into consideration, but the team can not afford this trend to continue in games against winnable opponents.

As for the Semih rest comment, that guy has really been beaten up as much as nearly anyone on this team this year between his shoulder and groin. He’s played through most of it, since well this team (hopefully) shouldn’t need his production during playoff time, but he should be given crediting for gutting it out most of the year thus far. I’m curious to see if the team will get him back in action against the Lakers’ imposing front line, since a bench front court of just Big Baby (I doubt we’d see Luke for more than a couple minutes during the game) would create even more of a minutes onus on the bigs. My money has him being back in action.

Much more to come this afternoon regarding Marquis Daniels here at the Hub

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Brian Robb

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  • JP-

    My feeling on the Home court advantage is that it is most important for the Celtics to finish with a better record than the Lakers at this point than anything else. I can't see them catching the Spurs anyway, so that is out of the question. Also, if the Heat get the top spot, is anyone really afraid of playing one more game in Miami? I don't think that is such a huge advantage for the Heat honestly. The Bulls could sneak up, but they are a year or two away from legitimate title contenders.

  • diehardceltic

    Damn, my fears for Qis are slowly been confirmed. I hope its nothing career ending coz I love seeing Qis on the floor 🙁

    And yes, these back to back game losses have to be addressed, it sucks when you almost expect that they are gonna lose and then they prove you right!

  • DRJ1

    I'd bet a lot of $ on these blog entries being written by someone else, with AT MOST a quick perusal and ok by KG, or more likely by his agent.

  • Rav

    Semih is the man though. 60th pick, coming from Turkey, and he's played really well despite injuries. I guess I'd like to see him get better hops and better hands, but he's playing much better than expected.

  • Kevin's writing style is perplexing, I think it's him, but I agree that it could very well be a pr person.

  • We are also looking forward to see your article. Thank you so much for writing it.