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Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports had a single line in his Friday night column suggesting the Celtics may have some heady competition for Kendrick Perkins’ services after the season:

One league source said the Miami Heat are expected to make a run at Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins after he becomes a free agent this summer, even though the Heat will be limited with what they can offer.

This isn’t backboard-shattering news by any means. The Heat were destined to operate through the 2010-11 season with thin support for their top three guys until they could get through to the summer of 2011, where they’ll have renewed salary exceptions to use (maybe) and a fresh pool of available free agents to draw from (definitely).

With Chris Bosh locked in as their power forward, a dirty-work-doin’ center like Perkins makes perfect sense for the Heat. He would add a nasty edge to the Miami frontcourt, give them a strong post defender, a quality rebounder and someone to set bone-crushing picks to free up Lebron James and Dwayne Wade on the perimeter. And of course, Pat Riley could make a tempting offer to Perkins based on location (warm south-Florida locale) and approach (Miami’s championship-or-bust mentality).

That all has to be appealing, especially for a guy who has yet to be wooed on the free agent market. Perk may want to go through that process.

But there are some complicating factors for Miami. And, truth be told, for Boston.

After the jump, we’ll dig into them.

Under the current CBA, the most the Heat could offer Perkins is probably the Mid-Level Exception ($5.765M in 2010-11), which, all by itself, might be a deal-breaker. Perk’s open-market value surely exceeds that figure, possibly ranging into

Imagine Perk In A Miami Uniform. *Shiver*

the (guessing here) $8-9M per year range. Of course, by the time Miami can make an offer of any kind, the MLE may no longer exist as the NBA will be operating under a new CBA. Which could limit the Heat’s offer to even less than that figure and effectively rule them out of the Perkins Sweepstakes.

There are considerations for Boston as well. Assuming he continues to play as well as he has, and there are no Leon Powe-style setbacks from his knee injury, it’s a no-brainer to resign Perkins from a basketball standpoint. We don’t need to go into all the reasons why. You know them.

However, Danny Ainge has held a hard-line on contracts extending past 2012 (only Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce are signed beyond next season), which gives him cap flexibility heading into a period when he might add a second young star to compliment Rondo and keep the Celtics in title contention for the next half-decade. To re-up Perk this summer will surely require a deal that goes beyond that time-frame.

But my suspicion is that Ainge would bite the bullet and pay to retain Perk, even if it means sacrificing some cap flexibility. Players like Perk are extremely tough to find and very easy to trade if the C’s need the salary room to bring in another star.

Which brings us to Glen Davis.

Davis will be looking for a multi-year deal this offseason. He fancies himself a starter in the league, and even if other teams don’t, he’s probably going to have multiple suitors, which will drive up his price and the length of his contract.

Right now, absent some sort of CBA wackiness, it seems very unlikely the C’s will retain both Perkins and Davis.

Which means Miami might have to settle for a Big Baby instead of a Beast.

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  • MikeD

    It would literally make me sick to ever see Perkins put on a Heat jersey and play along side LeFraud James.. lets all pray that this never happens.

    • Chris O

      Agreed that would be like Tom Brady going to the Jets….

      • lkk23

        or the colts….

  • mikesalvucci

    the celtics are lucky that miami can only offer perkins so much. from a basketball/career standpoint, it makes so much sense for him to go there.

    • What More Can I Say?


  • I_Love_Green

    Big baby is probably gone, and I've already accepted that. He's not one of those guys that will accept less money for the better of the team, and I'm not trying to be harsh on him, but I just don't think he'll stay for less money.

    • Totally agree. Hopefully he'll take less and be loyal, even if its only for a shorter contract just till the big 3 are done in a couple of years. Perk is the complete opposite IMO though, he wants security over money, and in no world will Perkins end up on the Heat. Boston wont allow it, but he wouldn't either. Way too loyal. Only way he leaves (assuming we can offer him a contract) is to go to a town closer to home, but he's been in Boston his entire career so I cant see that happening either.

      • I_Love_Green

        Yeah I agree 100% about Perkins. I bet he would take a contract like 5 years/28 million or somewhere around there. That way he gets a long term contract that won't be hurting the team because its not for very much.

    • ElRoz

      Yes…but perhaps the Tony Allen "emergence" in Memphis will give Big Baby something to think about?

      Or the very subpar play of James Posey in NO and Indiana – he and TA went from having key roles on a championship team/ title contender team to being just another guy on an average team.

      • What More Can I Say?

        You think MIAMI would be average with Perkins?!?!?!


        • someguyinsac

          I think he's using the "grass isn't always greener over there" argument,.

          • What More Can I Say?

            Guy in Sac,

            If Perkins goes to Miami….the grass will be pretty green in south beach for him and that team. Don't kid yourself.

            Like Salvucci said…it is great that they really can't offer him THAT much money. That is where the C's are gonna have to come with it, if they really want to keep Perk.

        • Yikes. He's clearly talking about Big Baby, not Perkins.
          To which I agree. I'd rather be a role-player on a championship team like TA and JP were. Being a role-player makes you look like you could be starting elsewhere, so you basically get the glory of being "starting-calibur", plus the loyalty points for remaining a role-player, plus the love of everyone every time you *play your role* and hit that big shot, or make that block, etc.

          Better be reallyyyyyy confident before trying to strike out on your own. You'll lose all the above, plus you could even fail and become worse lol. Not worth it in my book.

          • What More Can I Say?

            Point taken…but if BBD leaves, it will also be about money as well. BBD can get a bigger payday elsewhere…and you can try and sell some role player song and dance when the money is the same, but not when more miltickets are attached to a starting job elsewhere.

      • JCP

        And don't forget the "emergence" of Shelden Williams… after all, he became a starter, too… for a little while.

  • Robert

    Oh, HELLL no! I don't even want to think about that possibility.

    Perk needs to be part of the post-Big-Three core with Rondo. On a general level, Perk is very valuable in the sense that he knows his strengths and weaknesses and doesn't try and do too much. Enforcer, rebounder, post defender, pick setter, garbage man.

    Also, as long as Orlando has Howard, the Celts will need someone who can defend him 1on1 or face an endless rain of open threes. Perk is one of the few guys in the NBA who can do it.

  • someguyinsac

    Perk playing for the Heat? The mere thought of that's just blasphemy for us Perk / Celts fans!

  • skeeds

    The "problem" with Baby is that he's having a breakout year, his contract year. There are ALOT of contenders out there who can offer him good money and a chance to stay winning right now. The Knicks, the Rockets, Miami, the Mavs, everyone in their right mind would go after him, and the C's can't offer him much. Too bad because he's turning into a very very good player, he's a constant missmatch, and he's starting to realise it too…

    And about Perk, all I can say is, if anyone south of Andrew Bogut isn't available, then Perk has to stay no matter what. He's not the best, but he's as good as they come. You can literally count in one hand centers worth their money in this league, and Perk is one of them.

    I hope Ainge is allready designing his next blockbuster trades. There's ALOT of amazing young players playing for awfull teams! And begging Doc to stay wouldn't be bad either… just sayin…

    • Robert

      I'm also hope Ainge has got something good cooking for the next couple years. Having Rondo helps immensely when it comes to Boston's sales pitch. A true point guard that is absolutely dieing to get you the ball exactly where and when you want it. I'd imagine it's similar to the allure of playing with Nash or Kidd in his hey day.

  • Celtics Freak


    • badnewsmonkey

      @Celtics Freak you are right, as the rest of you who agree. It will be bad news to see Baby eventually go. But away in the future after the trade during some future game, when we get to see Baby wearing funny colors on his uniform get the basketball under the rim and see our Perk all in Cs' green when Baby tries his ORB/put-back watch Perk stuff that future Baby like a funny-colored Butter Ball Turkey. Then it finally won't be bad news anymore. But don't get me wrong, Baby will def help the Cs win #18 this year, no doubt. Baby is a crunch-time all-star. #18 with Baby, but #19 w/out.

    • skeeds

      Yeah, he is loyal to THIS team. But a Celtics team without allmost anyone who's here now, and a different coaching, isn't exactly the same is it?
      Remember, it's very very easy to be loyal to a championship caliber team. But it's a whole different story spending you best years in a mediocre team. KG and Ray would have a couple of things to say about that too…
      Players aren't expected to be loyal. You have to give them reasons to be. Ainge has to show Perk the same he showed Rondo. That he is a main piece, he is valued, AND that there is a longterm PLAN that will keep this team at the top.

  • steveb

    Hopefully Perk’s friendship with Rondo will be another factor to keep him in green.

    • What More Can I Say?

      That is a another solid point. Friendship, more money, & loyalty.

  • stephen

    Perk's not going anywhere. He bleeds green. The C's will get a deal done for him.

    • Celtics Freak


  • stephen

    Agreed–But I think keeping Baby is going to be a bit more difficult.

  • someguyinsac

    After we win Banner #18, this will all end up as a moot argument since everyone will want to stay and go for the repeat. Right?

  • kricky

    I'd really hate to see Baby go. It'd also be a bad move for him. He plays best off the bench. Just remember how much his game fell off when he had to replace KG when KG went out with that injury.

  • Perkins is just an OK player. Howard killed him yesterday! The only reason why Miami would take him would be to hurt the Cs.

    Other then that hiring McGee or Lamarcus Aldridge would make more sense for the Heat.

  • akwonng