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So, Just The Four All-Stars Then…

Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo were added to the Eastern Conference All-Star Team Thursday night.

One Of These Men Will Not Represent The C's At The All-Star Game

The Celtics quartet was chosen by vote of the coaches, who select the reserves for both the Eastern and Western teams. While there could be some sour grapes around the league when Eastern Conference Coach Doc Rivers rolls out 80% of the C’s starting lineup at the Staples Center later this month, each of the four picks is defensible, given their individual contributions to arguably the best team in the league.

For Garnett, the all-star selection is his 14th straight. The Celtics Power Forward has returned to form in 2010-11 on both sides of the floor. He boasts a 21.59 PER, his best since the 07-08 season, and continues to spearhead the Celtics’ punishing defense, both tangibly and intangibly.

For Allen, who was not selected to the game last season, and Pierce, who was, the nods are their 10th and 9th respectively. Both Allen and Pierce are having superlative seasons shooting the ball. Allen is flirting with a 50-40-90 season and both he and Pierce are shooting career highs from the field and the 3-point arc.

Rondo’s second all-star appearance is built on his 12.5 assists/game, and elite ability to run an offense stocked with future hall-of-famers.

Joining the four Celtics on the east bench will be Al Horford and Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks, and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat.

In the western conference, the Clippers’ Blake Griffin makes his first all-star game in his first year in the league, along with San Antonio’s Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli, L.A.’s Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki of Dallas, Russell Westbrook of OKC, and Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz.

  • What More Can I Say?

    KG will break the record for the most ALL-STAR appearances in a row next year. Kobe will then break his record when he falls off.

    Congrats to Rondo man. That man to me has really just scratched the surface of this ability and he is already perennial with his all star nods.

    The C's got great representation.

  • Green Man

    So happy for rayray! shoulda won the all-star MVP back in '08!

    • Chris O

      Very true, also happy he got his 10th, it just is sooo awesome to get to double digit all stars. Good for him

  • JP-

    Happy for the Celts and the 4 reserves, that matters more to be honest, you can't take all-star starters seriously when Yao is one this year. Speaking of which, I hope Stern makes the right choice and puts Kevin Love in for Yao's spot for the all-star game, Love deserves it the most out of any snub, and arguably more than some of the guys on the team.

    • Syllica

      I totally agree with you. Yao shouldn't even be there, only reason is because of all the Chinese votes. I'm Asian and I still don't vote for him. People should vote on talent and player's record. Not cause he's one of them. What has he done lately?! It's frustrating that he's taking a more deserving player's spot.
      Still, I'm just glad our Big 4 is in with Doc.

    • I would agree, except have you seen the ballot for West Centers? Yao injured is still better than those guys. Kevin Love wasn't ont he ballot as a C.

  • Batman

    Stern won't put Kevin Love in
    Kevin Love REALLY derserved a spot. He should take Tim Duncan's. I feel bad, i really like Kevin.
    For Rondo this is only step 2. He has a couple all defensive teams, some all stars, All nba teams r next!

    • Tom W

      as a Celtics fan who lives right by Minnesota, I've seen Kevin Love play 8 times this year so far. So I feel a little more strongly than some about his all star credentials. But seriously, 21 ppg and 15 rebounds? how do those numbers not warrant a selection? His value to his team is ridiculous, the Timberwolves are actually a good young team who just don't know how to close out a game. In a couple years, i think they will actually be pretty good record wise as well.

      • What More Can I Say?

        His team has 11 wins. They suck! Think about when KG played for the Wolves…they were not all that great but at least they were playoff bound.

        The Timberwolves are garbage man! How does a guy with great numbers on a garbage team all of a sudden has to have a spot on the Western All Star team?!?!? I don't get it at all.

        11 wins isn pathetic. Give it to Aldridge.

  • jack

    I think the all-stars in the east were spot on. The only change I would consider making would be is Joakim Noah over Bosh if he wasn't injured.

    As for the west, I think LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin love should of been picked over Duncan and Griffin. Then either of those guys would get in with sterns injury replacement.

  • James Patrick

    Shaq should be in there too. He was #2 behind Dwight Howard.

    • Chris O


    • super man

      KG is the best what are u talking about

  • Chris O

    Duncan best PF ever…..yea I'd have to agree. Meaning you gotta give him the Nod. I just think Love and Aldridge really deserve it……hmmmm

  • AJ Thoamas

    I don't no about u but the celtic,patriot,red sox,bruins are thebest teams lets just say that boston is the best……………..

    P.S. any other team sucks hahahaha

    • spider man

      I soooooo agree

  • HOlder

    Damn straight my nigga a them other mother fuckas suck dick

  • kemar

    boston Celtics forever naa a swear so from you see mi inna mi green you know a celtics