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Worst Game Of The Season: Suns 88, C’s 71


Valley of the Suns (I’m not going to post a box score here for now, out of disgust more than anything else)

I’m going to be straight with everyone here. I just got back from a night out with friends and only saw bits and pieces of this one in a bar during the second half. I would consider this good timing that I didn’t have to suffer through this entire debacle live. Here’s what I witnessed in a few minutes of muted action.

  • Lawrence Frank was coaching the C’s (not a good sign)
  • The Celtics had 58 points entering the fourth quarter…..against the Suns
  • Kevin Garnett took a shot to the mouth on defense…..then appeared to hit Channing Frye in the nuts a few possessions later on a three-point jumper
  • KG was rightfully ejected and the Boston fell apart for good after that.

I’m going to reserve further judgment until I force myself into a full viewing of this game tomorrow. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say all things considered, this happens to be the worst Celtic performance of the year. Oh and Big Baby also left the game early with a strained hamstring.

In unrelated news, the Lakers lost by five at home tonight to Sacramento. Sunday should be interesting to say the least…..w

  • dtla la

    We all know Channing Frye has no nuts, so it's not like it was a cheap shot.

  • DRJ1

    KG didn't hit Frye in the nuts. The tap hit just about the genitals, in the lower abdomen. That's clear from the video, and also from the way Frye got up 1 second later.

    Understand that the Celtics got to their beds that day at approximately 5:30am local time. THAT'S 8:30AM FOR THEIR BODY CLOCKS — approx when they'd normally wake up. It's likely none of them got any sleep worth a damn. These coast-to-coast back-to-backs are INSANE — and Doc knew it, which is why he tried to get ti changed.

    If it were me, I would have sat the starters right from the start, and let the bench play the whole game. Hell with em. This never was a winnable game anyway, structurally.

    • DRJ1

      "just about" is a typo. Should have been "just above"

    • LStrike

      Hey DRJ1, I'm afraid I don't understand.

      What do you mean about coast-to-coast back-to-backs? Portland and Phoenix are on the same coast, aren't they in the same timezone give-or-take half an hour? What makes this back-to-back any more difficult than the others?

      Apologies for the ignorance.

      • DRJ1

        Np, LStrike (would that be "Lucky Strike"? Like the cigarettes? wowsa……).
        The full explanation is here: http://www.celticsblog.com/2011/1/29/1962713/nbas

        • LStrike

          LStrike stands for Lightning Strike, an online alias I created about 5 years ago and just stuck with. I shorten it to LStrike to limit the childishness.

          Thanks for the link, I see what you mean now.

    • jakrisgre

      I totally agree. Thats what Popovich did with the Spurs just prior to their game with the Celtics. Celtics won, but not by much. The starters were in better shape. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Some of these game schedules are definitely insane!

  • Jason

    Who the heck calls 2 technicals during a TIMEOUT is what I'm saying….I was asking myself today if that was even possible- today I found out… Steve Javie …. this reminds me of that movie of back in the day with Billy Crystal (as the referee) and how everyone hates him

  • Jay

    it was not about the tap i think….kg had his foot in frye`s "landing place" after the jumpshot. i think that's what got him so upset.

  • Chris O

    The 4 techs, to 1 were ridiculous. KG should have received one tech and a personal. Sure Perk should have received a tech and probably Nate to, but somehow only Channing Frye gets one (when his reaction to the foul started everything) and no other Suns get anything when the first person in the fray was Gortat….ridiculous

  • Batman

    Wait why is Lawrence Frank coaching bad? Everyone says how great he was as a head coach

    • http://twitter.com/M_DeVelaine @M_DeVelaine

      Means Doc isn't. And going from Doc to anyone else coaching hasn't been great for us.

      • Ryan DeGama

        Red could have been coaching last night. Wouldn't have made a difference. C's had no legs.

  • http://TheCBBG.blogspot.com Tessa

    I'm pretty sure if Nate Robinson and Marcin Gortat fought… Nate would win. That was the best part (not that it was a good situation…) of that whole altercation. Little man knows no fear.

    • DRJ1

      Little man = ball of pure muscle. Probably the single most amazing athlete in the league… maybe the world. (Of course, his mind will probably never catch up….. but still, he is something.)

      • Idaho

        Case in point, we FINALLY cut the lead to 8 with 4 minutes to go and Nate shoots a pull-up 3 on a 3-2 fast break. Game Over.

  • Jamie

    Did anyone else have the sudden urge to throw a brick at their tv when Nate pulled up for a 3 on the break down by 9 late in the game? They still had a chacne if they get the layup there that would have put it at 7 and have all the momentum. Just a horrible decision by Nate.

  • john schaffer

    nate needs to sit , come on delonte

  • rav

    Wasn't it Nate that brought us within 8 or 9 in the first place? He thought he had the hot hand. If he had made it, we would be down only 5, after a quick 5-0 run, and the momentum shift would have been huge. High risk, high reward, and that's exactly the type of player Nate is.

    • dadadtfawer

      thought he had the hot hand while shooting 2-8

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