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Doc to coach All-Stars; Pierce challenges Ray to 3-pt contest

With the Celtics’ win over Sacramento last night, Boston secured the best record in the Eastern Conference through February 6, meaning coach Doc Rivers will be heading to Los Angeles.

“It’s an honor, obviously,” Rivers said. “I would obviously rather be at home watching my kids play…but it is an honor. Especially when you factor in this month, and the injuries we’ve had.”

Rivers, who also coached the All-Stars in 2008, will likely have a bench full of Celtics to choose from. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and Ray Allen all are Eastern Conference reserve hopefuls.

…In other All-Star related news, Paul Pierce challenged Ray Allen to this year’s 3-point Shootout at NBA All-Star Weekend.

On Monday, Pierce wrote on his Twitter account, “I think me and Ray Allen need to have a shootout in this years 3pt contest what y’all think come on NBA make it happen.”

But it appears Pierce is taking his comments even further. Here’s what the Globe’s Julian Benbow had to say in his Celtics’ Notebook today:

Initially, Paul Pierce’s challenge was for a one-on-one 3-point shootout with Ray Allen at All-Star Weekend this month in Los Angeles.

“He’s the 3-point king,’’ Pierce said, “but I’m the 3-point champ.’’

But playing a promoter’s role at shootaround yesterday morning, Pierce said he wanted to defend his 3-point title against any and all of the league’s top shooters.

“I’m just trying to go against the best,’’ Pierce said. “I’m just trying to figure out who the best shooters are of this era, and I’m just trying to challenge them. Ray’s definitely one of them. Who else? Dirk Nowitzki? Peja Stojakovic? I want them all to come out. This is something you might want to see.’

I’m sure the NBA has already caught wind of this story and is planning to invite Ray to the competition. I just hope Ray says yes, because Paul Pierce desperately needs some answers. I mean, the guy is simply trying to figure out who is the best shooter of this era. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Personally, my pick to win would be Pierce. Again. It just seems like whenever Pierce is able to take his time and square himself up to the basket, he never misses 3-pointers. I don’t know, maybe if the NBA allows Ray to roll off some screens before getting his shot off, then I’d have to go with Ray. But Paul Pierce just seems like he’s on a mission right now.

  • thetruthhurts

    theyre tough to compare really, because yes, i also think that pierce could win another 3-point contest. but ray ray is worlds away from the truth when it comes to in-game threes. so they are both king of the court in different environments of three point shooting. i do like the healthy in-team competition that pierce is whipping up – always a good motivator. two of my favorite guys to ever play the game.

  • JP-

    Get Steph Curry back in the 3point shootout, he can shoot with the best of them

  • Shakers

    For pure entertainment value, I would want to see Pierce, Ray, Dirk, Nash, Kobe, and Durant. Six superstars will great 3 point shots going at it.

  • Batman

    Bring Rondo in as a dark horse

    • diehardceltic

      LMAO! This just shoveled away my snow 😀

  • ElRoz

    Ray Allen is too modest – Ray, you're supposed to challenge the champion, not the other way around!

  • johnny

    Nate should be in it

    • Green Man

      Or Shaq

  • J Atlas

    pierce would beat ray allen easily in this contest form not because he is a better shooter than ray but rather because his shooting form uses much less leg…leaving for pierce to be less fatigued going into the final round. but if they had to come off of screens and shoot i'm taking ray allen all the way

  • torpid bunny

    Ray does seem significantly better when he has to shoot immediately off a screen. It's like he gets into trouble if he has to think about it, which Paul is much better at.

  • koolaid

    the funny thing about those two is (like you say) pierce never misses when he gets himself set – you know whether its good before it even leaves his hand. with ray, you never know – his misses and makes look exactly the same. both are great shooters, funny the difference.

    in other words, when paul shoots you can just shout out 'money' and people will look at you like a hoops prophet when it drops. with ray, i never raise the arm and 3 fingers until it goes in. am i crazy or does anyone else do the same?

  • zoseph

    Everyone who thinks the Truth would beat Jesus Shuttlesworth is trippin. . Sugar Ray all day.

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