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Photo/Video Essay: Cavaliers Game/Perkins’ Return

The game against the Cavaliers the other night held no real significance with respect to the overall success of this Celtics team.  It did, however, provide some interesting tidbits worthy of preservation through photo/video capture.  The following are those tidbits:

The Celtics man-in-the-middle returned last night to a huge standing ovation. Kendrick Perkins as a player has taken on a life of its own. I could not believe how giddy I got seeing him enter the game. He looked good but more importantly he looked fluid. When has Perkins ever looked fluid?

* * *

Shaquille O’Neal is a B’s fan….10 bucks says Shaq found that in a TD Bank Garden bathroom…right next to that bathrobe he was wearing.

* * *

Kendrick Perkins felt so good last night, he attempted an Air Jordan free throw line dunk…FROM THE OPPOSITE SIDEEE!!! He came up just short.

Late in the game Paul Pierce tweaked his ankle and proceeded to do a little robot walk up the court. If some one could make a .gif of these two pictures and call it “Paul Pierce Robot” I would put it in every post.

* * *

Do NBA referee’s read blogs? Somewhere along the line they decided to swallow their whistles when Paul Pierce drives to the hole. Maybe they were sick of his flopping. Even so, any other person in the league gets this amount of body contact and arm contact (watch the replay) they get that call. With the no-call in the Celtics’ pocket, Rajon Rondo decided to do something about it: ridiculously flop in such a way the referee was forced to make a call. The Celtics incurred a no-call and then has a bad call go in their favor. Can’t we just get it right the first time?

* * *

Semih Erden has grown up right before our eyes. In Summer League, there is no way he makes this play. Maybe in the FIBA tournament. In any case as Ryan pointed out yesterday, Erden has turned into a serviceable NBA player. And the Celtics are reaping all the benefits.

  • NHBluesMan

    love that replay of Semih… and oh man did Rondo FLOP on that one, haha

  • bohaterewicz

    hollins went straight up so i'm not arguing with the no-call. but durant will get that one.

    • koolaid

      agree. i'm ok with the no call. it is sooo subjective on player/defender/situation. but thats why you need superstars to win in the playoffs (and the only reason the heat might be dangerous).

      i say pierce gets that call in the playoffs in a tight game… but not if the Cs aren't up by a bajillion against a crap team and the refs just want the game to finish and go home.

      • MikeD

        After you say you are ok with the no call, you list several reasons why none of us should be ok with it. I understand why they didn't call it, but it is for all of the wrong reasons. LeBron/Kobe/Wade etc get that call 110% of the time. It is part of what makes the NBA such a joke.

  • I'm more and more impressed with Semih. At first I think that people thought he was just exceeding expectations and he wasn't actually that good- but with this second return in the boost of minutes, I think he's showing that he actually has the potential to be a very good player and isn't just playing over his head.

    • NHBluesMan

      i keep forgetting he was the last pick in the draft the year after we won the championship. He's playing great, and if J'O doesn't get healthy i don't think Doc would be scared of giving Semih some minutes to burn.

      I really hope the C's hold onto him for awhile, he'll be a great back-up for Perk and he's no where near the height of his potential yet!

  • Zee
    • koolaid

      sweet. pierce is a funny dude. when lebron or wince get 'tweaked' their antics make me wanna puke… pierce totally makes me crack up. and, i mean, how can anyone ever top the theater of the wheelchair incident – hilarious, beautiful, winning drama :)

      • BrendanJackson

        Zee, I love you

        • Zee

          LOL! Thanks! :)

  • koolaid

    did we see a bit of a 'semih strut' after that rejection?

    its not a bark and a chest thump… but he seemed to have some own 'not on my watch' swag going on after that… great to see his confidence grow… and thanks for tommy letting us know "he's no frankenstein monster" :)

    one of the plays of the year for sure

  • ninboy

    anyone got a recommendation for a song for pierce to dance to? Right now i'm learning toward the first 1:15 of track 7 here: http://illegal-art.net/allday/.

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