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I’m no Demetri Martin, but I think we can do some Trendspotting here.

Seven of the Celtics 13 losses have come in the form of a SEGABABA. That’s what we call a Second Game of a Back to Back, or a Sega Genesis for sheep (count it).

It’s really no surprise that the 2010-11 Celtics would lose a lot of games like this. This is an old team with old bones, and one that has documented trouble getting up for regular season games to begin with. I’d imagine the most difficult games to show maximum effort in would be those when you’ve just played a game the night before, especially if that game was in a different city. You’d probably have the most trouble going full speed in the fourth quarter. So, like the other six losses of this nature, that’s about all we can take from this meltdown against the Bobcats tonight.

Unfortunately, our long national SEGABABA nightmare is not quite over. They’ve got three coming up in the second half of March against the Nets, Hornets, and Pacers. Not necessarily great news, because one could argue that if the C’s are going to lose these games they might as well be against really good teams.

Then in April, the C’s have two SEGABABAs in FOUR DAYS, and they’re BOTH against Washington, to whom Boston already dropped a SEGABABA this season.

But there are no SEGABABAs in the playoffs. We’ll get into this one in a little while.

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  • Chris O

    Plus aren't most of the losses of road back to backs like 1-6 in these games???

  • hillcrestwildcat

    We'll need the game against the Lakeshow AND to continue the smackdown of the heat to keep our lead in the East secure. The Heat have two likely gimmes for them Pacers and Pistons (there record is padded with wins against bad teams) before the Sunday showdown, we get to see what will be a likely perturbed Lakers team and us with only 10 healthy bodies (mostly not big) to match them with. On the brightside Ray will get to likely break the record at home on tv in front of his mom and (if its Thursday) Mr. Reggie Miller

  • Syllica

    I am still frustrated about the game. This one should've been in the pocket…

    But the SEGABABA made me smile. Thank you.

    Go C's! Let's keep our head up!

  • rob

    the one against the heat on sunday is going to be about as big as a february game can get, we're gonna need it if we want that number one spot

  • MikeD

    At least we aren't the Cavs. Boom roasted.

  • Zee
  • Razah

    HD, you are a funny dude. SEGABABA. lol.____Cs shorthanded tonight, that's alright. Got to take care of business on Thursday.____Ray will break Reggie's record…..i will be be breaking a few bottle caps.____Let's GO CELTICS!!!

  • QuoteUnquote

    Really? Blame the schedulers? And this is the self proclaimed toughest team in the league?



    Delonte after the All-Star break, Shaq, too,
    Oh, Semih, your thigh? What did you do?
    Marquis, we know, bruised his spine,
    Don't know if he'll play again, tho' they say he's fine.

    Wafer, Baby, Harangody, Rondo, Paul,
    Those guys from the bench had to answer the call.
    With the help of a few starters in quarter one,
    The game was tight but they got the job done.

    Jackson got a tech, then another, he got tossed
    He asked what he did-the fight with the ref he lost.
    Wallace, Livingston, Henderson lit up the 'Cats' joint,
    At then end of quarter two, the Cs by a point.

    Nice moment for Wafer, he knocked down a three,
    That's what he's known for, we've been waiting to see.
    The score got close on an offensive move from Kwame,
    As who looked on? Michael Jordan, his Swami?

    Wallace's three gave the Bobcats a mid Q4 lead,
    Organized Cs defense, then offense we did need.
    Pierce took out Wallace, a hard foul was the call,
    Then the Bobcats really started to play basketball.

    Pierce drew the foul, under a minute to go,
    The offense of the Bobcats' bench did not slow.
    Though there were more Cs fans in the Bobcats' place,
    There was a huge grin on Michael Jordan's face.

    One statistic that won't be missed
    Is when Ray breaks the record who'll have the assist?
    You know these poems always end the same way,
    From breaking Reggie's record Ray is 2 away!
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  • I hate you my celts

    poem = ghey!

    • CG12

      Looser than what?

    • Syllica

      The use of the word "ghey" is so primitive, if it's part of your everyday vocabulary to qualify things, have the guts to write it the right way.
      And any sport fan who respects him/herself should at least know how to write "LOSER" correctly.
      Imbeciles that can't write should'nt be allowed to comment.

  • mycelts wrote:

    The joy of breaking the record will be the same,
    But Thursday against the Lakers Reggie's calling the game.
    That would make the moment extra sweet,
    Or how about Sunday against the Heat?
    Doesn't matter when, we can wait,
    This ride with Ray has been really great.
    2/7/2011 11:49 PM EST