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One reason the Magic don’t like the Celtics is because the Celtics are clearly the better team. A 2011 playoff series between these two might not go as long as the six games it took Boston to oust Orlando last spring. That’s becoming more obvious with every passing game.

But it didn’t appear that way at the outset today. The Celtics started poorly with Dwight Howard (28 points, 13 rebounds total; 22 and 6 of that in the first half) scoring early and often in the post against Kendrick Perkins. On the other side of the ball, Boston couldn’t make a shot, finishing up the first quarter at 29% from the field with 7 turnovers.

Then came the second quarter and the Celtics locked in on both sides of the ball and slowly sapped Orlando’s resistance over the remaining three quarters, culminating in a barely contested last five minutes of the fourth. Rajon Rondo took the ball to the basket with authority, finishing with a season-high 26 points, including 7-9 from the free throw line. The entire Celtics team followed his lead, getting to the line 34 times and converting 28 makes. Perk got shut out but had 13 rebounds and became more and more effective on Howard as the day progressed. And Orlando’s three-point shooting was abysmal, as they went only 3-24 from the arc. Even D12 can’t make up for that kind of ineptitude.

Of course, the win itself remains secondary to the Marquis Daniels injury. Daniels turned to go to the basket in the second quarter and jammed his neck into Gilbert Arenas’ chest. He collapsed, laid immobile for a few minutes and was eventually taken off the court on a stretcher and transported to hospital with an unspecified neck injury. It was a stomach-turning moment, in large part because the play was so innocuous.

UPDATE: Daniels is expected to miss 1-2 months with what is being called a bruised spinal cord. More information is expected on his status tomorrow.

A full recap of this one later on tonight.

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  • I_Love_Green

    Bruised spinal cord he's out 1-2 months. Atleast its nothing too serious that could end his season. But with this injury, Von Wafer needs to step up now. Quis is our defensive stopper of the bench, and I'm not sure Von can fill that role completely, but he'll definitely bring more offense.

    • ElRoz

      Hmm…I'm thinkign somehwta the oppisite – on Wafer can do some defense, but he'll have problems on offense, sicne Daniels helped bring the ball up.
      Shootingwise Von Wafer can do as much as Daniels, maybe he can drive to the rim as well – he has done both here and there. But will Doc let Von Wafer play Daniels' minutes and who will handle the ball during that time? It'll be up to Nate – that's it? At least with Danoels there, you could have Nate and Daniels.

      However, if Delonte comes back right after the all star, they'll be ok with Vafer and Nate, as Delonte will handle the ball. So Boaton just needs to survive with VonWafer and Nate off the bench until Delonte can come and take up most of ball-handling.

      Then again, MAYBE Danny will somehow trade for Rip Hamilton? I don't know…Doc is not too crazy about working new people into his system…but when Daniels comes back he might be "out" of the system anyhow.

  • Batman

    Bruised Spinal cord……what the hell I'm shivering just thinking about it
    NBA players really sacrifice their bodies for the sport.

    • Zee

      Yes they do. Been closely keeping up with this season and didn't realize just how many injuries take place with teams.

  • Morpheus

    Prayers go out to Marquis.

  • steveb

    Prayers to Marquis for sure. I’d love to see Von start taking the open shot. I like the drives but he can knock those jumpers down and stretch the defense.

  • Downtown

    Don't forget quise's offensive capabilities. If you remember that Indiana game when he was posting up their PG's…he can do it for us on offense sometimes too. Gonna need someone to contribute those 10 pts 4-5 boards for 1 in every 5 games. Coupled with JO's news…injuries continue…

  • ed judson

    God bless Marquis. J O'Neil & a #1 for Posey.


    As a med student, I was shocked when they gave the ''spinal cord bruise'' info. I'm glad it's not a tear, but anything that's got to do with ones spinal chord is just bad news! I would love to see him play this year, but my first wish for him is to recover without any consequences.

    Anyway, I've been a loyal reader for about 2 years now and I've been wondering about something for some dime now: Why does Doc pud Davis on bigger guys on the floor, when there's Garnett guarding the likes of Andersons… I understand that Davis is no push over, but Garnett's lenght makes him a much more natural mach up. I think I saw the same thing earlier in the year with Stoudemire and Turiaf on the floor… Please explain 🙂

    A very nice win with a cramp in my stomach becouse of Quis.

    • Zee

      Baby can take fouls. We need KG in the game.

      • XRIPX

        Yeah, I get that, but today KG had only 2 fouls…
        NY game, on the other hand, was a different story

    • ElRoz

      Might also be – besides the fouls – is that Baby has a lower and stronger "center of gravity" and can push the other guy out more. Not that I've played on any high level ever..but when I play, at 6"3, I find it more difficult to post up and move against shorter guys with stronger-lower center of gravity than agaisnt guys taller than me. Baby can get underneath them and limit their mobility – same thing they used with TA on LeBron – get udnerneath of him.

  • Zee
  • Zee
  • dtla la

    We need another wing defender. We have time before the trade deadline to get someone. Who's out there?