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We’re just four short hours away from a NBA Finals rematch, yet news is still filtering out regarding the team’s eventful Friday night in Phoenix. Chris Forsberg of ESPNBoston.com gets us filled in on the details regarding Doc’s fine and KG’s non-suspension:

The NBA announced Sunday morning that Celtics coach Doc Rivers has been fined $15,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner following his ejection from Boston’s 88-71 loss to the Phoenix Suns Friday.

With the Celtics trailing 40-25, Rivers was ejected late in the second quarter after arguing with referee Steve Javie during a timeout. Rivers was hit with one technical foul and kept arguing with Javie, pointing to the official and his head as he yelled across the court.

The Celtics were tagged with six technical fouls Friday night and both Rivers and Kevin Garnett were ejected. An NBA spokesman said Saturday night that no further punishment would be assigned to the players, but that Rivers’ two technical fouls remained under review.

This is the third fine of the season for the Celtics. Shaquille O’Neal earned a $35,000 for criticizing an official after a Christmas Day game against the Orlando Magic, while Paul Pierce was docked $15,000 for tossing his gum at a fan against the Indiana Pacers.

That’s actually not too bad a tally for the C’s fine this year. I feel like Rasheed had accumulated that much by himself at this juncture last year. In any case, Doc got his money’s worth with his tossing, but be sure to keep an eye on any more Celtics games Steve Javie referees this year. Like Bill Kennedy, there is likely no love lost between those two guys.

Also good to see that the NBA will not be dishing out any sort of additional punishment for the KG-Frye incident. Garnett was tossed during the game, which in all honesty was the refs only choice given the evidence, but anymore than that really would be excessive. Plus, you don’t want to fool around with this matchup this afternoon, which is exactly what would have happened if there was any kind of suspension.

Finally, no news yet on the status of Glen Davis for this afternoon and his strained hamstring. This is a slippery slope for Doc and the training staff with such a big game and need for Davis against LA’s massive front line. Nonetheless, they can’t afford to lose him for any extended stretch if at all possible, so they shouldn’t push it too early here. And with the power forward depth (Luke Harangody) sorely lacking behind him, it’s a tough call. I expect Baby to try to gut it out today, but don’t be surprised for some extended rest later in the week.

Brendan takes care of you with a full preview in the next hour or two. In the meantime, let’s break out some appropriate clips for the occasion, including one of my all-time favorites.

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Brian Robb

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  • I'm hoping Glen is good to go for today, the C's will need that lift coming off the bench. I'm also hoping Paul is feeling okay because the Green obviously need their captain out there, playing at a high level.

  • DRJ1

    "Garnett was tossed during the game, which in all honesty was the refs only choice given the evidence" — I'm just wondering if there's any way for me to DISAGREE more than I do. Doubt it. They gave the tech to the wrong guy…….. But at this point, I suppose there's no point arguing anymore……. It is what it is.

  • I know I feel the same way DRJ… when I read that I was like whaaaaa? Sometimes I really do think in an effort to appear "unbiased" this blog goes overboard. It's still the best blog out there though

    • B Robb


      I understand your frustration so let me explain my comments a little further. I should have amended the statement to add the "way the game was being officiated" disclaimer. You can make the case KG shouldn't have been thrown out and wouldn't be necessarily wrong. But given how much things were escalating at that point (not KG's fault, he took cheap shot from Pietrus earlier in quarter) and the visual evidence on first glance, I felt like it was the only move the refs were going to make in that instance to try to re-assert control of the game was tossing someone. KG was the one who paid the price for this to happen, but given how chippy the game had become I'm not surprised the refs went that route. The refs do deserve plenty of blame though for letting it get to that point as well as their performance all night long.

  • Alex

    When I saw this game on TV, it really screamed "WWE" like to me. The game gave me the impression that the league called for this game, Hence the reason why Doc said "It's not about you, it's about the game." Both teams were disinterested all night, and the whole thing came off like a work.