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The Celtics’ offense completely disappeared after the first quarter and the Wizards took complete advantage.  And by “complete advantage” I mean they were slightly less terrible than the second half Celtics.  The Wizards may have won tonight but they were so bad it took them until around the last two minutes of the game to overtake a Celtics team that only scored 11 fourth quarter points.  11 fourth quarter points!  No matter how many times I look at the ESPN Box Score I still can’t help but refresh my page thinking that I have an older cached version loaded up.

The Wizards were bad tonight but the Celtics were worse.  The fourth quarter was astounding.  I do not think I have ever seen that many missed wide open shots from the Celtics.  These wide open shots were also right in the Celtics players’ respective wheelhouses.  Ray Allen missed a three without anyone within ten feet of him.  Glen Davis and Kevin Garnett missed wide open long twos from both sides of the key.  Biggest miss of all goes to Paul Pierce who bricked the potential game winner from his foul line extended sweet spot.

The Wizards put this one away with an awkward end-of-the-shot-clock bank three pointer from Superstar-In-Training John Wall.  I don’t mind the hero moment.  I like Wall and he has the talent to be one of the best players in the league someday.  I object to the complicated hand gesture(s) that came afterward.  If you didn’t catch it, John Wall hit an embarrassingly ugly, unintentional bank shot to put the Wizards up for good and proceeded to celebrate by playing Miss Mary Mack with himself.

Here’s a quick photo montage:

Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack…

All dressed in black black black….

With silver buttons buttons buttons…

All down her back back back…

There was one more move but the camera angle was obscured by a referee.  Don’t worry though.  Kyle Weidie of Truth About It just tweeted that Wall and Andray Blatche are playing Double Dutch out by the Verizon Center’s loading dock and he’s recording it on his camera phone.

I’ll break down this horrendous second half for the Cs later.  For now, go out and pretend this game didn’t happen.

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  • Zee

    I know we gave away the game, but as well the refs did too with that NO CALL on Pierce at the very end. It was clearly a foul (one that Pierce insured would be called). So, we still had a chance to win the game with that, but poor officiating cost us right there. As well as the poor defensive block call on Glen Davis. And Wall got a 3-pointer in that he acted like he meant to shoot off the glass (whatever! LOL!).

    Yet, it's our faults for allowing it to even come to this. We shouldn't have to be bailed out of we do what we have to do.

    But like I said on the other story, "No excuse for this loss. Yet, I stand by my Celtics wholeheartedly. On to the next one…"

    And there you have it…

  • QuoteUnquote

    Anyone remember Paul Pierce, and HIS "complicated hand gestures"? Oh, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9M49s6MVBQ

    • jacksobd

      That wasn't complicated at all.

      • QuoteUnquote

        Sarcasm called, wants to hang out.

  • Paul

    Sorry but with all do respect the miss of the night goes to Ray for blowing a wide open dunk in the 4th AND then coming back and bricking a wide open three. I'm most angry that the C's just wasted two and half hours of my saturday night.

    • Zee

      So did you think it was gonna be an 82-0 season? No? Then lets calm down a bit. 🙂 We lost, but it's okay.

      • Green Man

        I'm with paul on this one. As a die hard celts fan, i think i'm allowed to vent a little with every loss. i don't care if it was the first loss of the season. they shouldn't be letting these subpar teams take 'em to the stretch. C's are too good for that.

  • mycelts

    SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 2011

    The Cs had it rough in Washington, D.C.
    If you saw the game, you have to agree.
    We came out swinging in quarter one,
    It was "Celtics Ball" and so much fun.

    Some time in the second we seemed to slow;
    From then til the end few shots would go.
    Our free throws were off, and so very few,
    The refs hardly called the fouls we drew.

    The Cavs in Boston, then to the west coast,
    From games like this we should learn the most.
    This will sting, but on we shall move,
    And get back into our basketball groove.

    Doc said it best about Wall's banked three made,
    "…It's the basketball gods punishing us for the way we played."


  • Paul Pierce

    Sorry guys 🙁

    • Zee

      Paul, this really you man? If so, don't sweat it man. C's all day!

      • Rajon Rondo

        Why am i so turnover prone…..

        • Zee

          Okay, we have people faking identities now. Not cool. Celtics Hub staff, please take care of these false posters. Identity theft or impersonation isn't a serious offense.

  • Batman


  • nspinozzi

    "just donating one for the cause…"

  • Sam

    Horrible game by the Celtics last night. It all started so well, but the 2nd half was nasty.

    Washington was so bad that they waited till the last 2 mins to take the lead, and even with that, they lost the rock in their final possession and offered the C's a chance to steal the game.

    Don't make me wrong, the Wizards deserved to win this game because they tried hard (even though they missed hard quite a few times). They nearly melted down in the last seconds (Wall losing the ball to Rondo), not to the same extent as they dead against the Heat a few weeks ago, but the Celtics couldn't win that ball game and didn't deserved so with the way they played.

    I see one turning point in this ocean of irrelevance that was the Green's second half: end of 3rd Q, when Rondo has to leave the floor after getting his 4th foul. Nate enters the game and what was cruise control Celtics Basketball (more or less) became something even stinkier and set the tone for our "legendary" 4th Q. Can't wait till Delonte comes back and helps the bench squad move the ball some more.

    Seems like blowing out the first opponent on a back to back and resting the starting five in the process doesn't suit the Celtics well this season (Chicago and now this..).

    Go C's!!

    • Sam

      *did, sorry.

  • steveb

    I chalk this loss up to horrible shooting and nothing more. That was an anomaly for the Celtics shooting the ball. After Wall hit that three I told my girlfriend “I was starting to like him but those antics took care of that” . Seriously, he acted like he was the best shooter in the league and had that all the way. Oh, the humility.

  • JCP

    Apparently, Wall said the following in his post-game interview:

    "I called it in my head."


    • jacksobd

      Did he say it jokingly or was he completely serious. There is nothing I hate more than athletes blatantly lying about meaning to do something they clearly didn't mean to do after the fact.

  • jacksobd

    I'm cool with that. I have a feeling Wall is a cool guy. Not sure why but I just think he'll be one of the league's good guys.

    • Gay 4 Shaq

      You think Wall seems likeable? with all the showing off and dancing? Really? Seems like he's gonna be a lebron #2 to me

      • hdavenport

        If we outlaw dancing, only outlaws will dance.

  • Seriously…

    Wow…. I am amazed how the fans of the eastern conference champs are so sout & bitter. If the Wizards are SO bad & the celtics are so good, tell me how the celtics even allowed such a lowly team – a team that has had 15 starting line ups since the start of the season, a team that been plagued iwth injuries, a team that is very young & inexperienced on both sides of the ball compared to the celtics — win in the end? The Wizards beat the celtics the last two times the teams have met up.

    Get over it.