Post-game Reactions

No momentum lost from the first episode. Just a wire-to-wire joy. I’ll embed it again for easyness of browsing.

1:45 – This opening about how the Celtics are like the North End and Southie is pretty flimsy architecture to me. The C’s have the league’s fourth-highest payroll. Maybe Wellesley and Weston would have worked better for this purpose?

“The Boston MetroWest area is bookended by two towns. (Shots of dogs running in the Weston Town Green and women in yoga pants eating frozen yogurt in Wellesley). They have their differences (show that the Weston Town Hall has columns in front but the Wellesley one doesn’t). But they have one thing in common: they’re rich and old. This year’s Celtics team is much the same.”

I get that the gritty neighborhood stuff is supposed to capitalize on the whole “Boston Noir” thing that everyone loves now, but seems like that’s a trend nearing its decline. We’re this close to seeing a heist movie where Donnie Wahlberg and Lenny Clarke rob the Christian Science Mother Church.

3:12 – Whoa!!! Ray looks unbelievable, physically! Dude is cut like American education budgets! He’s always been in great shape, but he has kind of a Bruce Lee thing going on now, ab-wise. Is he a well-known object of desire for women looking for husband material? I feel like he isn’t somehow. Is it the ears?

4:16 – What a great scene of Paul taking over practice, then demanding that the coaches add an extra half hour because he “ain’t gonna stop.” I think he knows the cameras are on, and that this is part of his great PR reclamation project after his dark years, but I see no problem with that.

5:20 – I like the way Luke hugs his seat back like a baby koala bear here. The bit on him that follows is excellent: really captures the endless internal monologue he probably goes through as he tries, perhaps futilely, to fit in. It’s weird, and this is based on a very brief clip, but it seems like Doc might not be helping that much. “This is gonna sound crazy,” Doc says as he draws up a play in practice. “But I’m gonna give a lob to Luke. I don’t know if you can dunk, but you can lay it in.” I get that Doc hasn’t been crazy about Luke’s play at times, but he’s only hurting the team by going after him. And yes, Doc: Luke can dunk. You should know that.

7:30 – Kind of sad that Perk thinks Gasol had “11 or 12” offensive rebounds in Game 7 when he had 9. He wants to take more blame for that loss than he deserves.

9:40 – Nothing better than watching an NBA player watching an NBA game exactly like you watch it. This Shaq sequence during the Sixers finale is my favorite of the series so far. Same goes for the deleted scene of Big Baby watching highlights.

14:09 – Staying with Baby, let’s get into his now-famous pregame meal of spaghetti and pancakes. He halfheartedly passes it off as “carbo-loading” to give him energy before the game. Energy! Eating those two things together would shut my body down completely for hours if not a full day, and I’m pretty sure that goes for athletes, too. I learned this from J.R. Giddens’s twitter, where he posts pictures of all the crazy huge meals he eats in Europe and captions several of them with references to how the meal is going to put him to sleep, particularly spaghetti. Glen Davis is not forcing this meal down in order to make himself perform better at basketball. He’s much too excited when the room service man arrives for that to be true. He just straight up likes food. And he seems to be playing at a manageable weight now so I don’t care. Wouldn’t it be great if he started to tweet food pics Giddens-style though?

20:00 – Sam Jones shows up for the obligatory Celtics alum commentary. I appreciate how much the C’s legends like this team…between Jones, Hondo and Tommy they all seem to genuinely respect what the modern players are doing, even though you could just as easily expect them to put down these Celtics for not carrying themselves the way the old school did. Still, none of the old guys can resist comparing today’s Celtics to the 60s teams, even if it is favorable. I’d rather here about how the game has changed, not how it’s the same, because it’s definitely not the same. But lines like that are probably driven by ESPN producers, of course.

21:19 – Luke promises his Mom he’s going to Mass on Christmas. Seconds later, Luke motions for the cameraman to shut it off before he plays Little Big Planet on PS3 in his hotel room for the rest of the day.

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  • Batman

    A few observations of my own:

    I feel really bad for Perkins (and Jermaine). He really wants to get back and "make up" for his injury last year and he just looks really sad.

    Rondo has been extremely quiet. I wonder why?

    Wait Ray Allen's mom lives in Orlando? Does she have an apartment in Boston? How is she always at the home games?

    Ray Allen makes me feel small. When he flexes for the camera after the Philly game i was blinded by the muscles he has chiseled onto his arms.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Hayes…I think it's hilarious how you take it personally when Doc just let's Luke have it. LMAO! Every team has a whipping boy and your buddy Luke is that guy (Baby. It helps the team and it will help Luke to last in the NBA. The 2nd unit is the weak spot on this team…let him have it Doc!!!!

    You sure he can dunk? LOL!

    • hdavenport

      This is maddening, but I embedded a video of Luke dunking that keeps getting deleted from the post. It's up there now, who knows for how long.

      WMCIS, the other players on this team don't need Luke Harangody to be belittled in practice to feel good about themselves. Being a "whipping boy" is fine when it's about making rookies carry girls' backpacks or whatever, but having your confidence picked away at by your superiors isn't going to do any favors for a sensitive dude like Harangody.

      At the very least, players with different personalities should be handled differently by the coaching staff. Some guys might thrive when they feel like nobody else has any faith in them (Arenas, for example), but I don't get the sense that Luke's one of those guys. Kwame Brown's career was ruined because he was made to feel terrible every day of his rookie year.

      • J Atlas

        i know it seemed like doc was riding luke with that "i don't know if you can dunk" comment but if i remember correctly i think luke tweaked a leg muscle early in the season and IF the practice footage is from earlier this season it makes sense that doc would be alluding to this injury…but i could be completely wrong

        • Zee

          Thanks for having the benefit of the doubt. That definitely falls in line with Doc's character. He's a respectful man.

      • What More Can I Say?

        Kwame Brown's career was ruined because he was drafted number 1 overall by Mike Jordan and those expectations were to high for that bum. Same for Sam Bowie, Darko Milicic, & Joe Smith. This league is for men…if you really believe the greatest player that you and I ever saw play ruined Kwame's career because he broke his confidence down, I give you Steve Kerr as my rebuttal witness. That same toughness that makes some men buckle and fold makes other guys stand up for themselves and become champions.

        I say don't baby Luke. I don't care if the guy is sensitive…this league doesn't give out hugs. Doc Rivers is doing that guy a favor buddy. And Luke better take it in stride, or next Christmas he'll be talking to his mom from Maine or in China.

        • Green Man

          I don't think Joe Smith was that bad a player in his first few seasons.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Should have read….(BBD used to own this job)

  • Matt

    Really cute writeup and I enjoyed reading it. Funny!

  • Ralph Malph

    North End and Southie are not bookends of the city of Boston in any rational sense. They are about a mile apart at best.

    The bookends of Boston would be Charlestown and Hyde Park or West Roxbury, in the sense of the two neighborhoods that are the farthest apart.

    But I guess the producers were on a tight budget, or had just seen a Ben Affleck movie and were unaware that neighborhoods outside Southie and the North End exist.

  • Zee

    Hayes, wih all due respect, I think you’re take the Luke situation too personal. Are you sure there aren’t any other underline issues for why you feel the way you do?

    First, you have no idea when this video was taken. It could’ve very well been during the off season. Why? It didn’t sound like Doc knew him and his ability yet.

    Secondly, everyone knows that Doc is a respectful person and admirable coach. Why take shots at Doc off of an ssumption? He has spoken in this same manner with other members of the team, such as Rondo, Baby, Nate and more.

    Thirdly, he didn’t say anything disrespectful. They’re in practice. They’re men, not babies. Luke is playing for one of the most respected and feared teams in the league. Much of your players confidence is built during this down time. Liken it to boot camp. When its time to go to war (playoffs), we need people with thick skin and performance at a high level.

    Fourth, did you consider it a compliment that Doc even designed a play with Luke in mind?

    Fifth, Doc has since found confidence in Luke and given him great minutes on the floor. He sees his hustle. He sees his drive. He has said great things about Luke to the press as well. I do wonder if you’re aware of all of this.

    The team appreciates Luke aswell. Luke is fine. Doc didn’t say anything out the way.

    I think your issue may be something deeper and unspoken.

    • "I think your issue may be something deeper and unspoken."

      Woah. Things just got real awkward in here.

      • Zee

        It's not that deep. I'm just saying that I think he may want to re-examine why he thinks Doc was "belittling" Luke. Why would Doc belittle one of his players? It makes no sense. Doc is not like that first and foremost.

        If you want to destroy someone's confidence, you send them to the D-League. Avery got sent off – not Luke.

        I apologize if my comments came off a little strong, but I just felt like Doc was catching a bad rap for something being blown out of proportion and out of context.

  • hillcrestwildcat

    @batman. Ray's family has a house in Orlando, but his mom and her husband (his stepdad) live in Connecticut I believe.

  • Green Man

    dyslexic much?

  • Ray's mom has to at least have a place in town, if she doesn't live here during the season. She's going to be co-hosting a cooking show with his wife on NECN!