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The Association: Episode 2 (Full Episode)

For those of you that missed the premiere for episode 2 of the terrific chronicling of the C’s season last night on ESPN in The Association, it’s now available online in full episode form for you to enjoy below. And as someone who watched the episode at about 2:30 a.m. last night upon getting home from the game, watch it right now since it’s another terrific production. ESPN couldn’t have done a better job at picking a team, and we as Celtics fans are lucky to be able to reap the benefits:

  • JCP

    For some reason the video isn't showing up for me… just a white space. Is anyone else having issues?

    • DRJ1

      Update your Flash plug-in to the latest one. Should work then. (If not, change browser.)

  • Batman

    Which game was that when Rondo was on the floor in pain ignoring Doc? Was that the Knicks game?

    • Sam

      OKC at the Garden?

  • Tom W

    That was fantastic. Thanks for posting it.

  • KY Celts fan

    Can someone help Baby with his pregame meal? Is it any mystery now why he is overweight?