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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: Mavs 101, C’s 97

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I apologize in advance for the terrible pun, but the C’s lose a very winnable game tonight after the Mavs come back in the fourth quarter with Jason Kidd hitting the go ahead three-pointer with just 2.5 seconds remaining. One ill-advised alley-oop pass later and the C’s are swept by Dallas during the season series in two hard fought games.

There’s not too much to get worked up about here besides the pathetic defense in the first quarter. Kendrick Perkins continues to look terrific in his return to the starting lineup and the C’s missed makeable shots down the stretch, squandering a chance to put this one away.

Nonetheless, with a tough schedule coming up and the Heat sneaking closer and closer in the battle for home court advantage, (only 1 1/2 games back) it hurts to lose ones like this. Full Recap upcoming.

Oh and if you didn’t have enough of a reason to question Jermaine O’Neal, the C’s doctors performed surgery to clean out his left knee today. He will be out at least another 6-8 weeks. It’s the procedure they (C’s medical staff) wanted to do since January all along but Jermaine wanted to try to rest method instead, costing him likely any significant chance at contributing this year. (Slaps forehead)

  • I_Love_Green

    Good thing we spent the entire MLE O'knees. The guy is crazy washed up, and out of shape already. That surgery will probably be it for him, since he obviously doesn't have even 1/8 of the work ethic Perkins has. Lets get him his ring, and ship him out after this year.

  • ElRoz

    In Dallas Boston had a 5 point lead with about 2 minutes left in the game; Dallas went on a 7-0 run to finsh the game and win by 2.

    Tonight Dallas went on a 10-0 run to win the game……

    Doc and the rest of the team don't seem to have a clue how to close against Dallas when leading by 2-3 possessions late in the game…these tow times Boston looked like Minnesota or some other poor team that leads late but in the end loses.

    Yes, the wins at Portland and LA were very nice: but there were also bad losses at Washington and Phoenix where Boston had MAJOR issues scoring – as they did in the last 6 possessions tonight.

    I expect close games against Orlando, Lakers, and Miami…and if Boston leads by 5-6 with 2.5 minutes left…I'm not at all confident with this offense: a poor shooting point guard (even J. Kidd has developed himself in this field), and a KG 6''11 who shoots 20 ft jumpers – and not that great at making them.

    Where was Pierce?

    • Guest

      KG not great at making 20 foot jumpers? He hasn't built most of his offensive career on the post or hitting those jumpers or anything like that…

      • Chris O

        Yea that dude is dumb, 20 footers are like KG's wheelhouse, mind you in the penalty and up with so little time left I would have liked to see drving to the hoop, not ouside shots.

    • JCP

      Yea, offenses who have big guys that shoot 20 footers never win.. (*cough* Nowitzki *cough*).

  • someguyinsac

    Bummer outcome, but on the "bright" side just 1 of 82.

  • Steven

    How about that Rondo jumper coming out of a timeout. That's really all they could get? There was even time on the clock. I like for him to have confidence but not that at moment. He should've tried to set up another play instead of shooting it with so much time left. It just bothers me that that's all they got out of a timeout. The Celtics must have zero offensive weapons if all they could get was to have a poor jump shooter take a shot from 17 feet. It was like the last Mavs game but instead of Rondo bricking a 17-footer, it was a three pointer at the buzzer.

    Sometimes they make it look to difficult. If Doc always preaches playing inside-out, he sure doesn't coach like it.

    • Zee

      Steven, no need to start knocking at Doc over one bad play. Sheesh…

    • JCP

      You have to be pretty much a crazy person to get on Doc's case over this game. How many times has he come up with perfect plays?

      And didn't he come up with a perfect play here at the end? The execution was off, but the play worked to perfection.

      • What More Can I Say?

        Agreed. I'll admit…I was furious at Rondo overthrowing that lob cuz KG was wiiiidddde open. It's good though. You can't win them all.

    • someguyinsac

      So, are you getting the "Run Doc out of town" bandwagon going? Jeepers, it's one game with multiple plays that are both work and don't work.

  • celticsPH

    anyone noticed the kidd travel?

    • Batman

      I did but I mean KG was wrapped around Dirk to get that steal so whatever.

      • dslack

        Yeah, both were circumstances where the refs usually swallow their whistles late in games. In fact, the KG foul was probably more the kind of play that the refs would be likely to call a foul on than the travel….

  • Ryan DeGama

    I don't blame JO for the injury. He played well for MIA last year. He's just cooked.

    The guy at fault here is Ainge. First Sheed, now J.O….

    #44 has to be hoping they kill off the MLE in the new CBA so he can't keep shooting himself in the foot with it.

  • Steve B

    I kept hearing the announcers comment that Perkins was on a 7 minute consecutive time limit. It seemed like he played the whole second half, and played very well obviously. Looks like the Mavs might be the team to beat in the West after all we've seen so far. Lots of weapons there and good at most every position.
    Of course the Celtics could have built up a bigger lead and had the win tonight but they didn't get anything to drop down the stretch then Kidd hits that killer 3. Add to that the fact that in the first half every 3 the Mavs took was rattling in while the Celtic's 3's were rattling out.
    There weren't any troubling signs tonight other than a loss.

    • Zee

      They actually said 6 minutes.

  • Zee

    We lost. It's okay. Even Doc and the players weren't that bothered by the loss. Sure, we'd like to win. We didn't. Not gonna cry. They can't beat us in a series. Let's move on.

  • Chris O

    The C's should have won both Dallas games. This one was more infuriating just because it was a exact replay of last time (which I called at one point). The time the offense had better shots but they HAVE to take it in closer in those situations. Up with little time left and Dallas was in the penalty if they fouled, drive drive drive…

  • John Evans

    What pissed me off the most was the lack of energy from the crowd throughout the first half, the home crowd was dead and lacked enthusiasm.

  • Losing is annoying because Dallas isn't very good right now. Dirk is hobbled and Caron's injury forces them to mess with their rotation. But the Celtics played well enough to win. They typically put a stranglehold on close games in the last 5 minutes and in this game, they got close but missed a bunch of shots to clinch it. Rondo's alley-oop pass was off because he was late delivering it, forcing him to come straight and hard with it. (Hmm.. maybe that's not the best phrase to use. Let's go with 'take the arc off the pass' instead.)

  • torpid bunny

    This game was annoying. Although I think the speed and coordination of Dallas matches up well with Boston, the celtics never seemed to decide to do what was necessary to put the game away. I just went to sleep because I didn't want to endure exactly the loss that this was. This game was rather similar to the track-meet style game against the Knicks, where two very efficient offenses, one with an extremely offensively talented PF, ran end to end. But Dallas is better than the Knicks, even on the road. These trackmeet style games are not the celtics strong point.

  • Chris O

    Just rewatched the game for the 3rd time….awesome that we didn't score in our final what 9 possessions or so. Also awesome up 2 with 15.3 to go we let them shoot a 3, because we force the ball fro Dirk for a 2….which btw who cares if they tie you at home…go to OT….dumb dumb dumb

  • Gabriel

    All I can say is that I don't get why the Celtics signed Jermaine in the first place. Obviously big guys are hard to find and all. But I much rather have Rasheed than Jermaine any day of the week. Not to mention we spent our mid level exception on Jermaine knowing he's injury prone. In my opinion we should have signed Kurt Thomas whom the Bull's signed for 1.8 million. He plays good defense and actually has an offensive game unlike Jermaine. I hope Jermaine recovers and contributes in time for the playoffs but I really wish Ainge would have done something else with out mid level exception.

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