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Around the NBA: All-Star Picks

The starters for next month’s NBA All-Star game from Los Angeles will be announced this Thursday night.  The starting lineups, as we know, are voted on by fans all over the world especially China.  We got a sneak peak of the results with two weeks left to vote, and if those results hold true the fans deserve some credit.  Not a ton of credit, but 9 out of 10 deserving All-Star starters is pretty good.  Let’s take a look at the expected starting lineups with my picks for the reserve spots.

Western Conference:

Chris Paul, Hornets (16.2 points, 9.6 assists (3rd in NBA)) Paul’s numbers are below his career averages across the board, FG% is slightly up and 3pt% is way up.  But he’s quietly having one of his best seasons.  New Orleans is right in the thick of the playoffs in the Western Conference, currently tied for 3rd place.  Paul is adjusting to some new teammates while still clicking with the one guy he has played with his entire career, David West.  Don’t let the low ppg fool you; Paul should be the starting point guard in the loaded West.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers (25 points (6th in NBA), 5.1 rebounds, 4.8 assists) Kobe’s Hall of Fame career continues as LA tries to capture their 2nd 3-Peat in Bryant’s tenure.  With all the talk that the Lakers are struggling, don’t look now but they are in 2nd place in the conference and winners of 9 of their last 11.  I know I’m looking forward to Sunday when the Celtics take the floor at Staples.

Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets (23.5 points (9th in NBA), 8 rebounds) Melo is still on the Nuggets and thus likely to start on the West Squad.  If he is shipped to the Nets prior to the February 20th game, than he would suit up for the East.  Anthony has played well, maybe surprisingly well, with such a public possible trade going on.  The fans in Denver have booed him, but the way things are progressing he’ll be representing them in the All-Star game.

Kevin Durant, Thunder (28.3 points (1st in NBA), 6.3 rebounds) My preseason pick for league MVP may not be that right now but he certainly deserves to be starting for the West.  He is on pace to win his second consecutive scoring title and OKC could have home court advantage in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Yao Ming, Rockets (18.2 minutes per game in 5 GAMES) Did I mention that votes are tabulated all over the world particularly China.  I get that Yao is popular in America too, but come on.  This is one of the worst examples of fan voting ever.  (Allen Iverson from last year was bad as well, but at least he was playing.)

Injury Replacement: Pau Gasol, Lakers (18.6 points, 8.6 rebounds (6th in NBA)) Gasol should be the replacement for Yao and start for the West.  Yes, Pau is technically a power forward and not a center, but with Andrew Bynum missing so many games this year, more than half, he qualifies as a center and deserves to start alongside his LA teammate Bryant.

Here is where it gets fun… and extremely difficult.  Picking the reserves is always a bit tricky, but this year’s Western Conference is as tough as ever.  The West is loaded with talent at every position (besides center obviously).  These are the 7 I’m taking…

West Reserves:

Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks (23.4 points (10th in NBA), 7.1 rebounds) Dirk looked like the league’s MVP (again) earlier this season, but injuries to him and Caron Butler have knocked him down that list.  However he is still a lock for the All-Star game, for what will be the 10th time in his great career.

Deron Williams, Jazz (21.7 points (15th in NBA), 9.5 assists (4th in NBA)) D. Williams is still my pick for the best point guard in the NBA.  I know Derrick Rose is playing out of his mind, but I like Williams.  Paul is having a better season, thus deserves to start, however there won’t be a drop off when they go to the bench.  He is one of the guys that will make the All-Star game that much more entertaining.

Russell Westbrook, Thunder (22.7 points (13th in NBA), 5 rebounds, 8.3 assists (9th in NBA) It was difficult to leave Steve Nash off the roster, but I doubt they would take more than three point guards.  Westbrook has been a monster, as seen by the numbers.  He and Durant are the highest scoring duo in the NBA and should both be in LA next month.  I do question his shot selection late in games, although that shouldn’t prevent him from making his 1st All-Star game.

Blake Griffin, Clippers (22.8 points (12th in NBA), 12.9 rebounds (4th in NBA), 238746289 Highlights (1st in NBA)) The eventual Rookie of the Year has more than taken the league by storm.  The staunchest Clippers fan… Penny Marshall, Malcolm in the Middle…? Whoever, could not have guessed Blake would be this good, this soon.  Clipper games are now must watch.  Fact.

Kevin Love, Timberwolves (21.3 points (19th in NBA), 15.6 rebounds (1st in NBA)) All-Stars are usually on successful teams.  Well certain exceptions can be made, and this is one of them.  Mr. Double-Double has been outstanding, 38 in 43 games.  Also we can now rest on the “Greatest Current White American Born Player” debate that for years featured the likes of Wally Szczerbiak (who was actually born in Spain), Luke Ridnour, Kirk Hinrich, Mike Miller, Brad Miller, before it appeared as though it would settle on David Lee… now, it should be Love for the next 10-12 years.  Whew.

Manu Ginobili, Spurs (18.5 points, 4.8 assists) I keep waiting for Manu to run out of gas.  Guess it won’t be this year either.  His basic numbers don’t “wow” you, but 37-7 does.  The 2nd best current international player deserves to be on there.  Bill Simmons had a fantastic article last week about All-Star picks and he mentioned the fact that the 3 best international players (Dirk, Manu, and Pau) will all be on the same team.  And they would have had Yao if he was healthy.

Tim Duncan, Spurs (13.6 points, 9.6 rebounds (9th in NBA)) Under 14 points per game, but it’s still Tim Duncan, the Big Fundamental.  He, along with Manu, Parker, and Pop have San Antonio on top in the West.  I’m not one for lifetime achievement awards; this is more deserving than just name recognition.  Duncan is still putting up a near double-double every night and is anchoring a defense for a team with the best record in basketball.  Also in my scenario for All-Stars I need Duncan to be considered my second center.  Please don’t shoe horn Okafor, Nene, or some other “center” in this spot.

Just Missed Out:

This group is far more extensive than its Eastern Conference counterparts.  You can field a pretty good 3rd All-Star Team just from this selection of stars…

Monta Ellis, Warriors (25.8 points, 4th in NBA)

Eric Gordon, Clippers (24.1 points, 9th in NBA)

Steve Nash, Suns (10.9 assists, 2nd in NBA)

Luis Scola, Rockets (19.1 points, 8.3 rebounds)

Michael Beasley, Timberwolves (20.6 points, 20th in NBA)

LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers (21.4 points, 18th in NBA)

Zach Randolph, Grizzlies (20.1 points, 13.1 rebounds)

Rudy Gay, Grizzlies (20.5 points)

Tony Parker, Spurs (17.4 points, 6.9 assists)

Lamar Odom, Lakers (19 double-doubles)

David West, Hornets (18.9 points)

Kevin Martin, Rockets (23.3 points, 11th in NBA)

If the Clippers (who have won 12 of their last 17) had been playing like this all season, Eric Gordon would have been a lock.  Monta Ellis is one of the easiest scorers in the NBA and perhaps the 2nd or 3rd most entertaining player in the league, however he won’t crack this list.  Two-time MVP Steve Nash will likely watch this game from home, which seems crazy.

Career years from Aldridge, Beasley, and Scola also will net them on the outside looking in.  But for an All-Star game to be truly great/ memorable, you need extremely talents players having career seasons to not make the cut, and that’s what you have this year… in the West.  The East is a little easier to narrow down to 12.

Eastern Conference:

Derrick Rose, Bulls (24.7 points (7th in NBA), 8 assists (10th in NBA)) Perhaps the league’s MVP at the midway point of the season, Rose recently surpassed Rajon Rondo in the fan vote and will likely keep his advantage and start at point for the East.  He certainly deserves it, Charles Barkley recently crowned him the Best PG in the NBA.

Dwyane Wade, Heat (25.1 points (5th in NBA), 6.5 rebounds, 4.2 assists) The Heat had been rolling until an injury bug came out of no where and bit them, including D-Wade.  The additions of LeBron and Bosh did not hurt Wade’s scoring as he is barely under his career average.

LeBron James, Heat (25.9 points (3rd in NBA), 7.2 rebounds, 7.2 assists) LeBron is not going to average a triple-double like some thought he would at the beginning of the year, but he will still be in the running to win his 3rd straight MVP award.  Love him or hate him, who is better than LeBron in the East?  In the NBA?

Amare Stoudemire, Knicks (26 points (2nd in NBA), 9 rebounds (13th in NBA)) Amare has taken New York by storm.  He’s got the Knicks in the Top 8 in the East and turned a basement dwelling team to an attractive location to fellow stars (See: Anthony, Carmelo).

Dwight Howard, Magic (22.1 points (14th in NBA), 13.3 rebounds (2nd in NBA)) The league’s best center will take his familiar spot as the starting big for the Eastern Conference.  Dwight has withstood a major shake up to his team’s roster and he’s only gotten better.  To go along with his monster points and rebounding numbers he is also 5th in blocks and on pace to be the league’s top defender once again.

East Reserves:

Paul Pierce, Celtics (19 points, 5.2 rebounds) Another All-Star season for Pierce, who leads the best team in the East in scoring. Similar to the players on the Spurs, the Celtics star players can’t compete based strictly on stats with many other stars, but their winning and overall play on both ends of the floor make it easy to pick them for the All-Star game.

Kevin Garnett, Celtics (15.2 points, 9 rebounds) KG is playing his best basketball in a Celtics uniform since the 2007-2008 season when he won Defensive Player of the Year and popularized the phrase “Anything is Possible!!!”  Amare deserves to start ahead of KG, but in a historical perspective, Garnett in the starting 5 would give you 5 potential Hall of Famers (LeBron and Wade are locks, Howard is on his way, same with Rose, just don’t see Amare making the cut.)

Rajon Rondo, Celtics (10.5 points, 13 assists (1st in NBA)) Rondo has solidified himself as a regular for the All-Star game with an impressive first half of the season.  He’s dishing out assists at a record clip.  Insert him into this starting lineup, and something tells me Wade, LeBron, Amare, and Howard would enjoy themselves a lot more.

Al Horford, Hawks (16.2 points, 9.7 rebounds (8th in NBA)) The Hawks continue to be the same team from the past three seasons.  They will finish at best in 3rd place in the conference and at worst 5th.  Horford is a double-double big guy.  If he was battling the likes of Aldridge, Nowitzki, Duncan, etc. he’d have a tougher time.

Chris Bosh, Heat (18.6 points, 8.3 rebounds) Those are the worst numbers Bosh has put up since the ’04-’05 season, but he’s doing it for a winner now.  Bosh also had a very slow start to the season and has come on strong.  We’ll see how this latest injury (ankle) affects him when he returns.  A month and a half ago the “New Big 3” looked like it would send just 2 to the All-Star game, but it looks at though Bosh will get the invite after all.

Danny Granger, Pacers (21.5 points (16th in NBA), 5.7 rebounds)) A solid scorer on a very average team, Granger also benefits from playing in the East.  Indiana is a fringe playoff team, but out of that group of Philly, Charlotte, Milwaukee, I think Granger is the best any of those teams have to offer, this season.

Ray Allen, Celtics (17.3 points, 50.7% FG) I think Allen returns to the All-Star game this year.  He’s made 9 in his career, including his first two seasons with the Celtics.  He did not go to the game last year, but has responded this season by shooting over 50% and knocking down countless crunch time shots.  Doc is the head coach, Pierce, KG, and Rondo will be there, so why not Ray?

Just Missed Out:

Not nearly as many tough omissions in the East as in the West, but these guys could have a gripe.

Joe Johnson, Hawks (19.7 points, 5.5 assists)

Andrew Bogut, Bucks (Averaging a double-double, 1st in blocks)

Raymond Felton, Knicks (17.5 points, 8.7 assists)

Joe Johnson has made 4 consecutive All-Star games.  A slow start to the season will likely snap his streak.  He has come on, raising his averages to just below 20 points a night and 5.5 assists on a winning team.  Bogut is shooting a miserable percentage for a 7 footer (49%), he should stay at home.

Felton deserves consideration as the metamorphosis in New York is not solely due to Amare.  Felton could definitely make it.  Look back at 2009 as Devin Harris and Jameer Nelson both made the team and Mo Williams was later added as a replacement.  (Ray Allen replaced Nelson, and then Williams took Chris Bosh’s spot)  How does Felton’s year compare to those guys from ’09?

It should be a very exciting All-Star game this year.  There is a lot of intrigue for who will make the West squad.  In the East, could 7 of the 12 players really be from the Celtics and Heat.  We will find out soon enough.  The starters will be unveiled Thursday night.  Make sure to let me know who you think will be named to the 2010-2011 NBA All-Star teams.  Before I sign off for this week…

-Heat Check: A Mike Miller sighting!  Miami had been ripping off wins, enough for me to believe they would pass the Celtics for the #1 spot in the East.  A 4 game losing streak knocked the Heat back just a bit.  Injuries to their stars have certainly slowed them down.  But did the injury to Wade allow Mike Miller to get on track?  The sharp-shooter dropped 32 points (22 in the 2nd quarter) including 6 3-pointers in the Heat’s 120-103 win over the Raptors on Saturday; he also grabbed 10 rebounds as he and LeBron combined for 70 points.  This might be the beginning of some big nights from their best long range scorer.

  • George

    Yao being in the Starting lineup means one less spot for the reserves? I'm Taiwanese and I speak Mandarin, but this Yao thing is making everyone that speaks chinese look bad.

  • Rich Keefe

    Yao will be named to the All-Star team, but will be replaced. There will still be 12 active players for the game, so the West will technically have 13 All-Stars unless more guys sit out with injuries.

  • Batman

    How is Wade a lock for the HOF? Lebron is but Wade…..eh

    • Rich Keefe

      Well, Wade (who is not 30 yet) has won a Title, a Finals MVP, this will be his 7th All-Star selection, 5-time All-NBA and counting, 3-time All-Defense, throw in an All-Rookie 1st Team, 1st Team All-American in college and career NBA numbers of 25+ points, 5 rebounds, 6+ assists…

      • Chris O

        Wade is clearly a lock for the Hall. If you have a Finals MVP have been too the All-star game as many times as he had with all those All NBA's you are a lock. Plain in simple, he is in if he dies today (God Forbid)

  • james

    i dont get how rose is in for rondo at all

    • pete

      what areyou thinking idiot rose is abetter player

  • Dave

    Because Rose is better than Rondo at every aspect of the game. Even defense. Rondo is the reason Kobe dominated in the finals.

    • BrendanJackson

      even assists…..

      • Chris O

        Yea Dave you are crazy, Rose does not have better defense and does not dribble or pass better. He is a better scorer, plain and simple.

  • Dave

    Yes even assists. Yu cant always look at numbers. Only a handful of players can guard Rose. So while Rondohas to pass the ball off to 4 HOFers when being guarded, Rose usually will just drive right by the defender for the layup.

    • I_Love_Green

      Hey that sounds like Playoff Rondo.

    • BrendanJackson


    • Tom W

      because Rose driving to the basket for layups is related to assists in what way?

  • mounaki

    where is Shaq?! he was behind Howard on votes….

  • Nspinozzi18

    Dave you are !@#$%^& crazy! give rose 5 more good years then his play will sharply decline…he runs too hard and his knees wont be able to keep up with age (brandon roy). rondo is a much better passer, has better court vision, and i dont care what people say his jump shot is coming around. Rondo could be like rose if he wanted and drive to the hoop every game, score 20 points, get 12 assists. But he is a team player and dishes the ball out.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    I think, Dave, anyone with basketball knowledge that looks at these two PGs can see they have different styles of play – and Rose is certainly not better than Rondo in "every aspect of the game."

    You said "even defense" although Rose is averaging 1 steal/game. Rondo's averaging 2.4. That's not a statistic that relies on your teammates to hit buckets – it's strictly you taking the ball away from the opponent. So, even though you're not a stat fan (Rondo's assists are apparently inflated due to having 4 HOFers on his team), that's a stat that shows Rondo's obviously forcing more takeaways per game than Rose.
    Furthermore, the fact that the 4 HOFers – and EVERYONE else in the Celtics organization – say that they go as Rondo goes is pretty much indicitave of how elite he is as a PG. He gets the ball to his mates in the perfect spot…about 13 times a game compared to Rose's 8.
    To say that your scoring PG is better at every aspect of the game than our setup/defense wizard (who's tops in the East in both APG and SPG) is…well…fiction.

  • rodgers12

    Haha the guy who said dwadel wasn't a lock for hof got owned. All you arguing about pg's just give it up dwill murders them all.

    • AlexIreland

      I agree, Dwyane Wade would be the best point guard in the association if he wanted to be.

  • Lawrence

    I'd say all together rondo is the best point guard in the league on the best team in the NBA, and rose and Noah are a bunch of complainers who cant play together like rondo and the Celtics, and so they will inevitably be shut down along with Atlanta, heat and the magic in the playoffs like last year.

  • JMD

    I think we can stop the Rose/Rondo debate…The discussion was worth while before the season, but Rose elevated into an mvp caliber player. Rondo is a clever basketball player with great passing and defensive ability. But don't say that he could do what derrick does if he wanted to. Rondo has a very limited shooting ability that leaves defenses knowing the drive or pass is coming. And according to this "preview", he has the luxury of boosting his assist numbers by passing to three all stars.

    • Lawrence

      lets say we call it even, rose and rondo are equally the best point guard in the league but rondo is better looking, because rose is won ugly mother fucker

      • JMD

        haha alright that's "won" weird comment…but no, they are not similar in style of play or talent. drose is mvp right now

        • Lawrence

          i guess i'm not gonna win so sure, yes rose is mvp

      • jay

        We know what team u play for and it has nothing to do with basketball suspect.

    • DRJ1

      Sorry… you, and others making similar arguments, got that backwards. It's the 3 All-Stars who are boosting THEIR FG% numbers this year because they have Rondo passing them the ball. This was clearly proven when Rondo was out for a few games. The team, including its All-Stars, went down the tubes, and that included those FG%s.

      They're both great players, for sure. But Rondo's the pure PG, while Rose is a big-time scorer who sometimes also plays PG. He doesn't pass (nearly) enough, he doesn't have Rondo's court vision, and I doubt that Rose could run a team the way Rondo runs the Celtics' team of vets. What Rondo does requires an extraordinary intelligence, aka processing speed. Rose can score, yes, but so can a lot of kids in playgrounds with crackerjacks for brains. Rose doesn't do what Rondo does because he CAN'T. On the other hand, there are plenty of scorers around… NBA's full of them.

      And besides, I'm not even all that impressed with Rose's scoring, anyway. What we saw when we played him is that when he's well-guarded, he simply throws his body at the bigs inside, and prays for the whistle. Sorry… not impressed. Guys like that tend to get injured early, and have short careers.

  • Batman

    Mmm i love Rondo vs Rose debates. Give a couple more playoff series between them and this rivalry may turn into one for the ages. Also Rondo destroyed Rose during the 2009 playoffs. Just saying.

    • Batman's dumb

      Rose was a rookie during that series u moron. and still took a worse bulls team to seven games against rondo's much more talented supporting cast.

  • Jeremy

    I think Joe Johnson gets in ahead of Danny Granger because of reputation. I don't know if the coaches will reward Al Horford or go with what the fans want which is Shaq. Shaq entertains..Horford does not. However it could be a good thing that Shaq sits out because then he can rest more. Because the second unit is up to the coaches, you'll find some coaches have alot more respect for certain players than they do for others..its not always about stats which is why Nash might make it to the game simply because the coaches respect him. Plus don't call him a PG..the guy has one of the best shots in the NBA..hes as pure a shooter as they come..heck a far better shooter than Westbrook.

    As for the guys arguing about Rose v Rondo..My take is that Rose like Tyreke Evans, is in the wrong position. I can see Rose excelling as a shooting guard sorta like Wade because they both play quite similarly to me. Heck it should really be a Rose vs Wade thing because I see both of them play more similarly to each other..even though Rose is technically classified as a point guard.

    And to be a better point guard doesn't mean you have to score a ton..look at John Stockton, widely acknowledge as one of the greatest point guards ever..his career PPG was only 13.1 but his career APG is 10.5. Jason Kidd is another example..his career PPG is only 13.4..but hes also acknowledged as one of the greatest PGs ever. You don't knock either of them down as a PG just because one played with Karl Malone and the other has had guys like Vince Carter and Dirk Nowtizki play with them. So if it is a point guard debate, Rose shouldn't be in it in my opinion because I think hes playing out of position as a hybrid. The debate of who is the better pure PG should be between John Wall and Rajon Rondo in the East.

    • Madmike721

      Look Celtic fan…Rondo is damn good, he is not DRose….and Shaq can keep his old fat ass home…Nobody wants to see five celtics…you should get three tops Rondo…Pierce…Garnett or Allen…not both…please…Shaq is 75 yrs old cant stay on the court, he is an excellent bench role player…but he doesn't deserve to be in the All-Star game…this is not the Harlem Globetrotters….I'd rather see Big baby over Shaq!

  • Green Man

    You don't see Amar'e as a potential hall of famer? What are you smoking??

    • I was thinking the same thing. The rest of the column was solid and difficult to argue, but Stoudemire is his generation's best pick-and-roll finisher. He's scored a bazillion points over his career and now, for good measure, he now plays in the media center of the world. Barring a catastrophic injury, he gets in.

      • Rich Keefe

        Amar'e will be real interesting. Of course he is a "potential" Hall of Famer, but as of now, I think he's going to need a few more good seasons and even a playoff run (which is possible).

        This will be his 6th All-Star selection, All-NBA 1st Team (once) All-NBA 2nd Team (3 times)… not a great defender, never finished in the Top 5 in MVP votes… career 21.8 pts, 8.9 rebs…

        I don't think he's in right now, but some more seasons in New York, like this one and we shall see.

  • kyun

    About the rondo has 4 HOFs as teammates therefore has better assists argument… This is true to a certain degree but you have to be a great passer to have 13 assist/g. Numbers don't lie. We never say John Stockton got his assist numbers just because he had a HOF finisher in Karl Malone. We say he was a great passer. Same should be said of rondo.
    I do believe Rose is a great pg though. He does stuff not every pg can do. I'd say it's a tie for rose and rondo on who's the best pg argument.

    • rober

      i think rose should be a sg also he would be crazy i think he would already be a better player than wade if he was just imagine it ohh and rondo is a better pure pg than rose but not a better player rose is a top 5 player already and a top 3 next year i think and id rather have a top 3 player than a good or great pure pg.

    • Madmike721

      People like you probaly never played the game….Stockton is great in his own accord, I guarantee he would credit malone for is HOF career, and by the way Malone is the 2nd highest scorer after Jabbar in NBA history, or you stupid enough to believe he would not accomplish this wherever he played?…They said Amare wouldnt be as good without Nash….uh dum dum …who is the 2nd highest point per game guy in the NBA right now?

  • robert

    or a top 5 player for that matter

  • robert

    i think rose should be a sg also he would be crazy i think he would already be a better player than wade if he was just imagine it ohh and rondo is a better pure pg than rose but not a better player rose is a top 5 player already and a top 3 next year i think and id rather have a top 5 player than a good or great pure pg.

  • Zach

    I've been voting for Yao just because I don't think that any of the other players listed as centers deserve to be all-stars. Voting in Yao is an end run around the NBA's silly rules so we can get Gasol in at the center.

  • Jason

    You know why Rondo didn’t lead in votes? The damn NBA voting website didn’t even have him listed for a few days and you couldn’t even select him in the “write-in” votes. However, as a Celtics fan, it’s all good… I’m sure as Doc will likely be the East coach, he’ll limit all Celtics players’ minutes. That and what a great way to exhaust Dwight, D-Wade and Lebron so they’re due to get banged up :)

    Also to all the Rondo haters out there- you’re on CELTICS HUB. Don’t be hating on the man who deserves to be our Finals MVP…and I hate how everyone says his APG stats are overinflated due to bias at home games or that we have 4 HOF’s…not our fault our GM knows what he’s doing (I mean who signs BOOZER to a multiyear deal not thinking he won’t get injured a LOT?!… He plays out of the Chris Bosh Handbook (be overrated and “injured” all the time)

  • jay

    You people talking about Rondo is better than rose is dumb with no basketball knowledge switch teams and put Rondo on the bulls and they wouldn’t make the playoffs. Rose scores a lot because he has to he don’t have three h.o.f like celtics pgs like him don’t come around pand then you say rose can’t lead a team well coach k didn’t think so that’s why Ronda was sent packing things just got real.

  • Madmike

    No way four celtics deserve to make this team…true the east is weaker…but please…and leave Bosh at home where he belongs

    • Jason

      Lol.. I don’t agree with your “4 celtics don’t deserve to be there”… So then give me your 4 and justify… But I do respect you for the Bosh comment (read what I said about him xD)

      I live in Canada (I hate the Raptors- they make Canadian NBA look so cheap) and Bosh is who made VC and the team suck the way they do now… Bosh always gets “injured”, he had no heart when he played in his last few months here.. And he isn’t as good as other PF’s… Doesn’t even hold a candle to my old KG… not even in the same category as vintage KG.. or even vintage Jermaine O’Neal for that matter

  • Madmike

    No question D Rose is better all-around than Rondo…They both belong…put I do see some Marbury in D Rose…no question..Young marbury avg 25 and 8 in his early years for Minny….he was unstopable..I think D Rose has better character….but give him an MVP and see what it does to his ego and game…

    • jay

      This is true but only difference in the two is marbury came into the league big headed that’s why he thought he was too good for Minnesota even thou he was along side one the best pf in the game. derrick rose in every interview. every time hear about him it just says humble I jus don’t see it happening

  • Jason

    Wow, all you damn haters who say Rondo has no basketball IQ are complete morons and are ON THE WRONG WEBSITE… you Bulls fanboys are dreaming or smoking some serious **** … Clearly not REAL Celtics fans… And if don’t think Pierce, KG, Allen and Shaq don’t deserve to be on the All Star team, you haven’t been watching basketball lately… Watch Celtics games you damn tools…who do you want? JOKEim Noah? Carlos LOOzer? Or maybe Joe Johnson (who plays for the quite the s–tty, underperforming team? Or how about your inconsistent Knicks? Maybe Chris “I always get injured I should make a handbook on it” Bosh? Look, nobody compares man… And we’re talking ALL STAR players who have will probably get chosen cox they make their teams GOOD and they are what the fans WANT… Shaq entertains, Allen is having a stellar 3s year, Rondo leads in assists and steals, and Pierce is the best scorer on the best team
    in the East… And provides entertainment value with his outlandish statements.. celtics have swagger. deal with it

    • Dave

      Fine since this is a Celtics website Ill go along with you. Rondo is the best PG in the game, Pierce is the best scorer in the game, Shaq is still the most dominate force alive, and KG is top 10 player of all time. Everyone in the league should Respect and Praise our team here in Boston. Even though nobody outside of NewEngland GIVES A FLYING FUCK!. Yes this is a Boston site, but as an outsider I tried to give you guys some perspective on what the rest of the world thinks about the Celtics. The're a really good team with a lot of HOFs. BUT, nobody wants to see them as allstars anymore. (except Shaq) The game is for the fans, we want the talent, not the hasbeens.

  • Jason

    Ps Shaq, despite his age, is playing some
    solid basketball … Have u seen his dunks and blocks on a C’s uniform? Yes he is injured and yes he isn’t what he used to be but he’s still a force and he’s filled in nicely for Perk and Jermaine…he doesn’t need to have 20-20 nights coz the whole team is naturally good .. And finally stop hating on Rondo about having HOF’s on his team: a few months ago you same people were hating saying these “celtics needed wheelchairs” and were “washed up”… Now you say they’re too good so Rondo doesn’t deserve to be an All Star? Y’all got too much “Heat Check” but not enough REALITY CHECK

    • Dave

      I think the origin of this debate was Rose vs Rondo not questioning Rondo as an allstar. Rondo IS an Allstar and probably fits the role of pointguard better than Rose, but Rose is a more talented and now more popular player than Rondo, which gives him the starting spot on the allstar team.

      Oh and for the debate on best "pure" pg. That one goes to D-Will. But since Utah has like 0 fans, he barely makes the team each year.

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